Saturday, May 15, 2010

Special Caturday Post - The Shelter Gift Shopping Spree and Award!

Beautiful day outside today, Audrey! Perfect for a shopping trip!

Okay everyone, we went shopping for the shelter kittehs today using the funds that you, our friends, so generously donated! Here's some pictures of what we got at the store!
Several nice soft warm kitteh beds, cuddle pals and comfort mats, treats, catsip, medicines, some calming collars, and plenty of toys! The shopping trip was a success, and we used up every donated penny! When we got home, my mommeh helped us put it all in a nice box, and address it:

Then my mommeh went off to the big post office to send the package. Heehee, me and Audrey got to stay behind and play in one of the boxes we carried all the stuff home from the store in! Realleh good box.
We hope that all the stuffs we sent over to the shelter today will help the poor kittehs there be a little more comfy and not so scared. I am verreh happeh I decided to do this instead of selfishly getting birfday presents.

And now, we would like to thank those who so selflessly contributed, and present you with the Generous Heart Award:
Daisy and Harley
Brian (and his princess sisters)
The Creek Cats
Amy and The House of Cats
Jan's Funny Farm
Samantha, Clementine, & Maverick
Fuzzy Tales
The Daily G's
The Poupounette
We also had one donation without a kitteh name attached, human initials A.A., from Sweden. To be honest we do not know mommeh names, we only know kitteh names, so if you are A.A. speak up and take your award too! (We have an idea of who you are but we don't want to assume, just in case we are wrong.)
It's amazing to know we have big-hearted friends all around the world willing to chip in for the benefit of homeless and loveless kittehs.
We know that times are tough, and that all of you would have contributed if you could, because all our friends here have such warm hearts and so much love to share.

Pee-Ess!!! We been LOL'd! That is right, the famous Wendy has LOL'd us, so stop by Wendy's LOL-Spot to meow out loud, she is sooooooooo funneh, we could not stop the giggles!


  1. Hats off to your mommeh Attie and Audrey! You are a blessing to the animals at the shelter. And woweeee.....those little mices are huge in our house!

  2. Those gifts are going to be much loved and appreciated. What a wonderful Birthday gift, Attie! You are a Great Cat.

  3. Whoa, look at all that pawsome stuff your mom got! We've never seen squirrels like that, or the pink mice, and our human checks toys frequently. (We don't have PetCo here, though.) We think the shelter kitties will love all the great gifts!

    Fabulous shopping spree!

    Kitty kisses from us and smooches from our human. :-)

  4. Dem kitties is gonna love dat is working on some "comfort quilts" for da kitties at da shelter here. Der easy, two towels sewn together wif batting in da middle and dey is washable which is good.

  5. Those gifts sure do look like fun to play with but I have one question...what on earth were those toys that looked like onions? Must be an interesting toy so please share that info sometime! How nice that so many people donated their time and money to the shelter kitties!

  6. WOW, y'all done good with the shopping fur sure. I know that they will really appreciate you thinking of them!!!

  7. Oh gosh, you got so many wonderful things for the cats at the shelter! My eyes are leaking a little bit thinking about the happiness you are bringing to them.

  8. Wow!!! You got a lot of stuff!! The shelter kitties are really lucky!!!

  9. What a fabulous shopping spree! We confess to being VK... We thought we had attached our blog name but obviously forgot. Sorry!

  10. What a wonderful thing you are doing to help those homeless kitties! I don't know how I missed this -- if you do it again, I'll certainly chip in. Attie and Audrey are learning very valuable lessons in being charitable.

    By the way, Attie and Audrey are up on the LOLSpot today and tomorrow. I usually ask the featured blogger to add a line to their most recent post, with a link to my site.

    I have already posted a link to your blog from mine.

    My link is:

    Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    It's been so much fun LOLing Attie and Audrey. Even without captions, the pictures are so funny.

  11. They will be thrilled. We went down to our local shelter this weekend to take some cat beds and cans of food and I know everything is gratefully appreciated.

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!! That is a wonderful gift you kitties have made! Big purrs to you cutie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. Oh, y'all did very well on the shopping trip! The shelter kitties will be so pleased and happy. It was a great thing you did!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. **clapping paws**

    That was pawsome and we know you are going to make some homeless kitties really happy.


  15. This is so sweet and thoughtful.

    May the karma of goodness, love and kindness multiplies double-triple fold to those with heart of gold..

  16. Wow, look at all that great stuff! I particularly like those pink heart mousies, 'cause, as everyone knows, pink is my color.

    Your friend


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