Monday, February 22, 2010

Much-Obliged Monday/Mischievous Monday!

Well I went to the Cat Blogosphere to see the topics for today, but I do not think any of them apply to me - so I decided to make up my own Monday topic. I could not decide though, which of these two to choose from, so I will just do both! So over here it is Much-Obliged and Mischievous Monday!

I will start with the Much-Obliged part. I am feeling very thankful today for all my sweet new furrends! I can not believe how many kitties came by to say hello! Firstly I would like to thank Daisy for repurrting my new bloggie over at the CB. How wonderful of her to do that! She has been such a big help and inspiration, a curly cat I can really look up to, so thank you Daisy! I am so happy we are paw pals. And of course Harley too... (::paw wave and wink::) I have read every single comment all you fabulous furrends have left for me, and today I will be making the rounds, visiting all the kitties who have visited me so far. I am so excited! I can not wait! I think I really love the world of catblogging. I want to spend some more time on the CB too and see if I can figure things out. Since I am new, I am having a little bit of trouble getting all this straight.

And now for the Mischievous part...
Can you find the kitty in the clutter?
Here I am! This is exactly where I am not supposed to be, but on Mischievous Monday I like to make mischief. That is the point, is it not? My mommie does not like it when I go up here, but she has not figured out a way to stop me yet. I like to make a mini obstacle course out of my jumps to this perch. I spring from the floor to the nom-prep-area, then to the big coldy box, then the warmy-up-box, and then I finish with a graceful hop right up into this space here. I think this spot was specially constructed for a kitteh because I fit perfectly here and I can snoopervise and comment on everything my mommie is doing. And of course I never hesitate to comment.

I think I will stay up here for a while. I really should make sure my mommie is doing my foods right. Sometimes these humans really do need our snoopervision.


  1. Ohhhh mischievous! You should join the Naught Kitty Club (NKC) it can be found at this link

  2. Hello Attie! We are very glad that you have enjoyed your welcome to the blogging world!

    You are clearly quite an athlete. We are impressed!!!

    The Poupounette Gang
    in France

  3. I think that looks like a great place to be certainly can see everything from up there!

  4. If you were not there to snoopervise your mum she'd probably get it all wrong.

  5. You're right, Attie, you have to snoopervise humans very closely. They're not terribly clever and can't be left to their own devices for very long. So you have found the best place from which to do that! :-)

  6. Attie, I am in awe of you up there! It is always my biggest desire to climb to the top of the cupboards, but in this house, they are too high for me to reach! And the cabinets to all around the refrigerator, so I cannot use that for a launching pad. Rats!

    ps: I'm so happy you are making lots of great new friends! You can always put your daily link on the Cat Blogosphere!

  7. What's wrong with being up there? You're a cat. If your mom could climb,that's where she'd be. :-)

  8. You are the little trouble maker-we are also spoilt. Mama got us after losing a little girl-trust me -we get away with lots.but for some reason she puts her foot down if we try to sip Poppa's wine. Me Penelope loves chicken-I can get them to give it to me every time-little do they know but I have a radar chicken nose. My brother he is more the cereal type of cat.


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