Monday, May 31, 2010

Bad Mancat Monday

My mommeh came running with the camera when she heard me making my growly noise. There was a mancat outside my window! The nerve. He was staring up at me like he had a chance! He should have realized right away that a ladycat like me is completely out of his league. I have seen him before. His name is Booger, if you can believe that, and he is pretteh much a loser. Just lies around outsidey all day, rolling around and making eyes at all the girlcats. He is not on the level of the sweet mancats I know, like Harley and Brian and Lolo. Hmph.

Immediately after this video was taken, we had a massive hiss-and-wap fest through the window. He had made a rude comment, and that was just going too far, so I had to show him what's what. Of course my mommeh could not get the camera turned back on before it was over. It only took 30 seconds for me to get the message through Booger's thick little head, and I emerged the victor. Obviously.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Foxy Friday: Lautrec.

Being a ladycat is sometimes hard. Ladycats must obey convention, and be well aware of their manners at all times. Howevers, I will admit to you that I has the occasional moment of weakness. This weakness has been known to cause me to stop and stare, daydream, swoon slightly, and even drool just a little bit. Yes, this weakness is - mancats. Handsome mancats. Handsome, humorous, polite, thoughtful mancats. Today I would like to feature Lautrec, who is certainly all of these things and more. He appreciates a good meal, looks great in clothes, and has just the right amount of cattitude.
"Come hither" stare.

Knows what he wants and is not afraid to try and get it!

What are YOU looking at? ::eyebrow raise::

Majestic mancat, enjoying breezes.

Even sexy when he sleeps. Just look at that sweet stretched out tummeh.

This is his charming just-out-of-bed look.

Isn't that spot of cream on his nose just darling?

Ahh, straight from the pages of GQ.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinky Thursday

Sigh. Look at that. Such an attractive ladycat, such an unattractive ceiling. I think we have broached this subject on the bloggie before - my mommeh does not like me up on top of the cabinets like this. The reason is because of the lights up there. They are not quite finished, and verreh open, and my mommeh is afraid I will get burned or shocked one of these days. So far though, she can not find a way to stop me from getting up here. She has tried a million different things, but I always find a way to get around her scoldings and blockades, because I realleh love it up here. It is warm and quiet, and high enough for me to see everything that goes on. The problem is that we live in an apartment, meaning this kind of work is up to the landlord. My mommeh has been after him to fix the lights since we moved in, but that was about a year and a half ago, so it will probably never get done. So she says she is thinking about just going ahead and doing it herself, and maybe taking the cost of it out of the rent. I think that may be a good idea, mommeh. We have been hearing good things about this recessed lighting site lately, and most of the kits we are looking at do not cost too many green papers, so maybe we will get around to making this a project of ours soon! It would be fun to see me in a construction hat, wouldn't it? And maybe I will get Baby Audrey a tool belt...

(Sorreh for another short post, and no Culinary Thursday again today, but my mommeh has still got the sickies so I am spending more time taking care of her and less time on the bloggie this week.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Mommeh's Bath.

I am soooooooo sorreh that Baby Audrey and I have not been posting or visiting! My mommeh has got the sickies - you know, the pukeys and the hurties and the sniffies and all that rotten stuff beans get. We are doing our verreh bestest to be good nurse-kittehs. I helped her to run a bath the other night, to relax her, but before she could get in, the Baby had to check it out. I was waiting for her to fall in, truthfully, so I keeped an eye on her.

Can you hear me in the background? I was giving her little warnings when she gotted too close to the bubbles. The last thing we need around here is another wet kitten incident, like the time with the toilet! I like water, but I am pretteh sure by now that Baby Audrey does not.
(Stoopid blogger video upload would not work - had to use Viddler again, so sorreh for the ickish quality.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Special Weekend Post: Strollering?

Currently holding negotiations with my mommeh in regards to purchasing us a stroller. We would like some fresh air this summer, and a change of scenery would not go amiss. However, none of us has ever tried kitteh strollering before, and we are not sure what to look for in a good stroller. We need something with a smooth ride, so my mommeh can take us power-walking or jogging down to the beach with her, and we hear all strollers are not the same when it comes to going over lumps and bumps on the trail! We also want to make sure our stroller has plenty of room to see. We notice that a lot of them are verreh enclosed with only one mesh window, but we want as much window space as possible so we can see all around us and get the best whiffs! After all, what's the sense of strollering if you can't see where you're going or get a good breeze? So basically, we want to know who has been strollering before, and what strollers you think are the best. What kind do you use? What are the pros and cons? What do you recommend? Tell us as much as you can! Linkies, pictures, and details appreciated! So here's our little list so far of what we need in a stroller:
- Lots of viewing room.
- Smooth ride for a jog.
- Fits 2 kittehs, one small Attie adult and one average sized Audrey kitten.
- Can be zipped closed all the way around, no open spaces for small kittens to fall out of.
- Maximum cost about 100 green papers. (my mommeh's request.)
- Comes in a feminine color or pattern! (our request.)
And, we are sure someone will ask this question because we know a lot of strollers have weight restrictions... But a ladycat never tells her weight, so we will just say that even when Audrey is fully grown the two of us will weigh less than 20lbs combined. I am a verreh petite ladycat and if the size of Audrey's mommie-cat has anything to do with it, it looks like Audrey will be petite as well.

Friday Furmination

We got furminated today. I like it when my mommeh gets that special brush out - I go right on over to her for my massage! Sometimes I put the bitey on her, even though I am purring like a maniac. She says she wants to know why, but I am not telling. Why we sometimes do that is a kitteh secret.On the left is baby Audrey's small pile. This was her first time ever getting brushed. She did not know what to make of the experience, but she did not realleh mind it either. My mommeh just sort of picked her up and turned her around and around to get her all brushed everywhere. To the right of that picture is obviously my bigger pile. Boy does it feel good to have all those deaded furs out of my coat! My mommeh says she has to do me again though, because I got tired of it after a while and walked away before she was done. She says she only got about half of me. I say half is enough.
And now, with a nice saucer of heavy cream, we begin our weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday as well.

(Pee-Ess: We has a special post scheduled for this evening that will be up for the weekend- come back to read it and give your ideas and opinions!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Culinary Thursday with AttieCattie: Lobster Tails!

Today's cooking lesson is a real treat - lobster tails! My mommeh had these in our freezer for a rainy day, and it is definitely icky out there, so we decided it was time!

Get out your pot, your strainy thing, and the pot lid.

Fill about 1/3 of the pot with water, turn the stove on to High.

While you are waiting for that water to boil, get your lobster tails! For this lesson, we are using just two 4-ounce tails that we thawed out most of the way.

Get your mommeh to help you with this part - cut the shell open with nice sharp kitchen scissors. We cut both sides and then just peel down the middle, so the meat is exposed.

When your lobster tails are prepared, check the progress of your pot on the stove. If the water is boiling, you are ready to go.

Plop the tails into the strainy basket.

Watch for a moment, to make sure they are positioned well and the steams are coming up nice!

Put the lid on, and wait for what seems like a squillion minutes.

When they are done, they will look like this!

Put them right onto a plate. Brush with melty salted butter...

...and sprinkle with paprika!

We served ours next to artichoke raviolis in a red clam sauce, but you can make whatever you want to go with your lobster tails.

Time to dig in!!!

And remember, an extra lick or two of the melty butter can't hurt...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tub Hockey on Tuesday

Audrey loves this little pink and purple ball. I do not like it - I much prefer a good mousie - but I humor her and watch her play. My mommeh and I put the ball into the bathtub for her sometimes, so she can play a little tub hockey. It is one of her favorite games to play alone.

She is kind of cute with it, isn't she? She's plays tub hockey verreh delicately, heehee.

Attie, don't make funna me! I can't helps it, I'm wittle! And my nails get stuck on da ball sometimes, so it doesn't go vewy far. Hrmph.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday: Baubles!

Well, we all know a ladycat likes to stay looking her best. One of the ways I make sure I am always looking fresh is by wearing the perfect jewelry. I love baubles of all kinds, and my mommeh spoils me with lovely collars and plenty of charms! And now I have decided it is time to teach Audrey about beautiful baubles as well. She is at the age where I believe she deserves her first charm. I chose this cute little heart charm for her and asked my mommeh to help me buy it. It is nice and light - and DURABLE, because naughty Audrey chews on everything in sight. I was right to make this decision, because for the first few hours she nommed relentlessly on it! She is just not used to having something so fun and dangly hanging from her neck, but that is what a training charm is for I suppose. By now she is verreh used to it, and she has even started strutting around showing it off. I had a little talk with her about ladycatlike behavior, and she realleh took it to heart because she does want to follow my example and be as graceful and pretteh as I am when she grows up. See how she poses for the flashy-box, just the right way to show off her heart?
you was wight, Attie! i feels booty-fulls! i fink i wants MORE pwitty charms!

Not yet, Audrey. You are not old enough for more. They can be a little bit heavy and you are still verreh small. It will take a while before you are old enough to have as many charms as me! Besides, on a kitten it may look gaudy - and ladycats are never gaudy. See how elegant these look on me?
On my Good Girl Collar I have my platinum bell, my diamond kitteh, my "I Heart My Human" orange fishie, my cupcake, and my address tag juuuuuuuuust in case I get lost somehow. This is just one of my collars - my personal favorite. My other collars all have their own charms too.
Oh Attie, we are two verreh CHARM-ing girls! Teeheeheeheehee!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Special Caturday Post - The Shelter Gift Shopping Spree and Award!

Beautiful day outside today, Audrey! Perfect for a shopping trip!

Okay everyone, we went shopping for the shelter kittehs today using the funds that you, our friends, so generously donated! Here's some pictures of what we got at the store!
Several nice soft warm kitteh beds, cuddle pals and comfort mats, treats, catsip, medicines, some calming collars, and plenty of toys! The shopping trip was a success, and we used up every donated penny! When we got home, my mommeh helped us put it all in a nice box, and address it:

Then my mommeh went off to the big post office to send the package. Heehee, me and Audrey got to stay behind and play in one of the boxes we carried all the stuff home from the store in! Realleh good box.
We hope that all the stuffs we sent over to the shelter today will help the poor kittehs there be a little more comfy and not so scared. I am verreh happeh I decided to do this instead of selfishly getting birfday presents.

And now, we would like to thank those who so selflessly contributed, and present you with the Generous Heart Award:
Daisy and Harley
Brian (and his princess sisters)
The Creek Cats
Amy and The House of Cats
Jan's Funny Farm
Samantha, Clementine, & Maverick
Fuzzy Tales
The Daily G's
The Poupounette
We also had one donation without a kitteh name attached, human initials A.A., from Sweden. To be honest we do not know mommeh names, we only know kitteh names, so if you are A.A. speak up and take your award too! (We have an idea of who you are but we don't want to assume, just in case we are wrong.)
It's amazing to know we have big-hearted friends all around the world willing to chip in for the benefit of homeless and loveless kittehs.
We know that times are tough, and that all of you would have contributed if you could, because all our friends here have such warm hearts and so much love to share.

Pee-Ess!!! We been LOL'd! That is right, the famous Wendy has LOL'd us, so stop by Wendy's LOL-Spot to meow out loud, she is sooooooooo funneh, we could not stop the giggles!