Friday, February 26, 2010

(snow)Flakey Friday!!!

Wowee, what a day here on Long Island! So far we have had lots of inches of the whitey, and the news people say we can expect seventeen or eighteen! First thing this morning, my mommeh opened the door and I ran to look - big mistake! I got blown backwards, and the whitey was all over me! So now I will just sit by the window to look at it.My mommeh went outside at 5:30am to do the shovelies! But she could not get the car out anyway because she said the road was not "plowed." I do not know what "plowed" means, but I guess roads need that, so I got lap cuddles for a while while my mommeh waited. What a nice morning. I even got some special treats today because my mommeh felt bad that I got the cold whitey all over me - lobster and CatSip! Mmmm! (Heehee look at this verreh funneh picture of me eating the lobster; what should I do with that tongue of mine!)
But we kittehs know that all good things must come to an end. Soon my mommeh had to leave me for the work place. Be careful driving, mommeh! I will just wait here in the bed, sleepie like this, until you get back for more snuggles.


  1. This snow is awful isnt it Attie?! But at least you look warm and you got lobster!?! What is that taste like it looks so yum

  2. Whoa, that's a lot of white stuff! We got a few inches overnight, heavy wet white stuff. We wouldn't go out into our back space, it was too wet and slushy. Well, except Nicki, who's dumb anyway. Did we say dumb? We meant brave. Very brave.

    Attie, we think you have it made--lobster for a treat! Even our human doesn't get that for herself. And look at that luxurious bedding! Purrfect for your royalness!

  3. We heard that there was going to be a lot of the white stuff out there! We hope your mom stays safe - we heard it is very windy too!

    And you are so lucky - we have never had lobster but we heard it is tasty!

    Stay warm!!

  4. Lobster=good, Snow=Bad
    I sure hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend!

  5. That last photo is so cute! Snow is nice to look at when you're warm and dry inside but it's a huge nuisance for people...

  6. What a delightful bed you have Attie Cattie! NOt a bad place to wait for your Mom to come home at all!

  7. Hey Attie Cattie

    You are a very pretty kitty!! We love those dark stripes of exotic!! Sorry about all the snow you had..we just got rid of ours and we are soooo happy. We will make a wish for some warm weather for worked for us so maybe it will work if we do it for you!! Come take a look at our blog cuz we were just saying - me (hi, I'm Lautrec) and Tiny - today that we're dreaming of Spring and Summer weather...oh how we're dreamin'!!

    What is lobster? Isn't that somebody who doesn't really know how to hit a tennis ball? Do they taste good? Do you eat the tennis ball or the the person (and if so, which part)?

    Well, stay warm in that nice bed of yours...we'll be back to see you again, soon!

    Lautrec and Tiny (Weezdabadcats)

  8. Great pictures!

    Where's the one with you covered in snow!

    Or did you talk your Mommy into destroying the evidence?

    Hee, hee! ;-D

    Nikita Cat

    Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

  9. Hey Attie, yep I've nevah had the lobsters Mom is pretty frugal food lady, though I do get my stinky goodness 2 maybe 3 times a day depending on my activities and always had a delicious dry food sitting around waiting for my tongue and teeth to savor it. My Moms is from this place called florredah, and now she's been living with me in connect-i-dot and she only sneakers, flipflops and like these slider on things...she keeps telling Dad she wants rain boots but she can't find em at a price shes willing to pay. You be careful by the doors in the snow! I run up the stairs and look down whenever my people open my doors...its dangerous!

  10. We only get Lobster for birthdays here - you're a lucky girl

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    pee ess - Mom says her leaky eyes were okay 'cause your story has a happy ending!!

  11. Attie-you are unbelievably cute-we have the twin factor going on -and the fact that I am probably just a little bigger than you-I think I am 7 lbs-how much do you weigh-I do not really meow-just chatter constantly. When we were adopted they told mama we were bengal tabbies-everyone loves our coats-we are just happy to be indoor cats with parents that spoil us. How did you come to your mama?

    Thanks for being our friend.

  12. The only thing good about lots of the white stuff is that it usually means the beans can't go outside...which means they stay inside...and more cuddle time for us!! Yaay!

  13. Life looks pretty sweet at your house Attie, except for that pesky snow. xoxo

  14. That's a whole lot of white stuff. I'm sorry you got it all over you. I just like to look at it through the window. It means lots of birds at the feeder for me to chitter at. Lobster sounds good. I have never had any.


  15. OMC I love lobster! You are a lucky kitty to get some.

    By the way Attie, if you want to read about my story, you can click on the About Me tab on my blog.

  16. Your snow looks very pretty but we wouldn't want it. We have never had lobster. Mum says it's delish, so why hasn't she given any to us.


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