Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treats on Tuesday

Well, I got a special surprise from my mommeh last night! She had leftover cocktail shrimps, and guess who she gave them to? Heehee, me, who else? I wanted the cocktails to go with the cocktail shrimps, but she did not let me have any of that. She said it would make me hung'd over, like she was yesterday. Personally I do not unnerstand the problem with being hung'd over. It looks to me like you just get to lie around in bed all day with the lights off, which I like to do anyways. selecting a shrimp

I just looooooooooooove shrimpies. It is not too often that I get them. So when I do, I like to make them last. I always choose just one at a time, and then take it out of the plate so I can really work on it. I ate all the shrimps out of that fancy bowl, mmmm!

Erm.... Nom... Chomp... What? Oh you're still here? Nom, nom, nom...

Friday, March 26, 2010

A New Friend On Friday!!!

I have wonderful noos, everybuddy - I have adopted my verreh first pet! She is a pink (of course, pink!) VSquillion from the CB Shelter! I would like to first thank Gracie and her shelter staff for helping me find my lovely VSquillion, they work very hard over at the shelter and deserve some Temptations and chin skritches for all their efforts. And now please allow me to introduce my newest friend... Verbena!
I named Verbena after some verreh pretty pink flowers that I saw recently. I like anything that is pink and delicate, and just look at her, you can tell she is a real ladycat! See, these are verbena flowers:
My mommeh said I could get a VSquillion if I promised to take verreh good care of her. I would like a lizard with a scientific observation pen, like Daisy has, but my mommeh says I have to start with a VSquillion first and see how it goes because I have never had any kind of a pet before. Just the crickets that find their way in to the house in the summer, and I play with those and then eat them, so she says she is not sure I would be a verreh good mommeh, so I must practice. So come on, Verbena! Let's be bestest furrends, and I will show you how to do all kinds of cool kitteh things, like get on top of the kitchen cabinets and hide in mommeh's bed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughty Thinky Thursday - my dream house!

So today I was wondering what to blog about, but I kept getting sidetracked and daydreaming about this amazing house I would love to live in. It distracted me so much, that I decided to just blog about it instead, and show you guys where I dream of living. I love it so much because it looks like a Wonderland house to me, and Alice In Wonderland is me and my mommehs' VERREH FAVORITE of all time!!!

Of course I would make some changes here and there. Add some catnip plants and hang Temptations from the chandeliers, but basically this is good. A nice humble little Wonderland abode for a Wonder-lovin' kitteh. Wowee, what a place for a party! All you kitteh friends could come, and we'd dress up as Wonderland characters and have a crazy theme catnip-tea party! I believe I am correct in assuming Daisy already has an appropriate tea party outfit... But I am getting way ahead of myself. First I must win the lottery. Then I will get the amazing house. By the way, I am going to win the lottery. I play every week. It is just a matter of time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wow, you guys. I can not believe the crazy stuff that has been happening around here! First off, the powers are finally back - hooray! Took long enough, huh? I have never seen my mommeh so crabilated. I must say I was crabilated too, because whenever my mommeh is crabilated I am crabilated. Sigh. So anyway, let me tell you what happened!

After the storm, the powers just would not go back on, no matter what. It finally came to the point where we had no more munnies to go out to eat, and no more noms for me either! We were moved to desperate measures. We went to stay with Mama! You guys do not know who Mama is, but let me tell you, she is so great and I love her a lot. Mama is my mommeh's grandmother, so I guess technically she is my great-grandmother. She is 91 years old (wowee) and still going strong. She lives about thirty-five minutes away, so my mommeh packed us up and off we went. We stayed in the basement, which is almost like a whole apartment because it has a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a fridge, microwave, and cable tv! We spent lots of time with Mama and it was like a vacation for me, but not for my mommeh since she still had to go to work. To ease the pain though, Mama made her big pitchers of something called whiskey sours and something else called screwdrivers. My mommeh said she felt better after having some, but she did not give me any, which I did not think was nice or fair, don't you guys agree?

When my mommeh took me to Mama's house, she put me in a carrier. Oh for shame! She knows how much I loathe and despise carriers. I would much rather be on my leash and harness, and sit on her lap for the ride. But she said she had so much stuff to think about and carry, that she could not be bothered to worry about me jumping around. Jumping around? Hmph. She is obviously not aware of what a dignified ladycat I am. I can not believe what I was made to suffer for that thirty-five minute drive. Here I am, being absolutely TORTURED!

I even pooped on the soft blanket my mommeh had put in there for me. You know, we kittehs have to show our displeasure and our disdain somehow! She was not happeh with me after I did that, but I was not happy with her AT ALL, so we were even. She was forced to stop the car and clean up on the side of the road, mwahahaha! Anyway, once we got back from our "vacation" at Mama's, my mommeh decided it might be a good idea to see if I could get to hate carriers less. So she leaves the carrier out now, in our room, so I can get used to it. So far it is not as evil as I had thought. I jump in it, sit in it, headbutt it, and even rescue my mousie from inside it.

So yes, friends, it has been a rough time over at AttieCattie's! But me and mommeh have toughed it out, and now the powers are finally back on and we are happeh to be home again. The first thing we did was make pasta and watch the Simpsons. I love it when my mommeh makes
the pastas - as you can see I am extremely helpful. And I like the Simpsons. My mommeh lets me sit on top of her Mac Mini computer when we watch the Simpsons.

Thank you so much to all my friends who came by to show concern and support while I was gone - it was so sweet of you all to worry! I have lots of work to do now, going around to everyone's bloggies and trying to catch up. It might take me furrever. Oh and if anybuddy has time, go over to Daisy and Harley's. They have pictures up today of the presents me and my mommeh sent them a few weeks ago, as thank-yous, cause they were so helpful in showing us how to get this blog thing started up! They gave us tips and advice, and showed us the Cat Blogosphere, and Daisy even repurrted my new bloggie as a news bulletin on the CB! And Harley... well... ::furblush:: You know. Heehee. So I told my mommeh what I wanted to do, and she said yes, and helped me custom order hand-made catnip fortune cookies for Daisy and Harley, with real fortunes! I am verreh glad my friends like their presents.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Posting From A Remote Location!!!

Well everybuddy, I can just not believe this is happening - there is still no powers in our apartment since the big weekend storm! It stopped flicking on and off, and then verreh stubbornly decided to stay just off. I can not tell you guys how furrustrating this is. My mommeh finally had to take me out, to this top secret remote location, in order to get some internets! We have also been going out to eat every day, because the stove in our place is electric, so we can not even cook food, and my mommeh says that as of today she is officially out of munnies. This is a BIG problem. How will I get any noms?!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Stormy Sunday (posted on Monday due to power outage!)

Well let me tell you guys, I am lucky I got to my bloggie yesterday when I did. As soon as I finished my post, the powers went back out again! And they stayed out until this morning. And so far, as I have been working on this post, the powers have gone out again four times! My computer keeps getting flashed off, and all the lights go all blinky, and it looks like a creepy haunty house in here. My mommeh has had to restart my computer every time, and then I begin this post over and over again! And she keeps grumbling about the computer getting hurt or a fire getting started, what with all the the flashy lights and electricity shocks that keep happening. I am not too worried though, because as you all saw from yesterday, I am a pretty fierce ladycat and I believe I could handle anything.

So let me tell you about this crazy storm! The rain and the boomies kept going all through the night, with a giant flash here and there - it was like my mommeh's flashybox that she uses on me, but HUGE! My mommeh lit lots of candles and I helped.
She said it would have been romantic if she weren't so bored. I do not understand how she could have been bored - I was doing my verreh best to be good company - but she kept complaining about boyfriend company instead, and whining that she couldn't even watch a movie. I guess some people are just hard to please.

This is me wearing my special pink harness. My mommeh helped me put it on last night. She was in a panic that we might have to leave the house. Do you know why? Because of the fires! That's right - there were electrical fires in our neighborhood last night because of the trees hitting the power lines. My mommeh said she just wanted to be prepared in case we had a fire start and we had to go. She was verreh nervous, watching the fire trucks go screaming down our street to the rescue. She unplugged all the lights and electronics and appliances, to try to avoid a power surge she said, just in case.
I thought she was being a little dramatic - but I guess I can not blame her for wanting to be cautious when it comes to protecting a princess like myself. As you can see, I do not mind wearing the harness anyway, because I can still do a good kittehstretch with it on. I was sitting in the window for quite a while this morning, surveying the damage and waiting for the powers to come back on. Look at this, lots of little pieces of roof flew off!
Well I better get off the computer - everything is still all flashy and my mommeh is still going on and on about power surges. So I am getting back in the window. My mommeh said she could not get a good picture of it, but there is a huge flood in the street, and the rain is still just pouring down and down and down... So I will keep an eye on that and be sure the floodies do not decide to come up to the house!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scary Stormy Saturday!

Well today is not a great Caturday! We have crazy stormies here on Long Island. The wind is so strong that I will admit I am actually afraid of all the noise, and I refuse to come out from under my mommeh's bathrobe - and since she is wearing the bathrobe, I am making her sit here at the computer with me while I blog. (Obviously now I have to forgive her for her transgressions...)

I was afraid I might not be able to blog at all today. Do you know why? All the powers went out! It was a little scary but my mommeh was right here the whole time so I was okay. She says the trees are getting blown around so much that they are knocking into the power lines. She tried to take a video but the rains kept getting into the camera and the wind was so loud that it made a growling noise on the video. So here is one of me instead, looking out the door. Normally I am fearless, but for some reason these weathers are making me a little nervous today.

And here I am, HISSING at a tree branch that fell down and banged into the side of the house. My mommeh says I scared her, because I never ever hiss at all, not even when that stupid outsidey cat named Booger got into the house by accident and tried to eat my foods. I did wap him in the face a whole lot and made him get away from my bowl, but I never hiss because it is simply not ladylike, and I try to be a ladycat.
See my archy back and my hissy face? I put my paw out, ready to wap, and spread my wiskies! I calmed down in a minute when my mommeh explained to me what happened, but still it's good to know I could be a pretty fierce ladycat if I ever needed to.

Friday, March 12, 2010


It is not right to be crabilated on a Friday, but today I just can not help it. My mommeh says she has been too busy at the work place to turn on my computer much this week. I do not think that is fair, mommeh. I do not ask for much! Just catblogging, food, treats, toys, and neverending attention. I feel that these are normal kitteh necessities and I do not appreciate being mistreated this week! All I can say is you better make it up to me, mommeh, or I will just lay here and pout like this, and stay crabilated with you. So to all my friends, I am verreh sorreh I have not been able to come by your bloggies much this week, and I hope you are not offended because REALLY it is not my fault. Blame it on my mommeh, and tell her to stop messing around.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toes on Tuesday!

My mommeh says she likes it when I sit down on her bed, because I always cross my feets like a lady should. She says it is polite - I know I have good manners, mommeh!
And there are my feets again, but not so well-mannered this time. I like to lay on top of that cabinet there. The light bulb is warmie, and I just relax and let my feets and tail do whatever they want.

Well, just to update: My mommeh has been verreh sick, and I have been verreh bad! We have not visited anybody's bloggies in over a week I think, and I am very crabilated about that. Not only was mommeh practically dying, she said I was punished for being such a naughty girl this week so she would not help me get on the computer. Can you believe that?! I did not even do anything. I was helping, because I broked a bunch of stuff that was not very important and was definitely just taking up valuable space.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Troublemakin' Tuesday

My mommeh said I should be a member of this club, so we applied and I got in! Yay! Um, wait... should I be saying yay?
Well I suppose it fits. My mommeh does say I am a bad girl. She gets mad when I knock down the treats or the catnip - which I will do twenty to thirty times until she finally is so exasperated she gives up and gives me what I want. Do you like my mug shot? I tried to give off as much of a snotty princess vibe as possible while still looking dangerous... Thanks to Amy and her kittehs for letting me into the NKC and for making my super-cool badge.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mancat Monday...?

Well it is Mancat Monday, and since I am not a mancat I thought I would just dream about one...

I am verreh sorry I have not been able to visit all your bloggies over the past few days. My mommeh and I have been verreh busy together, and I wanted to take advantage of all the alone time I was getting with her! I love my mommeh. And Harley. But my mommeh more.