Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Furmination

We got furminated today. I like it when my mommeh gets that special brush out - I go right on over to her for my massage! Sometimes I put the bitey on her, even though I am purring like a maniac. She says she wants to know why, but I am not telling. Why we sometimes do that is a kitteh secret.On the left is baby Audrey's small pile. This was her first time ever getting brushed. She did not know what to make of the experience, but she did not realleh mind it either. My mommeh just sort of picked her up and turned her around and around to get her all brushed everywhere. To the right of that picture is obviously my bigger pile. Boy does it feel good to have all those deaded furs out of my coat! My mommeh says she has to do me again though, because I got tired of it after a while and walked away before she was done. She says she only got about half of me. I say half is enough.
And now, with a nice saucer of heavy cream, we begin our weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday as well.

(Pee-Ess: We has a special post scheduled for this evening that will be up for the weekend- come back to read it and give your ideas and opinions!)


  1. I LOVE being brushed with my Zoom Groom, and occasionally with the Furminator too. One feels so perfect afterwards!

    Have a great weekend, girls!


  2. I like being brushed, too, but I hardly have any furs!

  3. Little Audery's pile is so cute!
    Squashies not likes getting furrmigated, but I loves it too!
    Has a grate weekend my friends!

  4. We bet you feel much better, Attie. Audrey's little pile of fur is too cute. :-)

    Derry is the only one of us who loves to be brushed; he can't get enough!

  5. How nice to have a massage, a Furminator session, and a few licks of some heavy cream! Lucky you!

  6. That was a whole lot of furminating going on!!!

  7. Oooh, Busby and I were furminated yesterday too. We love it. xo, Raymond

  8. :) You guys look refreshed!!!

    Must be the furmination session! Its just like cat SPA?

  9. We are both like Tama-Chan and love our Zoom Groom - it's good to chew on and bunny kick too!!

  10. Mommy always gives us a comb to put the bitey on when she grooms us. We purr just like you, Attie, but we go crazy trying to bite the furminator too!
    Nothing like getting rid of all those old furs, is there?

  11. I love the Furminator.
    Mom has to do it outside because my excessive floof gets everywhere & outside she can just let it blow away in the wind. -Shggy

  12. My goodness, we can see how quickly Audrey is growing, even if she doesn't have very many furs yet.

    Your friend

    PS It's OK, Audrey, I'm 4 and I don't have many furs either. when she brushes me, Mom only gets a little pile

  13. We love, love, love getting furminated! Maybe mommy will do it fur us dis weekend. Haf a great weekend.

  14. Ohhhh do we love to be brushed! Happee Friday
    Benny & Lily

  15. We giggled at Audrey's pile!!! hahahaha
    She is so little,Mom thinks she is SO cute!
    We all love to be brushed and the Zoom Groom is pawsome. Tillie's pile looks like yours Attie,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie


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