Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cuddly Caturday

Because of all the whitey, my mommeh has canceled her plans for today and she is staying in to snuggle and cuddle and have fun with me! She got out my blue snuggie, and gave me CatSip first thing this morning. (You can see in the video below how she makes fun of me for getting overexcited about CatSip...) This is shaping up to be a verreh good day. Hm, I think this is my shortest entry so far, but I do not have time to write a lot today - this is a verreh rare opportunity, and I have to get right back to my mommeh's lap!

Friday, February 26, 2010

(snow)Flakey Friday!!!

Wowee, what a day here on Long Island! So far we have had lots of inches of the whitey, and the news people say we can expect seventeen or eighteen! First thing this morning, my mommeh opened the door and I ran to look - big mistake! I got blown backwards, and the whitey was all over me! So now I will just sit by the window to look at it.My mommeh went outside at 5:30am to do the shovelies! But she could not get the car out anyway because she said the road was not "plowed." I do not know what "plowed" means, but I guess roads need that, so I got lap cuddles for a while while my mommeh waited. What a nice morning. I even got some special treats today because my mommeh felt bad that I got the cold whitey all over me - lobster and CatSip! Mmmm! (Heehee look at this verreh funneh picture of me eating the lobster; what should I do with that tongue of mine!)
But we kittehs know that all good things must come to an end. Soon my mommeh had to leave me for the work place. Be careful driving, mommeh! I will just wait here in the bed, sleepie like this, until you get back for more snuggles.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday

These are pictures of me from when I was first gotted. The date was 8/20/2008.

Obviously, I was not as beautiful then as I am now - but who would be after what I went through? I weighed only a few pounds. I was very weak, and it was difficult for me to stand and walk. My tail was broked, which you can not really tell here, but if you look very closely you can kind of see the separation and swelling. My left eye was infected. My ears had mites. My growth was stunted because I was not fed much as a baby, and when I was given cat food it was the senior cat kind, which is used to keep down the weight of older cats - it did not have any nutition for a growing baby Bengal. (As a result of this, even today I am a bit shorter and smaller than a Bengal should be.) Look at my neck; you can see the "collar" I was wearing was just a piece of old leather with holes maked into it, and a thick piece of fencing wire was holding on a questionable bell. My furs were dirty from being uncared for and I was so depressed I had stopped cleaning myself. I was very cranky and scared. I did not make a sound, and I did not want to do anything but lie there on the mysterious nice lady's pretty bed. I was relieved she got me out of the bad place, but I definitely did not trust her, and she did not want to scare me by trying to handle me too soon. So I spent days like this, hiding in or under the bed, and eating a little bit in secret at night when the nice lady was asleep.

After several days, I could not help but come out a little to see what she was about, and then it was love at first snuggle. I attached myself to her like velcro, and I knew she was my real mommeh, and that she would be good to me. I was so happeh! She fatted me up with good foods and nommy treats. She got a brush for my furs and helped me clean up again. She brought me to the kittydocs to get taked care of and it took some time but I got all better. She bought me the first toys I ever had, and I just loved them so much! When I felt better and stronger, I began to meow for the first times, so she meowed back at me and laughed, and showed me it was okay to be loud like a real Bengal should be. My horrible neck-thing was replaced by lovely girly collars that I am proud to wear. I sleep on silk instead of dirty floors. I get tossed lightly onto piles of fluffy pillows, instead of thrown into a glass table - that is what my mommeh saw happen when she was in the bad house, and that is when she grabbed me and ran out! Can you even believe that? I would not believe it if it had not happened to me.

This is me as I was starting to get better. You can see by my neck here that I still had a lot of fatting up to do, but look at the reflection of my face in the window... You can tell I am on my way to becoming a magnificent ladycat, can't you?

And this is me with my very first toy ever. At first I was afraid of it because I had never seen anything like it before, but very fast it became my favorite thing in the world, and soon I got so strong that I broke it into a lot of pieces!

So today is Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday, in honor of my mommeh saving me and loving me. My mommeh does not like to look at these pictures. She says they make her very sad and then she holds me too tight. But I think they are important pictures to have. The only memories I have of the bad place now are these pictures and a bump on my tail from when it was broked.
And that is my beautiful self now! My mommeh says it is like looking at two completely different kittehs. Do you think so too? Now who else has adoption stories? Let's hear them!

(P.S. ---> The answer to yesterday's question was Breakfast At Tiffany's!!! Thanks for guessing, everybuddy, concatulations to those who knew it! Hmm, maybe I will start having a weekly game here, would everybuddy like that?)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wiskie Wednesday!

My mommeh tells me every day how much she loves my big wiskies. She says they are very long for such a small girl, and I think that I agree. I must say that I like them too. Good wiskies are a necessary accessory for any stylish kitteh. And "I am a very stylish girl." Does anyone know what movie that quote is from? It is one of my mommeh's very favorite movies, so I know all the lines by heart! (I will tell the answer at the end of tomorrow's post. My collar is kind of a hint.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Talkative Toilet Tuesday

I have decided to make up my own post again. My mommeh has always told me that I am not good at following the rules, but I prefer to think of them more as guidelines. And any kind of line is good for coloring outside of - don't you think so?

So today I have decided to show you guys a video. It is of me and the potty! When I do my potties I like to be all alone, with no distractions and no audience thankyouverymuch, so when my mommeh walked in with the recordy thing, just as I was finishing up, I got very crabilated and yelled at her, as you will hear. I should also warn you that you see my poopies in this video! If you are a kitteh with a squeamish side, cover your orbs! I think that it may be unorthodox to show your poopies (um, and skidmarks) on your bloggie, but I do not mind just this once, because I have worked very hard at getting potty-trained and I think I am pretty good at it now. Even though I am not entirely finished learning, it is a skill that I am thinking of putting on my resume.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Much-Obliged Monday/Mischievous Monday!

Well I went to the Cat Blogosphere to see the topics for today, but I do not think any of them apply to me - so I decided to make up my own Monday topic. I could not decide though, which of these two to choose from, so I will just do both! So over here it is Much-Obliged and Mischievous Monday!

I will start with the Much-Obliged part. I am feeling very thankful today for all my sweet new furrends! I can not believe how many kitties came by to say hello! Firstly I would like to thank Daisy for repurrting my new bloggie over at the CB. How wonderful of her to do that! She has been such a big help and inspiration, a curly cat I can really look up to, so thank you Daisy! I am so happy we are paw pals. And of course Harley too... (::paw wave and wink::) I have read every single comment all you fabulous furrends have left for me, and today I will be making the rounds, visiting all the kitties who have visited me so far. I am so excited! I can not wait! I think I really love the world of catblogging. I want to spend some more time on the CB too and see if I can figure things out. Since I am new, I am having a little bit of trouble getting all this straight.

And now for the Mischievous part...
Can you find the kitty in the clutter?
Here I am! This is exactly where I am not supposed to be, but on Mischievous Monday I like to make mischief. That is the point, is it not? My mommie does not like it when I go up here, but she has not figured out a way to stop me yet. I like to make a mini obstacle course out of my jumps to this perch. I spring from the floor to the nom-prep-area, then to the big coldy box, then the warmy-up-box, and then I finish with a graceful hop right up into this space here. I think this spot was specially constructed for a kitteh because I fit perfectly here and I can snoopervise and comment on everything my mommie is doing. And of course I never hesitate to comment.

I think I will stay up here for a while. I really should make sure my mommie is doing my foods right. Sometimes these humans really do need our snoopervision.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spotty Sunday!

Well according to The Cat Blogosphere, today is Spotty Sunday! (Thank you so much to my new friend Harley ::blush:: who introduced me to the blogosphere! He and his sister Daisy The Curly Cat are totally pawsome bloggers!)

For me, Spotty Sunday is easy, because I am covered in spots!
Even my tummy is spotty, just lighter in color. Mommy says she loves my silly tummy furs.

So I guess that's it for Spotty Sunday! But before I go I just want to say a quick thank-you to the kitties out there whose blogs I read faithfully, and who have inspired me to start my very own blog here!
Daisy The Curly Cat (And Harley Too!)
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Skeezix's Scratching Post
Jack of All Shades and Shadows
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Forty Paws

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My very first blog post!

Hi, everyone! I'm Attie. Well really my name is Autumn, but I go more by my cute nickname. Or by Brattie Attie Cattie when I am in trouble. Which is never. Okay, which is always.
I am so excited to be here! I have never written my own blog entries before. In fact I don't think I have ever written anything before. Lately though, I have been noticing that there are more and more internet-savvy cats out there, and I convinced my mommy to let me try this out.

Since this is my very first post, I will just say a little about myself, and I will try not to brag. I am a Bengal cat! If you have never heard of a Bengal cat, I can tell you that my ancestors were asian leopards, so I am a strong and beautiful girl! That is why I cannot understand how I ended up in an abusive home, but I did. I was very sad and scared until my mommy came into that house one day. She took one look at what was going on, scooped me up, and walked out of there with me hiding in her arms. Hooray for mommy, my savior! My tail was broken, I weighed only a few pounds, and I was terrified of everything. But my mommy, she took me home, made sure I got treated and cleaned up by kitty doctors, and now I am all better.

Mommy and I have been together for about two years now, and I am going to be three years old this coming April. And I will just say I am the luckiest, most spoiled cat that I know. I drink bottled water, wear Swarovski collars, sleep in mommy's beautiful bed, eat specially mixed food, and when I am good I get Temptations treats, the milky flavor ones, mmmm! Sometimes mommy also slips me bits of chicken, beef, and cheese, but that is only on special occasions. She gives me CatSip a few days a week, which I love, and I beg her for it all the time in my very loudest voice. I love grey fuzzy mice, yes, ONLY the grey ones, cardboard, paper, licking butter when mommy forgets and leaves it out, eating catnips, rolling around, and my very favorite thing to do is sleep on mommy's lap - ALL the time - even when she is using the potty I will jump on her lap and curl up. Some people seem to think I am crazy for doing that, but I do not think I am crazy, I just think I am very affectionate and I don't want to waste one minute without showing my mommy how much I love her. Oh, speaking of the toilet, did you know cats can use the human potty too? Well we can, and I am being trained to do that! So far, mommy says I am progressing well and she is very proud of me and she thinks I am a very smart girl.

Wow, I like blogging so far! I will be back very soon! Right now I am off to play with my Valentine's Day present, then it will be my bedtime.

(I have heard that most kitties do not like their paws touched, but lots of times I go to sleep holding my mommy's hand, because I just love her so very much, even when she is not feeding me or giving me toys/treats/presents.)