Monday, April 5, 2010

Mews on Monday (And Not Impressed w/My Mommeh's Lack of Gardening Skillzzzzz.)

Hey everybuddy, I have some mews news about the ChipIn! My mommeh and I have been receiving your generous and verreh helpful donations (thank you all so much for helping!) but we are having a bit of a problem with accepting the funds in our PayPal account. So please know that even though the ChipIn still says zero, we ARE getting the munnies! Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and then we will be able to "claim" the funds and it will show on the ChipIn. PayPal is supposedly looking into it, and they say we should be good to go by the end of this week.

So how was everybuddy's Easter? My mommeh says we have lots of Cadbury Eggs at home now, and she is going to eat them three meals a day until they are gone. I tried to get one, but she did not let me. Not fair! But some interesting things started to happen this weekend that did take my mind off it...

Hmm, what is this, mommeh?

Seeds? And bulbs?

I think we are starting a garden!!!

Well let me tell you, my mommeh was outside ALLLLLL DAY, literally for HOURS, and I scolded and snoopervised at the window, but she did not get hardly ANYTHING done. She kept complaining about wild beach grass with roots like onions... She says she has to buy a tiller-thinger in order to get up this tough grass and awful soil, she says her current tools are just not cutting it. I guess I agree, because I was not impressed with the before and after, even though it took her so long!




  1. Our mom is just not very good with the gardening. She tries, but it's just not very good.

  2. Good morning Attie-Poor Penelope is beside herself not trusting anything-we had another aftershock this morning-which woke mama up cursing slightly not knowing what was going on. But P. got treats under the bed this morning as a bribe to come out.

  3. Is the trying that counts, right?
    Is very very hard to break the ground the first time. You has to be pashunt with her Attie, she is only human.
    Mommy calls garden time the time she makes Earth-Magic. And she sais it is the playing in the dirt that is good for the hart.

  4. Our Mum doesn't like gardening Attie, that's why she had a lot of paving done and puts a few plants in pots.

  5. Our human has tried, but well, we boys like to lie on all the plants, chew them, zoom through get the idea. So she's given up in frustration. She doesn't have much of a green thumb anyway, so it's no loss! We wish your mom good luck with her garden, though!

  6. Jan has a black thumb so we would just as soon she stay inside and let the weeds grow. At least inside she can wait on our needs.

    We're glad you found out about the Chip In problem. Sometimes it seems like whatever can go wrong ...

  7. Wow! Gardening is hard work! Good luck!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Cream eggs three meals a day? Yum!

    We were wondering why the Chip-in button was still showing zero. Hope you get it sorted out soon!

    We hate to say this but don't you think the garden looked a little better "before".......?

  9. Your Mom is right! Having the right tools for every job is very impawtant, Attie!

  10. I'm sure the PayPal humans will figure it out!

  11. Mommy said she is gonna make a VERY big effort to make nice gardens this year........we'll see!=^Y^=

  12. Oh that looks like annoying yardwork, not fun yard work!
    It is very good that you were there to watch over her work. I am sure she appreciated it.


  13. Mum thinks the beach grass is the same as couch grass and she knows how hard that is to get rid off. It will look nice when it is done and the seeds are in.

  14. Oh a garden!!! What fun! You should totally check out the garden cats club thats over at cory cat blog!

  15. Looks like your mom has a lot of hard work ahead of her!

  16. Blimey lots of cream eggs. They will give your mum energy for the gardening.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. Chocolate eggs 3 meals a day is yummy but probably not exctly a healthy diet.

    Gardening is hard work. Good thing we inheritied an established garden from the old lady who used to live here and we get a lot of help and advice from a kind neighbour. SS would never have been able to manage to grow anything decent otherwise.

    I am a real gardening kitty, hence SS has to accept that I sleep on dirt and roll around the lawn.

  18. Cheaper than buying a tiller: lay black weed material on the ground. Buy topsoil and dump it on top to build up a little over a foot of soil and place edging around to keep it from eroding. Easy digging. No grass and no weeds. Amend your soil yearly with manure, compost, etc.

  19. We were studying the before and after pictures and aren't quite sure what your Mom actually did...maybe you should have helped her. But, our Mom also gardens and we noticed that at first there is nothing to see, then later, like magic, there are nice things. I guess it is just about patience and believing. The good things will come, they just aren't obvious right away!

    We like that picture of you in the window! Do you ever get to go out?

    We sniffed one of those eggs your Mom likes..we don't think you are missing anything...they don't smell AT ALL like chicken or liver.

    Have a nice day, your pals, Tiny and Lautrec

  20. we can't even grow runner beans! And we live in England where everybody knows how to at least grown those.

  21. Well, we hope your Mom has more luck with the garden very soon!

    We will see if we can donate a little bit to your project!


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