Thursday, May 20, 2010

Culinary Thursday with AttieCattie: Lobster Tails!

Today's cooking lesson is a real treat - lobster tails! My mommeh had these in our freezer for a rainy day, and it is definitely icky out there, so we decided it was time!

Get out your pot, your strainy thing, and the pot lid.

Fill about 1/3 of the pot with water, turn the stove on to High.

While you are waiting for that water to boil, get your lobster tails! For this lesson, we are using just two 4-ounce tails that we thawed out most of the way.

Get your mommeh to help you with this part - cut the shell open with nice sharp kitchen scissors. We cut both sides and then just peel down the middle, so the meat is exposed.

When your lobster tails are prepared, check the progress of your pot on the stove. If the water is boiling, you are ready to go.

Plop the tails into the strainy basket.

Watch for a moment, to make sure they are positioned well and the steams are coming up nice!

Put the lid on, and wait for what seems like a squillion minutes.

When they are done, they will look like this!

Put them right onto a plate. Brush with melty salted butter...

...and sprinkle with paprika!

We served ours next to artichoke raviolis in a red clam sauce, but you can make whatever you want to go with your lobster tails.

Time to dig in!!!

And remember, an extra lick or two of the melty butter can't hurt...


  1. Very yummy looking! Excellent that you got to have some, Attie!

  2. My SS's student budget never gets stretched to having lobster tails. But it sure looks yummy to me!

  3. Mmmm, that looks scrumptious!

  4. Mmmmmmm!!! We think the eating part is the best!!

  5. Oh, how I love step-by-step cooking lessons! Your lesson looks a bit like what does in the cooking section of her blog so if you keep up with these fantastic pictures and instructions you and your mom could be famous just like the Pioneer Woman is today!

  6. Wow, we're coming to your place for dinner! You guys eat well!

    Did Audrey get some too? :-)

  7. Attie is having lobster! You are one well-fed kitty!

    :) Mommeh loves u so muchy!

  8. You are one gourment kitty!

  9. Wow!!! Look at those tails! We bet that was yummy!!!!!!!

  10. If rain = lobster, we'd like it to rain at least once a week! It's such a bummer we live in the desert...

  11. Wow! You've definitely got to add this recipe to your cookbook, Attie -- or perhaps start a new one just about "Seefoods".

    You are one lucky kitty -- that's a huge piece of lobster you got to eat, and with a butter chaser, to boot!

    I guess Audrey is a little young for such sophisticated fare.

  12. Nom Nom Nom! That's a good plan for a rainy day.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Ooo lobster! We hafn't had any since, um, well it's been a furry long time. We do haf shrimps at least once a month...but der not da same.

  14. OOOOOOOOOOO Attie we want to come ofur to your howze for dinner!

    Nom nom nom!!!!!!


  15. NOM! was the butter or tail more tasty? looks goooooooooooood =^_^=

  16. Attie, you do such a wonderful job with your cooking demonstrations! How nice of your mommy to share such large portions with you. And, I love how the photography showed off your "M" on your head!

  17. We're definitely teleporting over to your house for dinner. All we got tonight is cat food. Sigh.

  18. Nom! Nom! My mom is salivating, too!

  19. Lobster!!! No way...Did you taste his paws?
    Benny & Lily

  20. We've never had that at our house, but our mom is real fond of shrimps.
    You are an excellent cooking teacher!
    Can we look forward to more lessons in the future?

  21. Lobster tails! Oh my cats! Is there any left? If so, I'll be right over.


  22. You MUST watch HGTV--to be able to help like that!! I don't think my human even knows what a lobster is--if the sack don't say, "Wendy's" or the box don't say "Heat to 400 and remove pizza from box" We don't eat it.

    can I come to your house??


  23. Wow You are the lucky girl-and we thought we were special having salmon at lunch.


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