Friday, April 30, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Funky on Friday (plus Attie's Birfday Party!)

Have you ever seed a kitteh sits like dis? Me neiver! Sometimes I cwoss my back left leg up over my body wike dis, behind my head! Nuffing hurts me, and I walk totally fine. Da v-e-t says he sees nuffin wrong wif me. And I puts my leg back where it's upposed to go when I am weady. I just wike to do dis on occasion when I's snugglin. My mommeh does not know what to call it. Some days she calls me a pretzel cat. Sometimes she says I am doin my yoga, or dat I am break-dancing and "getting funky!"
Speaking of getting funky, tonight is AttieCattie's birfday partay! We's servin up da good stuffs, so put on your bestest collars and come on over! Da party starts tonite and ends only when we finally poops out on Sunday, so feel fwee to stop by any time dis weekend. Weady? Set? Go!



Organic dwied nip!

Fuzzy mousies!

Shwimp cocktail wif fwesh nip for extwa oomph!

Sammin sammiches wif nip and lime garnish!

You guys can also feel fwee to bwing awong whatever you wants! Evwy-buddie welcome, let's make dis a gwate party for my supa pawsome big sis-ter!!! (In uvver werds, don't let me scwew it up cause it's my first party I ever throwed!)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And that salmon looks super NOM!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Wot an awesome party. We love niptinis! Let's party!

    We brought some catnip jelly beans wiv us as a present for yoo.

  3. Harley is rounding up some lizards that he will set free for everybuddy to chase around at the party!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a great party! Mommy loves the pictures!!!

    Hmmm....who is up for THoE?????

  5. Happy Birthday Attie! Sorry we'll miss your party, but you and Audrey will have a blast! Like the pretzel move Audrey! ~Daisy Mae and Lily

  6. Audrey, we confess we've never seen a cat sleep like that. You have excellent flexibility, purrfect for yoga!

    Happy birthday to Attie! We're bringing lots of treats, grain-free and junkie ones, and we'll bring catnip buds too. Let's party!

  7. Audrey, you have very special talent for such a young panther kitten!

    Happy Birthday Attie!!!! We brought some baby fresh nip from the garden and some Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese to share!

  8. We have tried and we can't get our legs like yours in the picture. We will have to find someone near us who can give us tuition. We are looking forward to Attie's party it will be lovely to meet you both.

  9. Happy Purrthday Attie! Great party!

  10. Happy Birthday, Attie Cattie! Wow, what a spread you have put on (including your sister Audrey's little legs)! Dante, Domino and Dylan are all on their way over, and their bringing a case of Temptations for efurryone to share!

    Have a fantastic time, Attie, but make sure your little sisfur doesn't get into the nip or the niptinis! She's still underage after all.

  11. Happy BirffDay, Attie! We will bring a fine selection of organic milk and cream for the younger set...and nip for the rest of us!
    Audrey, Good Job!
    xx lounge kats

  12. One of Sadie's babies used to do dat. He lives wif our cuzzin Jeff now and don't do it as offen. It's just cuz he was extra flexie and wanted to show off. Speedy is hawling in some of our fresh grass dat mommy growed fur us...dis is gonna be a fabulus party Audrey, yoo did a really good job!

  13. Happiest Birthday to you! Thanks for such a fine party too. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Attie!!

    *eyes up the niptinis*

    Now Attie, I brought you a box of finest english voles to play with (and a few of our house spiders)

    Oooh this is a great party!

    Whicky Wuudler

    PS: Audrey you are super bendy! Gerry does this with his back leg sometimes too :D

  15. Happy Birthday! What a great party, thanks for inviting us. Loved the salmon and nip. You thought of everything. I will be back to party again.

  16. Looks like you are a gymnast Audrey!!!

    Happy Purrthday Attie!!!!!!!!

    **Junior and Orion wander over and partake of a niptini**

    Yum! We are gonna have us some of that shrimp next!

  17. We brought some catnip olives to go into the niptinis....oooo yeah!

    Happy purrday Attie!
    And Audrey you're doing a fine job with your first party.

    we love the pretzel pose.

  18. yum! that food looks puuurferct to me!

  19. We brought our special nip snickerdoodles!! Hope you like them!! Happy Birthday Attie and many, many, many mooooooore!!!! You throw a great party Audrey!! Thanks for inviting us!!
    Your TX furiends,

  20. Whew....we just finished Ellie and Allie's party and we're ready to start all over again. Happy Birthday Attie! What a spread! Mom is drooling over that sammin sammich!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. Happy Purrthday, Attie!!!! I hope yoo had a grrrrrrate purrthday pawty!


  22. Happy birthday Attie! I hopes you iz getting lotsa treetz!

  23. Happy Birthday Attie-I hope you get lots of mice, treat and purrs. xoxo P. and M.

  24. That is a very....interesting....position honey!

    We're on our way for the party! the shrimps and sammons look delish!! And fuzzy mices!!!!
    Can we bring a little ball and play tub hockey?

  25. I can almost get like that when I am cleaning my bottom, but you have me beat when it comes to flexibility, Audrey. Happy Birthday, Attie!
    Mom cooked a ham and has some left over, so I brought it along. This is a great party!


  26. Hi there! The CB told us about you so we had to come and say hello and well, we'll take a Niptini while were here!


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