Friday, April 30, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Funky on Friday (plus Attie's Birfday Party!)

Have you ever seed a kitteh sits like dis? Me neiver! Sometimes I cwoss my back left leg up over my body wike dis, behind my head! Nuffing hurts me, and I walk totally fine. Da v-e-t says he sees nuffin wrong wif me. And I puts my leg back where it's upposed to go when I am weady. I just wike to do dis on occasion when I's snugglin. My mommeh does not know what to call it. Some days she calls me a pretzel cat. Sometimes she says I am doin my yoga, or dat I am break-dancing and "getting funky!"
Speaking of getting funky, tonight is AttieCattie's birfday partay! We's servin up da good stuffs, so put on your bestest collars and come on over! Da party starts tonite and ends only when we finally poops out on Sunday, so feel fwee to stop by any time dis weekend. Weady? Set? Go!



Organic dwied nip!

Fuzzy mousies!

Shwimp cocktail wif fwesh nip for extwa oomph!

Sammin sammiches wif nip and lime garnish!

You guys can also feel fwee to bwing awong whatever you wants! Evwy-buddie welcome, let's make dis a gwate party for my supa pawsome big sis-ter!!! (In uvver werds, don't let me scwew it up cause it's my first party I ever throwed!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Thankful Thursday

I'm fankful for my big sis-ter, AttieCattie. She pways wif me, she makes sure I gets enuff foods, and she pwotects me when I'm sweepin. I never dweamed I would have such a gwate big sis-ter who would take care of me so good!

I am also thankful for my new mommeh. Wifout her, I don't know what might have becomed of me! So I snuggles her and licks her all da time, to let her knows how I feels.
Fank you mommeh. Fank you Attie. I wuvs you.

(P.S. - Today is Attie's birfday! I fink she tolded me she is 3. But since she promised this would be my week, we are having her birfday party Fwiday night, dat's tomowwow. I will gif the details in my Fwiday post! Hope you all can make it!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Toys On Tuesday

Hi again, evwy-buddie! Audwey here, on the second day of Audwey Week, showing you my fave-wit toys on Tuesday.

First up is my ball toy! This toy weally bewongs to my big sis-ter, Attie, but she doesn't wike it vewy much, so she said I could has it! Hooway! I go to my ball toy allllllll da time. It's da bestest fing to do when I gets a wittle borded. It's like a puzzle, but so far I can not get dose ballies outta there!

Next is dis fevver-bell thing. I follows it enny-wheres, even over legs! I wuv to hop awound, so dis is a weally good toy fur me.

And now we have stwing. I wuv stwing and wibbon of all kinds! Dis video is of me wif a bafrobe string, but it could be ANY stwing and I would still chase it. I am just a stwing kind of gurl.

Anuvver weally GWATE toy is Attie's tail! It turns out my big sis-ter has a lot of patience, and she just lets me mess awound wif her tail whenever I wants to. I fink dat makes her a pwetty good sis-ter. (Just twy not to notice that my nails gets stucked in da window scween.)

I actually have lots more toys to show, but there's aweddy so much video in this post! I just wuv toys, I has sooooooooooo many of dem, I pway wif evwything! I guess I will show you more toys some uvver day. Come back tomowwow for my Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Meet Audrey Monday!!!

Hi evwy-buddie! It's me, wittle Audwey! My pawsome big sis-ter said I could do my vewy own bloggie posts this whole week, so that evwy-buddie gets to know me a wittle bit. Isn't she just the coolest??? I sure think so! Oh my goodie-ness, I am just so cwazy excited to be here, what can I say about my wittle self?

Well, I was borned about ten weeks ago, so I am a pwetty tiny cat wight now. My mommie cat was beauty-ful, but I never knowed my daddie cat. My new mommeh says he must have had long furs, cause I am getting a wittle fwoofier evwy day, and my furs is vewy thick, wif kind of a ruff starting to appear on my chest. Anyways, at the pwace I was borned, I was upposed to get taked home by the lady's daughter along wif my uvver littermates, but she changed her mind, so we was all gonna get sented to the pound if nobody tooked us! Can you beweive that?! My new mommeh, she hearded about this and got a box and camed to get me that vewy same day! She knew I was the special one - I wanted to go home wif her so bad that I jumped into her sweater and hided in there pwessed against her chest. My littermates were not nice to me at all, or to my new mommeh, they bited her and runned away! So my new mommeh taked me home wif her, to live wif my new big sis-ter, AttieCattie, and passed along the word that there was uvver babies available to peeples she thoughted might wanna know. (I hopes they all gotted good homes, even though they was meanies, maybe wif some love they would get un-meanied.)

Anyways, my new mommeh told me on the car ride home that she had been thinking about bringing Attie a sis-ter for a long time, and that she wanted to adopt a poor shelter kitteh, but when she hearded about us babies she thought that would be the way to go, accause Attie is kinda spoiled and set in her ways, and a baby kitten would be better at adapting than a growed-up kitteh. I guess she was right! Attie fighted enuf wif me as it is, I could not imagine her getting used to a growed-up kitteh. So as Attie has said, the mommeh tried to keep us apart, but we bof cwied and cwied to know who was on the uvver side of the door, so she let us be togever, and boy was it a disaster at first. I twied to just ignore Attie for the most part, but she did not want anybuddie else in her house! Soon enuff though, she seed how fun I am, and now we are bestest fwends! I follows her all over the place, to see what she is doing and learn. And sometimes she follows me too, to see what kind of twubble I am about to get into. I do love twubble. And toys. And Attie's tail. And my new mommeh, a whole lot. I purrs instantly, and so LOUD, the moment she touches me! Anyways, check out some of my favorite things:

The bath towel jump-and-hang!

Sitting too close to the TV, watching Rugrats, cause my new mommeh says I am a rugrat.

Chair climbing.

Dirty sink sitting.



And snuggles.

As you can sees, I am vewy happie in my new home!!! My new mommeh loves me, my new big sis-ter loves me, and I am just purring and excited evwy day. Come back tomowwow, for a show of my favwit toys on Tuesday!

~Baby Audwey.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fighting for Food on Friday

Okay, I think mayyyyyybe I am getting a little bit used to having a sis-ter. Even though I am not sure I actually like it her yet, I will admit that I am much less lonely in the apartment while my mommeh is at the work place. And we did have a verreh rousing game of chase-and-pull-down-the-curtains last night. I am trying to be more open-minded about having an Audrey in the house because my mommeh did bring it her home for my benefit. The food situation still crabilates me though.
This is how it begins - I have my own pink princess bowl, and the Audrey is using a little white one. I like having my verreh own pink princess bowl.

It only takes the Audrey about 30 seconds to finish its her bowl and move on to mine!

I tries to put up wif it, but come on, it is MY pink princess bowl and somebuddy else's ears is all up in it!

So I bury my face in its her furs, and give a biiiiiig snuff, maybe that will make it her move back to her own bowl.

No reaction though - just keeps eating my foods.

Sigh. I relocates.

I did not mind THAT much today, because right after eating the Audrey promised to show me how to climb the blinds in the laundry room. But I will say that I am verreh hungry, because it she eated most of my foods even though it she is so tiny. I do not know where it goes. My mommeh has tried to give us our foods in separate rooms, but the Audrey just cries and cries until it she is allowed to come eat wif me. I guess little sis-ters just want to do whatever their big sis-ter does. My mommeh says her little sis-ter was ezzackly the same way when she was small too. And so far the Audrey does follow me everywheres. I want to eat, the Audrey wants to eat. I go to get some waters, the Audrey is right behind me. I jump on my mommeh, so does the Audrey. I have my morning routine, helping my mommeh get ready for the work place - now the Audrey comes along to watch too. Even when I sit on the edge of the bathtub as usual while my mommeh takes a shower, the Audrey scrabbles up next to me and snoopervises too. It She is annoying, but also kind of cute I guess, so I patted it her on the head and gave it her a little snuggle today, to let it her know it was okay. It is just a little inappropriate though, that she even follows me to the litterbox. As soon as I am finished, she jumps right in and does her potties too! Come on now, there are SOME things a ladycat needs to do in private.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unfortunately NOT Culinary Thursday...

I wanted to do my Culinary Thursday today, but my mommeh could not get around to helping me cook last night. We even missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday! This is all the fault of that obnoxious furball she brought in here. Doesn't she realize it is totally screwing up our routine?! I see no reason for this - we should just send it back where it came from. And where DID it come from? I finally got the chance to ask my mommeh. She said she had been wondering lately if she should get me a sis-ter, because of my separation anxiety. Yes, I am a kitteh well versed in psychology, bet you didn't know that. Anyways, when my mommeh leaves the house I get verreh upset, and I cry a lot and yowl and howl and scream at her when she comes home. I am verreh angry at her for leaving me, so she has to be scolded, you understand. So she thought that maybe if I had some company during the day, I would not be as upset. She heard just that morning about these small creatures having been borned, watched me, did a lot of debating, and decided to go get one and try it out. Yeah. Right. I am not lonely for just ANY company. I want my mommeh! Having this thing called a sis-ter is not helping me. It is just getting on my nerves.
It dances around.

It has ginormous claws. (I do not have claws!)

It sits in MY spot on my mommeh's bed, and stares at me just like that. It is obviously evil.

So I went over to give it the laser-eye and kill it once and for all.

To my shock and horror, it did NOT immediately perish - I ran away out of sheer terror, watching it from the corner of my eye.

So now I give it the laser-eye from over here instead.

My mommeh decorates the creature with bows, to try to make it pretteh like me.

She tries to make me like it by feeding me while it sits on her - she puts the bowl RIGHT THERE so I have no choice.

Whatever, mommeh. I will always be your golden-eyed princess who plays the best fetch in the world!

Yes, at least my mommeh still plays the fetch game with me. I can ignore the evil creature long enough to get in a decent play session. I have decided to tolerate its presence as long as it does not interfere too much with my mommeh and my mousie. I still growl at it when it surprises me at night - I can not see it in the dark because it is black, that is verreh good camouflage for an evil minion, don't you think? But on the whole I have decided to save my energy for when it finally launches whatever attack it is obviously planning.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Well, friends, true cat-astrophe has strucked... The box my mommeh took away with her contained something truly awful when she came back with it. Here is my first encounter with the horrifying creature :

I know it was not ladycatly of me, but I could not contain my disgust. I could not believe my mommeh started laughing so hard when I made the nom-nom noise while still growling. She seemed to think it was funneh, but I tell you it was not funneh at all - I really wanted to EAT IT. You have to turn your volume up to hear that part through my mommeh's giggles, but it will be well worth the extra decibels to hear how fierce I am. (By the way, the Blogger video thingie is not working for me right now, so I had to use Viddler to upload this - that site processes vids so they look really dark for whatever reason, so I am sorreh if this makes your eyes a little hurty but consider yourself luckeh that you are not witnessing the horror of the creature in its entirety.)

What went wrong in my mommeh's head? I can tell you now, I do NOT like this little... thing... and I can not believe I am expected to share MY house with it. She even set up another room for it, and when I went in there to use that litterbox and eat up all that food, I got yelled at, pulled out of the litterbox, fwapped away from the food, and chased from the room - I have never been treated that way by my mommeh! I just can not believe this. I have to keep close track of this little monster and see exactly what it is doing here. This is my progress so far:
I watched it from my cat tree.

I watched it from over this box.

I watched it peek.

And nibble at the food I got shooed away from - ridiculous.

I smelled and inspected the box it came in.

I growled and threatened it and yelled at it all night, but I still have no idea what this thing is supposed to be. My mommeh says it is something called a sis-ter. She says I should call it Audrey, because it is dark and slim and beautiful like her favorite movie star, Audrey Hepburn. Yeah right! I do not think this little black dustbunny is beautiful at all. I do not know WHAT to do with it. Most of the time it just ignores me, not giving me the respect I deserve as the owner of the house, and when it isn't ignoring me it is getting too close to me, so I hiss and swipe at it but I just get yelled at again. Ugh, jeez, I hate this thing. I hate it. Where the heck did she even get it from?! Sigh. I will get the details and let you guys know in the next post - right now my mommeh is too distracted to be a good question-answerer, and I am definitely too crabilated to care verreh much. She keeps going on about how much fun it will be to have a leopard and a panther in the house - mommeh, you are delusional. Well at least you are putting it in the other room for bedtimes so I can get some peace.

In any case, Eric and Flynn get the prize toy. They were the first ones to guess it would be a sis-ter thing. The gang at Fuzzy Tales kiiinnnnnnda said it, but weren't really sure, sorreh guys - so Eric and Flynn are the winners this time! Email me your mailing address, boys, so I can get your little toy on its way to the UK! I only have one to give away though, so you will have to be nice and share. And just as I am saying that I am realizing how ironic it is - I learned as soon as this thing came into the house that I do not like to share.

Mews on Monday (And a Mystery)

Got some mews news today about the PayPal/ChipIn problem. It is finally fixed, hooray! Thank you to everyone so far who has made a donation for my birfday gift. I know the kittehs and pups at the shelter will 'preciate it, and my mommeh says she is touched by the generosity of all my friends here. We will be sure to take pictures of our shopping trip when the time comes. (Oh, pee-es: We have two donations with no names attached! If you donated without putting your kitteh's name in the PayPal note, please let us know who you are so you can get your award and be properly thanked!)

Hmm, there is a mystery happening around here. I can not figure out what it might be. My mommeh has a box, and she keeps looking at me with a verreh funneh face... She says I have to wait til later to find out what the box is for. What do you guys think it could be? When she left the house this morning she broughted this empty box with her, and she says she will not be back right after the work place! She says she will be home a lot later! I am verreh curious, and a little bit worried. As you can see I gave her the mad face and the laser eyes to try and get the information out of her. She did not break! Guess I just have to hang around here and wait and see...
(Guess what - I decided to make this a contest! First kitteh to guess the answer to the mystery gets a little prize mailed to them from me, AttieCattie!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Feature on Friday: The Cat Can Art Show!!!

Well my mommeh went without me. I was a little bit crabilated about that because I miss her a lot when she is gone, but I really do not like taking trains myself so I gived her my permission. As I posted a while back, the art show was in NYC and was hosted by Friskies and Fancy Feast. The point was to raise awareness about recycling or repurrrrrrposing cat food cans, because so many are thrown away instead of recycled properly. Sounds like a good idea to me! Anyways, when she got home I was so excited to see the pictures. Here are some of the arts that were on display:

Not bad, huh? I wish I had seed it in person! Err, in kitteh... Whichever. By the way, you can biggify all those to see more detail. My mommeh had a good time having cocktails and going around and looking at all the arts, but she says the BEST part was getting to meet The Food Lady and The Mom! That's right, Skeezix's mommeh and Jeter Harris's mommeh were both there! Plus they broughted Flat Skeezix and Flat Jeter. I was a little upset about that, because my mommeh did not go out of her way to make a Flat Attie, but she was wearing her AttieCattie shirt, so I guess that was okay. Here they are, hanging out:

And see the pritteh lady in the last picture? That is Michelle, who is verreh verreh sweet indeed, and she is the one who invited my mommeh to the show in the first place! Thanks, Michelle!!! My mommeh says you are way cool.

Some other cool stuffs from the evening:

Cat grass, candles, and cocktails. TFL's Skeezix sneaks!

Recycled kitteh paw prints. Cat bed corner for a princess!

Kahi Lee, holding Flat Skeezix! She's from HGTV's Design On A Dime, and she was the celebrity hostess of the night.

Wowee, what a party! Thanks to Friskies and Fancy Feast, and to Michelle, The Food Lady, Jeter Harris's mom, the DJ, the bartenders, the artists, and everyone who made this such a fun night for my mommeh and raised all the good awareness about the kitteh food cans. Oh and thanks also for the realleh cool recycle bag you sent home for me to play in, and the coupons that were in it.