Monday, April 26, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Meet Audrey Monday!!!

Hi evwy-buddie! It's me, wittle Audwey! My pawsome big sis-ter said I could do my vewy own bloggie posts this whole week, so that evwy-buddie gets to know me a wittle bit. Isn't she just the coolest??? I sure think so! Oh my goodie-ness, I am just so cwazy excited to be here, what can I say about my wittle self?

Well, I was borned about ten weeks ago, so I am a pwetty tiny cat wight now. My mommie cat was beauty-ful, but I never knowed my daddie cat. My new mommeh says he must have had long furs, cause I am getting a wittle fwoofier evwy day, and my furs is vewy thick, wif kind of a ruff starting to appear on my chest. Anyways, at the pwace I was borned, I was upposed to get taked home by the lady's daughter along wif my uvver littermates, but she changed her mind, so we was all gonna get sented to the pound if nobody tooked us! Can you beweive that?! My new mommeh, she hearded about this and got a box and camed to get me that vewy same day! She knew I was the special one - I wanted to go home wif her so bad that I jumped into her sweater and hided in there pwessed against her chest. My littermates were not nice to me at all, or to my new mommeh, they bited her and runned away! So my new mommeh taked me home wif her, to live wif my new big sis-ter, AttieCattie, and passed along the word that there was uvver babies available to peeples she thoughted might wanna know. (I hopes they all gotted good homes, even though they was meanies, maybe wif some love they would get un-meanied.)

Anyways, my new mommeh told me on the car ride home that she had been thinking about bringing Attie a sis-ter for a long time, and that she wanted to adopt a poor shelter kitteh, but when she hearded about us babies she thought that would be the way to go, accause Attie is kinda spoiled and set in her ways, and a baby kitten would be better at adapting than a growed-up kitteh. I guess she was right! Attie fighted enuf wif me as it is, I could not imagine her getting used to a growed-up kitteh. So as Attie has said, the mommeh tried to keep us apart, but we bof cwied and cwied to know who was on the uvver side of the door, so she let us be togever, and boy was it a disaster at first. I twied to just ignore Attie for the most part, but she did not want anybuddie else in her house! Soon enuff though, she seed how fun I am, and now we are bestest fwends! I follows her all over the place, to see what she is doing and learn. And sometimes she follows me too, to see what kind of twubble I am about to get into. I do love twubble. And toys. And Attie's tail. And my new mommeh, a whole lot. I purrs instantly, and so LOUD, the moment she touches me! Anyways, check out some of my favorite things:

The bath towel jump-and-hang!

Sitting too close to the TV, watching Rugrats, cause my new mommeh says I am a rugrat.

Chair climbing.

Dirty sink sitting.



And snuggles.

As you can sees, I am vewy happie in my new home!!! My new mommeh loves me, my new big sis-ter loves me, and I am just purring and excited evwy day. Come back tomowwow, for a show of my favwit toys on Tuesday!

~Baby Audwey.


  1. Oh, Audrey, you've made our human's heart melt! And just look at you and Attie! All that grumbling Attie did and there you both are, snuggled up together. That's wonderful!

    We look forward to a whole week of getting to know you! :-)

  2. Aw Audrey, how could your brothers and sisters be mean to you - you are such a sweetie! We are hoping they get good homes too - we know that will un-meanie them. We are glad you found such a wonderful new home, with your new mom and big sister - and we are glad that you are getting along with her now! That snuggle picture is so sweet and wonderful!

  3. Audrey, You stole our Mommy's heart away with that last photo. What a sweetie pie you are. We see why Attie caved in under a week. You are both such cute girls...we're looking forward to the toy extravaganza tomorrow!
    xx Lounge Kats

  4. The last picture just melts our hearts!! We love to see you girls getting along so well already! It's so beautiful to see.

    We are so glad you were gotcha'd by such a wonderful mommy. You are a furry lucky girl!!!

    Our Maizy and Ferris came to live with us for the same reason. They were on their way to the pound, but our mom and dad brought them home to foster them, but ended up keeping them.

  5. What a pretty kitten you are! And a lucky one too - Attie is a great cat and I know she will teach you all of the ropes.
    It's great to meet you!!!

  6. Audrey! What progress since last week! You are a little sweetie-pie -- how could anyone resist you. Even Attie came around quite quickly with you working your charms.

    You certainly are a curious little thing, and you get around, don't you. Towel-hanging, sink sitting, chair climbing -- you are so athletic. Maybe you will be in the Kitty Olympicks when you grow up.

    I'm so happy everything is working out so well for all concerned.

  7. Oh Audrey you are a very pretty little girl and we know that your new mommeh and Attie will take good care of you.
    Please come and see us with Attie when you are settled in.

  8. Audrey, we love all the pictures but that last one is really special! You and Attie are going to have so much fun together! We can't wait to hear more from you tomorrow!

    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  9. Oh are such a cutie! We are so very glad you and Attie-Cattie are getting along. That last picture of you two is just precious!

  10. Well hello little Audrey! This was a very nice report about you. We looks forward to hearing all bout your new life with our furrend AttieCattie.
    You sure look kyoot together in that last picshur.

  11. Hello Audrey, your little life turned into a world of love and we are very happy about that. Attie is being a very good sister to you and those pictures of you going about your kitten duties are delightful. Our Mum particularly likes your expression in the sink sitting picture.

    Handy Tip: Sometimes there's good stuff to lick in the bowls in the sink - yum.

    Whicky Wuudler

  12. Oh you are just darling. I love your pictures and that last one.. It is so full of the ahhhh factor.. Just darling... Hugs GJ xx

  13. We're so glad you are enjoying your new home. We love that last picture!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Hello sweetie, you got a special home because you are very special and I am so happy you and your big sis are getting along...I knew it would happen!

  15. AWWWWWW, total cuteness overload!!!=^Y^=

  16. You are a beautiful kitty Audrey! I'm so glad that Attie has started being sweet to you!

  17. Ahhh...the two of them look to be getting along great now! Nice to meet you Audrey!

  18. SQUEEE!!! That last picture is adorable!!
    Thank you for telling us how you came to live in your house with the big kitty and your mommy!
    We tried to keep Scout in a spare room behind a kiddy gate. He was just 6 weeks old and very precocious! He just kept climbing the gate so after two days of that he was on his own in the house and exploring just like you! -Scooby

  19. made our mom squeee! She thinks you're so cute!! We're glad Attie said you could blog this week so we can get to know you better!!

  20. Audrey
    We love you too!

    Who could resist such utter sweetness?


  21. Hi cutie!!! So good to hear that you and Attie are going along so well so soon. I am sure you two will have lots of fun together. You are a lucky girl to have come to such a loving home.

  22. You are adorable. I am so happy that you have your furever loving home. Great photos of you. Glad you blogged today.

  23. Audrey, you are soooooo cute! I am very glad you found such a wonderful Forever home. And mostly, I am happy that you and Attie are getting along so well now. You can learn a lot from Attie, so always do what she tells you!

  24. Thanks for stopping by our blog cutie. You are purrtty funny.
    Benny & Lily

  25. Oh Audrey you little house panther sweetie! Didn't they tell you the first rule of blogging? If you are going to post a picture that will make everyone pass out from the cute...put a warning label on your post. That last picture nearly wiped out our whole family!!!

    Purrs, Cory

  26. Audrey how could anyone not be nice to you. You are adorable-especially that last photo-I thought Attie was spoilt-you may be taking the cake-but you deserve it. Hugs and Purrs.

  27. I remember back when i was new at my humans house. . . My big sister wasnt nice to me though. . . but we are best sisters/friends now!!!

  28. You are just so lovely and adorable~!!!
    Makes everyone loves you!

  29. Hello Audrey, yoo are just beautiful! Welcome to the CB little one.

  30. Oh Audrey we just love the picture of you sitting in the sink. You and Attie look very happy together. ~AFSS

  31. So glad you and big sis are getting along so well. Siblings are great. And we're glad you have a home.

  32. Audrey dear, we're so glad you found your forever home.

    When I was a baby I purred all the time, too. That's why my middle name is Everpurr!!

    Your friend


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