Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Thursday Mishap

Earlier this evening, I was relaxing on my mommeh's lap, when from the bathroom I heard a huge SPLOOSH and a crazy skittering! I ran to see what was going on, and at the bathroom door I saw:

Oh Audrey! You are all soppy wet! What happened to you?

I doesn't know, Attie! I was jus tryin to jump up onto da big litterbox, like you does, and den it all went dark and damp! I finks I been pushed. Yeah, dat's it, I been pushed.

Well let me inspect the area for evidence.

Hmm, no sign here of foul play...

Does you sees anyfing?

Not yet, Audrey. Are you sure you are not fibbing? Did you really just fall in here and maybe you are embarrassed to tell?

I's not fibbin. I swears I been pushed.

Okay then, I'll just keep a lookout here for any suspicious characters.

Note: My mommeh ALWAYS puts the cover down over the big litterbox, to prevent just such a problem, however there had been companies here at our place who did NOT put it down, and my mommeh forgotted to double check it after. I will have to remind her all the time now, just to be sure. That way Audrey can not fall in OR get pushed.
Note #2 (at my mommeh's request): She says stop looking at the dirty big litterbox and judging her. It is cleans. The old lady who lived in this apartment before us did not clean for all the years she was here, so it is just verreh stained from that. She also says if anyone has advice on how to get rid of those stains she would 'preciate it, cause she has tried everything and is verreh tired of the big litterbox looking so icky.


  1. Honestly! Company that doesn't remember to put the lid down is the WORST!!!! They should be blamed for pushing Audrey!!!!!!

  2. Oh noes. I got pushed off the couch once, right into the heater. It was Not Good.

    Mum says to try a paste of vinegar and baking soda on the big litterbox. Let it sit for a bit then try scrubbing.

  3. Uh oh! We has one of those too! I haven't fallen in, but but I did stick my head and front paws in once to see where the water goes! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for invisible kitten-pushers!


    PS. I TRIED to post a picture of the panties, but the Lady Person went back and took it out!

  4. That *pool* looks very interesting! Better be careful Audrey!!!!!!

  5. Oh, no, Audrey, we definitely think you were pushed! Poor sweetie! Be careful around that litter box after your mom has company!

    Lots of kitty kisses from us and smooches from the human!

  6. Oopsie! Well, accidents sometimes happen!

  7. Oh poor little Audrey!

    Pee ess...our mom would never judge...our house is not purrfectly clean either. Shhhh...don't tell, ok?

  8. Oh poor Audrey - lots of kisses to make up for getting all wet. We certainly think you wouldn't have fell in so soneone's to blame -is it the same someone who lives here too?

  9. someone pushed you Audrey? That's just WRONG

  10. Oh no Audrey!!!!! That is terrible!!

    Attie Cattie~~what a good sister you are...going and checking that all out to make sure everything is okay. Those visitors need to be reprimanded!

    I am feeling all normal again Attie. I was actually much better on Sunday evening. Thank you for asking. Junior

  11. Oh noes! Poor Audrey! Don't ya just hate it when you get pushed?!?!

    Mom has used a product called "The Works" to clean those kinds of stains.

  12. Poor Audrey! We know there's no way you would have fallen in! It was an evil bathroom spirit that pushed you.

    Attie, you are such a good sister to check out the toilet ASAP!

    Mommy suggests a pumice stone for the stains, or a cleaning product made for rust stains--she's used one called "Rover"--can youn believe that name!

  13. Oh Audrey! You poor thing. I hope Attie didn't make fun of you too much! As for your comments on my post...we enjoy our church. We are in a place where everyone has a true love for each other and our church members are one, big, extended family. Extending God's love to one another is a big part of our lives. We help and support one another as much as possible. Our church supports a relationship with Christ, not a legalistic, liturgical religion. We live by His grace and mercy. Maybe one day you can find a place like this too!

  14. Poor Audrey. Mommy is laughing at the wonderful pictures! Attie is really keeping watch to make sure that Audrey isn't going to get "pushed" again!

    Mommy would never judge anyone's clean should see the cat fur around here! :)

  15. Oh Dear Audrey..we can tell you are upset at your oopsie...but your big sister was certainly investigating for you.Attie is such a great big sister! You sure do have a furry cute meow!


  16. Aww Audrey I falls in the toilet once too. It's not to be ashamed of, those silly beans forgets to close the lid sometimes.
    Was very sweet of your big sister to watch out for you!

  17. Aw, poor Audrey!! I've fallen in the bathtub before, but never the big human litter box!


  18. Audrey,any luck on who/what pushed you?????
    We do not like water(except for drinking)
    Mom keeps our lid down too :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
    PeeEss: Mom laughed at thevbig squish yesterday
    We are glad you survived,heehee

  19. Poor little Audrey! I think she just fell in while trying to be like her big sister.

    That is so cute that Attie seems to be meowing to you on Audrey's behalf to explain what happened!

    At least there was no harm done.

  20. Audrey, do be careful dear!

    Mom said Lysol in the blue bottle. Works for rust and hard water stains. Let it sit for a while, then scrub.

  21. Oh noes! Poor Audrey! Please be careful around that big human litter box thingy!

  22. Pooooooor Audrey!!! We have never fallen in the big litter box, but honestly, we were never interested in it..we stay away from water! We guess that now you will, too!! You survived and that is the most important!! We love your Wordless Wednesday pictures!! Soon, Audrey, you'll be big and you'll be putting the squeeze on Attie! You are both beautiful kitties! You can come over to our house anytime!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny


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