Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unfortunately NOT Culinary Thursday...

I wanted to do my Culinary Thursday today, but my mommeh could not get around to helping me cook last night. We even missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday! This is all the fault of that obnoxious furball she brought in here. Doesn't she realize it is totally screwing up our routine?! I see no reason for this - we should just send it back where it came from. And where DID it come from? I finally got the chance to ask my mommeh. She said she had been wondering lately if she should get me a sis-ter, because of my separation anxiety. Yes, I am a kitteh well versed in psychology, bet you didn't know that. Anyways, when my mommeh leaves the house I get verreh upset, and I cry a lot and yowl and howl and scream at her when she comes home. I am verreh angry at her for leaving me, so she has to be scolded, you understand. So she thought that maybe if I had some company during the day, I would not be as upset. She heard just that morning about these small creatures having been borned, watched me, did a lot of debating, and decided to go get one and try it out. Yeah. Right. I am not lonely for just ANY company. I want my mommeh! Having this thing called a sis-ter is not helping me. It is just getting on my nerves.
It dances around.

It has ginormous claws. (I do not have claws!)

It sits in MY spot on my mommeh's bed, and stares at me just like that. It is obviously evil.

So I went over to give it the laser-eye and kill it once and for all.

To my shock and horror, it did NOT immediately perish - I ran away out of sheer terror, watching it from the corner of my eye.

So now I give it the laser-eye from over here instead.

My mommeh decorates the creature with bows, to try to make it pretteh like me.

She tries to make me like it by feeding me while it sits on her - she puts the bowl RIGHT THERE so I have no choice.

Whatever, mommeh. I will always be your golden-eyed princess who plays the best fetch in the world!

Yes, at least my mommeh still plays the fetch game with me. I can ignore the evil creature long enough to get in a decent play session. I have decided to tolerate its presence as long as it does not interfere too much with my mommeh and my mousie. I still growl at it when it surprises me at night - I can not see it in the dark because it is black, that is verreh good camouflage for an evil minion, don't you think? But on the whole I have decided to save my energy for when it finally launches whatever attack it is obviously planning.


  1. Oh my goodness, your new sisfur has some great dance moves! Give it time, we bet you girls will be the bestest of furiends!

  2. We're sure that eventually you two girls will get along just fine.

  3. Ah, Attie, we think there might be some tiny, teeny bit of improvement in how you are doing with your sis-furr. Audrey, yes? She's a sweetheart! Our human wants to cuddle her. Sorry, Attie, darling, but she IS a cutie pie!

    We didn't realize you made such a fuss when your mom left to go hunting. Maybe a sibling isn't such a bad thing, Attie. You have to give her a chance!

  4. She is just a tiny little bit cute with her bow, don't you think, Attie?

    Let me continue my story... After Sen-Chan went to the Bridge, Tommy looked after me for a while. He was so kind to me! And then one day, the door to the back room opened and out strutted this little red furrball! It was my sister Sei-Chan! I hissed at her of course but she was determined to be my friend, and I grew to love her. It IS lovely to have a sister, you know!


  5. You'll settle down together in a day or so and you'll have fun together. Plus remember if anything gets broken you can just point your paw at the culprit.

  6. Aww Attie we are so sorry to hear of this disruption. But I bets you two will be best friends once she isn't small and bratty.
    Just remember your mommeh loves you first, she brings this sister home for YOU.

  7. All in all, things seems to be progressing nicely, from that wild howling to a state of tolerance. I'm certain they'll be best friends before long. It was a great idea to get Attie some company since she is so distressed being alone. A lot of people think cats don't care about such things, but if you're a cat person, you know better.

    By the way, Audrey is so very precious. I love the picture of her dancing, and with her yellow bow. It's very becoming against her black furs.

  8. Oh Attie, she really is quite cute. Black is a good color for hiding at night. Meowm says my brother blends in at night too...and he is white with flame points. Whatever Meowm, I think she has poor eyesight. Anyway, I understand your dilemma with not claws...I have no front ones, and sometimes that gives my brother an unfair advantage. Still I manage to get some good scratches on him from time to time. But I wouldn't trade my life now for anything, and I bet my brother wouldn't either. We know you will learn to love your sister.


  9. I know you don't believe me Attie, but you will really like having a sister, really, really.

  10. Attie, Give it a week. That's a lotta naps and big sleeps...and pretty soon it will be like the little spawn of satan might be FUN! Trust us, we've been through this a million times.
    xx Lounge Kats

  11. Attie you will always be the Queen now there just is a little princess to share your kingdom with. I think you will enjoy having her there with you when your Mom has to go day hunting!


  12. Attie...we think she is kinda cute...just give it some time, and take it slow...we bet you'll see that she's not so bad...but you will always be #1 in the house!!

  13. Attie, I think it could be fun to have a little sister to boss around! As long as she does not get bigger than you. She is pretty cute. But do not worry, you are much more beautifuler!

  14. Attie, I approve of your little sister...she has the bestest fur color!

    Anyway, I think the attack she was planning has already hit it's target. She has won our hearts!

    We love you too Attie.

    xoxo Cory

  15. I hope you will get to like her soon. She is a pretty little girl and that dance routine is just precious. I am sure you would be thankful for her company during the day once you get used to her. Remember you are still your mommy's number one kitty and she got her for you.

  16. Oh, thank you very much for visiting on my Birthday! We had a blast. I hope you can start getting along with your new sister - it is much better than being hissy all the time. Sinda


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