Friday, April 23, 2010

Fighting for Food on Friday

Okay, I think mayyyyyybe I am getting a little bit used to having a sis-ter. Even though I am not sure I actually like it her yet, I will admit that I am much less lonely in the apartment while my mommeh is at the work place. And we did have a verreh rousing game of chase-and-pull-down-the-curtains last night. I am trying to be more open-minded about having an Audrey in the house because my mommeh did bring it her home for my benefit. The food situation still crabilates me though.
This is how it begins - I have my own pink princess bowl, and the Audrey is using a little white one. I like having my verreh own pink princess bowl.

It only takes the Audrey about 30 seconds to finish its her bowl and move on to mine!

I tries to put up wif it, but come on, it is MY pink princess bowl and somebuddy else's ears is all up in it!

So I bury my face in its her furs, and give a biiiiiig snuff, maybe that will make it her move back to her own bowl.

No reaction though - just keeps eating my foods.

Sigh. I relocates.

I did not mind THAT much today, because right after eating the Audrey promised to show me how to climb the blinds in the laundry room. But I will say that I am verreh hungry, because it she eated most of my foods even though it she is so tiny. I do not know where it goes. My mommeh has tried to give us our foods in separate rooms, but the Audrey just cries and cries until it she is allowed to come eat wif me. I guess little sis-ters just want to do whatever their big sis-ter does. My mommeh says her little sis-ter was ezzackly the same way when she was small too. And so far the Audrey does follow me everywheres. I want to eat, the Audrey wants to eat. I go to get some waters, the Audrey is right behind me. I jump on my mommeh, so does the Audrey. I have my morning routine, helping my mommeh get ready for the work place - now the Audrey comes along to watch too. Even when I sit on the edge of the bathtub as usual while my mommeh takes a shower, the Audrey scrabbles up next to me and snoopervises too. It She is annoying, but also kind of cute I guess, so I patted it her on the head and gave it her a little snuggle today, to let it her know it was okay. It is just a little inappropriate though, that she even follows me to the litterbox. As soon as I am finished, she jumps right in and does her potties too! Come on now, there are SOME things a ladycat needs to do in private.


  1. Ahhh, Attie, we see now that you are more bluster than bite. You and Audrey are going to get on just fine together. She's copying what you do, learning from you, so you'd best teach her well!

    Audrey is a growing baby, by the way, Attie, so she needs lots of high-protein food. Is she eating any canned? Giving her high quality, high-protein canned (maybe she gets that now, I don't know what you eat) would be good. If she's eating a mainly carb diet (grain-filled kibble), it won't fill her up--just like us humans. If we try to live on bread/starches, we're hungry all the time because we need protein and *a bit* of fat to fill us up. Audrey needs that too! :-)

  2. Attiecattie, you are such a good cat letting little Audrey eat your fuuds. Did you know that ALL kittens have hollow legs and hollow tails? This is why they can eat so much. Audrey is now your acolyte, and you must do all you can to teach her the ways of your home. I'm sure you will do an excellent job!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Hollow legs* (and tails) yes. This is where all your fuuds go when Audrey eats them. She has to keep extra fuuds on board 'cos she uses up so much energy.

    *Is a saying from the UK for anycat/human/any animal who eats more than a tummy could hold in one go ;)


  4. Attie that is so funny that she follows you everywhere - she already looks up to you apprently! She just wants to hang out with you because she knows you are awesome! Although the litter thing is a bit much, it is still pretty cute.

    And boy, do we know about kittens stealing foods - don't worry though, they usually grow out of it (or at least learn to have the decency to wait til we are done to take the leftovers!)

  5. Well, it's quite clearly that Audrey adores you, Attie! But it is also a fact that part of your role as older sister includes teaching her manners. You really must be quite firm with her about this food thing...

    Tama-Chan (she who has seen it all...)

  6. Holy Moly Attie! That kitten is trying to take over the house! She adores you though. We know you are a great role model for her to look up to! You can teach her all kinds of great stuff while mom is at work, heh heh.
    Kittens are bottomless food pits, as you can tell!

  7. Lucy is exactly the same as your Audrey - my food is always treated like prey to be pounced on and scoffed (and with Lucy I mean scoffed - she is like a vacuum cleaner it just disappears!!)
    I think we'll have to start a 'put upon older sister club'

  8. Attie you are a very good big sister to Audrey. Be careful, those black kittens get into sooo much trouble! Mom had a black kitten, shadow...years ago.....he used to climb up the back of her jeans, then go around to her front, look her in the face to get attention! Mom says she can see that lil stinker is gonna make your lives very interesting=^Y^=

  9. Well Attie, you are her sister and you are teaching her very well! She wants to be just like you! Audrey must look up to you.

    As for your mommy's garden, when she plants, she should plant in rows or arrangements and then use a plastic plant marker that you can write on with permanent marker. That will make it very easy to tell the difference between a weed and a desired plant. All of the seeds will germinate at the same time and will then look differently from the weeds. THere shouldn't be as many of the weeds and she should have several seedlings that are exactly the same size and shape. Pull up the weeds. To thin out seedlings, take scissors or your fingers and pinch them off at the soil level to avoid disturbing the roots of the seedlings that you have chosen as healthy and strong ones.

  10. Well, she just wants to learn from the best!

  11. We're glad to hear that you are beginning to like Audrey a little go climb some curtains with her!

  12. I just know you are going to be a wonderful big sister. You can have fun together, really!

  13. Attie, It seems you now have a sattelite. I have two. It's not too bad, it cuts down on the bathing you have to do...slaves, y'know.
    xx Tiny Johnson

  14. Oh, Attie, it is very cool that you have a little follower! It is clear that she loves you very much. I know you will teach Audrey well!

  15. Attie, you are making us purr today...that sweet little baby Audrey thinks you are the best cat in the world and she wants to learn all she can from you. It looks like you are doing a wonderful job raising her up right!


    xoxo Cory

  16. Everykitteh has said what a good role-model you are, and is true! We has confidense that you will teach her eberything she needs to know to get along in your house.

    I love that you calls her "The Audrey" as you get used to the intrushun and starts to thinks of her has a real kitty. You are a very Very talented story-teller Attie.

    We can't waits to see what happens next!

  17. We think that you are being very patient with Audrey:) Good for you! And the potty thing? She's learning from you:)

  18. How sweet of you to be so nice to her and let her eat your food and follow you around like that....I remember trying that with Tiny when I was just a little tyke and she got really angry with me. I think it is cool to have a big sister to look up to and to take care of a little kid. You are sooo nice. If I could, I would give you a special award for niceness!! Purrs, Lautrec (Weezdabadcats)

  19. Oh Attie, you're being such a good big sister letting Audrey share your bowl!


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