Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AUDREY WEEK: Toys On Tuesday

Hi again, evwy-buddie! Audwey here, on the second day of Audwey Week, showing you my fave-wit toys on Tuesday.

First up is my ball toy! This toy weally bewongs to my big sis-ter, Attie, but she doesn't wike it vewy much, so she said I could has it! Hooway! I go to my ball toy allllllll da time. It's da bestest fing to do when I gets a wittle borded. It's like a puzzle, but so far I can not get dose ballies outta there!

Next is dis fevver-bell thing. I follows it enny-wheres, even over legs! I wuv to hop awound, so dis is a weally good toy fur me.

And now we have stwing. I wuv stwing and wibbon of all kinds! Dis video is of me wif a bafrobe string, but it could be ANY stwing and I would still chase it. I am just a stwing kind of gurl.

Anuvver weally GWATE toy is Attie's tail! It turns out my big sis-ter has a lot of patience, and she just lets me mess awound wif her tail whenever I wants to. I fink dat makes her a pwetty good sis-ter. (Just twy not to notice that my nails gets stucked in da window scween.)

I actually have lots more toys to show, but there's aweddy so much video in this post! I just wuv toys, I has sooooooooooo many of dem, I pway wif evwything! I guess I will show you more toys some uvver day. Come back tomowwow for my Wordless Wednesday!


  1. Audrey you are some little cutie!!!!! We loved the videos, especially the tail one. You two are going to be great friends I think!

    Purrs Goldie

  2. We love all of the videos, Audrey, but our favourite is the one of you playing with Attie's tail!

    The Chans

  3. Have fun Audrey! Tell Attie meow and that we miss hearing from her this week too. Maybe you guys could do a post together: your perspective and then her perspective?

  4. You have pawsome toys, Audrey! You look like you had the most fun with the string. :-)

    We must say, though, that Attie is a TERRIFIC big sister! Very tolerant to let you play with her tail like that. And nope, we didn't notice you got your claws caught in the screen. Not at all!

    Big smooches from our human and kitty kisses from us!

  5. Audrey, you are just SO adorable!!! Kittens are so much fun, and you are such an energetic little one!

    I'm very happy to see how patient Attie is being. She obviously really likes you now -- maybe even loves you. I loved the video of you playing with Attie's tail, the most. It's so very sweet.

  6. Of all the toys you have, Attie's tail is just the best ever! Somehow I don't think she'd let me play with it...

  7. Audrey you are just so cute playing with Attie's tail and she is so patient about it.
    We expected her to suddenly turn and whap you but she didn't.

  8. Audrey, those are great videos. Attie is a good sister to let you play with her tail!

  9. These great videow Audrey. We are glad that you appreciates Attie, she is really being a great big sister. I not thinks I could lets you play with my tail like that.
    Has fun. (Smooches to Attie for being a good girl.)

  10. We loved alla the videos! Attie, you are SO good to let Audrey play with your tail. You two are going to have lots of fun together, we can tell.
    xx Lounge Kats

  11. You sure do play alot Audrey! We especially liked watching you play with Attie's tail. And don't feel bad, I get my claws stuck in the screen too.


  12. Audrey, you are a good play-er! Attie is so very patient. I would never let Harley play with my tail!

  13. We forgot how much energy kittens have!
    All your toys look fun and Attie is sure patient to let you play with her tail like that!

  14. We'z so glad dat yoo and Attie are getting along now. Haffing a sisfur can be lots of fun...and der tails really do make good toys.

  15. Audrey
    You are having a great time playing with all your toys and your big sisfur tail!


  16. You sure were having a big time and we love your videos...hey, you're already a movie star!

  17. Audrey...all that playing...we're worn out from watching!!

  18. We like your videos and those toys of yours..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  19. This is an exsellent toy reeport. Yoo have WAY more toys than I do.

  20. Just look at all this fun you are having Audrey! Attie is so good to let you use her tail as a toy. What a kind sister. You are still learning how to retract your claws so we will pretend we didn't see.

    We do have to ask you to limit the cuteness you show to us, our ape has been squeeing her head off looking at your videos and now we have to break out the earplugs.

    Whicky Wuudler

  21. We have one of those track and ball toys too, but ours was more fun when we were younger.


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