Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick News Flash:

It has been discovered that Audrey *LOVES* chickpeas, and will attack a 91-year-old woman to get one.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Sorreh I has been MIA for a bit, everybuddy. Many of you may remember some mention of Mama, my mommeh's 91-year-old grandmuvver. So technically my great grandmuvver I thinks... Anyways, she is not doing so hot these days, which is to be expected at her age, so me and my mommeh and BA are spending lots of time over at her house, being nursies! We has been there for a few days now, but she has no innernets, so we has been cut off from the CB. The family is trying to figure out who gets what shifts for Mama-sitting, and once we are all organized we will be back to regular posting. Until then, looks like it might be a little sporadic. I am pretteh crabilated about that, but I likes being a nursie, and Mama likes me too, so I guess I do not mind THAT much. Guess what, Mama even likes BA and was patting her! My mommeh says it is funneh that she likes us, because she has never been a kitteh person, she always just liked goggies. She says me and BA must has a little something extra special to get Mama to likes us. Hmm, I agree, mommeh! But do not worreh, CB pals. We will be back in full force verreh soon, probably within the next several days. We are taking lots of pik-shers at Mama's house to tell you all about our time there when we gets back.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Thursday Review: Pet Fun Tunnel!

We has another review to do today, and it is a great one! sented us this Pet Fun Tunnel in the mails, and it is the best toy we's ever had.

Mommeh, mommeh, another box!

Open it, open it!!!

What is it, mommeh? (It matches my furs!)

This card says "Pet Fun Tunnel." Let's try it out.

Ooooh, look, a hole.


Hm, let me checks it out from this side... Anybuddy in there?

Oh, I gets it. It is supposed to be ME in there, heehee. I likes it in this tunnel. Can you sees me? This is great. I will go find Baby Audrey so she can try out the tunnel too. I am sure she will like it also.

Hm, where is she?

Not that way, guess I will walk back this way and look for her over here. Ummmm, where the heck is BA?

*Giggle!* Attie can't sees me in here!

*Stalk, stalk...*



Since mommeh took these pictures and videos, we use our fun tunnel even MORE! It is our verreh favorite thing. We bring all our mousies in there, and we run through it, absolutely flying! It makes a crinkle sound when we steps, so it makes games of chase all the betters. We now consistently wake mommeh at 1:20, 2:15, 3:30, 4:30, and 5:20am by playing wif our tunnel. She yells and throws pillows and slippers at us - that is how we know we are using our tunnel just right and playing realleh well! I like to go into stealth mode, and surprise BA through the hidey-holes. BA's favorite part is the little white wappy-ball that comes on one end of the tunnel. Altogether we give this toy our highest and happiest praise!!! We loves it so much that mommeh says when we finally destroys it she will buy us a new one, because now she does not know how we ever lived or played wifout it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Mischief List

I gotted this list from Soxy. She had posted it up on her bloggie, and I thoughted it was realleh clever and good, so I decided to go over it myself with BA and see how far along we are.

10 things every cat should do before they turn 7!

1) Master the art of Curtain Climbing!
(Audrey has that down pat. Drives my mommeh totally crazypants.)

2) Train your Human.
(Well on our way there. Although sometimes she thinks she has trained ME. Yeah right.)

3) Go Crazy on Nip ! ! (at least once)
(Heehee, I loves the nip. BA is just getting used to it.)

4) Befriend another Kitty
(That's what annoying little sis-ters are for. And the CB. I loves the CB.)

5) Have a week long siesta!
(Okay I admit I could never sleep for a week. As a Bengal, it it just not possible. I can not even sleep for an hour at once. And BA could never do it either. She is even more hyper than I am some days.)

6) Get Fixed. (It seems stupid and painful at the time but its worth it)
(I did have my ladygardenectomy, and I feel soooooooooooo much better - I was verreh unhappeh before I gotted it. BA is still too little to has hers, but the day will come!)

7) Play with a Laser Pointer!
(I like the little red dot sometimes, but when I remember it is my mommeh making it move then I lose interest. BA could play wif it all day though, because she has not figured it out yet.)

8) Catch and Kill something. (Anything. A glove. A bird. A ZhuZhu…)
(Do my favorite fuzzeh mice count? Cause I kill them all the time. And BA kills kitchen sponges, for whatever kinda weird reason.)

9) Play in a Cardboard Box!
(Duhhhh! Alllllllllllll the time.)

10) Learn how to get what you want, when you want it!
(I consider that my special skill - am currently teaching the baby how it works.)

Hm, Soxy made a good list! What about you guys - how many things can you cross off this list?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Foxy Friday: George.

Today's Foxy Friday feature is all about our good furrend George, over at Crew's Views! Not only is he a handsome mancat, he is smart and helpful and family-oriented.

Here he is, holding the window open for his mommeh. See the gallant expression on his face? What a gentlemancat! (And aren't the stripeys on his tail just darling?)

"Won't you join me in this elegant box tonight, dear?" (Is what I imagine him asking me when I sees this pik-sher.)

Ever fashion forward, George is not hesitant to try out new accessories!

To keep his smexay mancat figure, he enjoys his morning yoga. (Rather to the dismay of his brother, Max.)

Always ends his arguments like a mature adult...

He teaches his daddeh how to fix things around the house. Just look at that strong-stepping paw and the set of those ears; George is determined, yes he is!

Puts up wif the little beans.

He even has his verreh own currency! Talk about an important and influential guy. (I wonder if I am good-looking enough to get my muzzle on some munnies too?)

Being such a sweet and sensitive mancat, he enjoys a relaxing end to his day, snuggled up wif his daddeh.

And there you have it. George. George The Sweet. George The Polite. George The Smart. George The Gentle. We all love our furrend George, who is not only a Friday Fox, but who is always there wif some intelligent insight or comment, the handsome mancat wif the great purrrrsonality. Don't forget to visit him and his family today!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Culinary Thursday: Pretzel-Pups!

Hooray, it is time for another Culinary Thursday with Attie! Today we are making pretzel-pups. Are you ready?
Making pretzel pups is not verreh hard at all. You only need two bowls - a little bowl and a big bowl, so get them out!

In the little bowl, put one-and-a-half cups of verreh warm water. Get a packet of yeast and open it up.

Pour the whole packet into the water, like this! Then give it a little stir, and let it sit for about five minutes.

When it looks like this, you are ready to pour it into the big bowl!

Then you scoop up a lot of flour and put it into the bowl too. I do not realleh know just how much flour. Me and my mommeh always just kinda "eyeball" it. It's several cups, enough to make a soft and sorta sticky dough. Once your flour is in and you are happeh wif the consistency, add in about a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar.

Get your big wooden spoon, and start to stir. Mmm, this is going to be tasty!

When the dough starts to look like this and you start having a hard time wif the spoon, it is time to knead the dough! I always have my mommeh halp me wif this part as opposed to using my own paws - I do not realleh get it, but I have noticed some adverse reactions in the past to kitteh furs in foods.

When you has a nice dough ball.....

Cover it up wif a slightly damp dishtowel for about an hour and a half. Use this time to get skritches and play fetch wif your mommeh.

Then get your mommeh to halp you wif the dough again. Notice it is a lot bigger now, and it will feel kinda poofy when you touch it.

Cover your pan wif tinfoils for easy cleanup, and spritz wif cooking spray.

Tear a piece of dough off the ball, roll into a long cylinder, then wrap around a hot dog!

Get out the butter and some good sea salt. Cut the butter into pieces and place into a rammekin, grind what seems like too much of the salt into the rammekin as well. Microwave to melt, then stir.

Brush the dough with the salty butters.

Put your tray in the oven at 400 degrees.

In about 20 minutes, it is done! After your mommeh helps you take the hot pan out, brush the dough wif more salty butters.

Drizzle generously wif ketchup or mustard, however you likes it.

Nom, and enjoy!!!

Do not forget to ask your mommeh to wipe your mouf when you are finished. All that butters and ketchups can really get into your furs!

Oh and also... do not drop your 400 degree metal pan onto the carpet and melt the fibers and lose your mommeh's security deposit. Woopsie.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Tuesday Tussle

Baby Audrey? Where are you?

Ohhh, you are up there? Hey! Wake up!


Move overs, I wants to come up too!

Wait. This is not working.

I think you need to move.

No, further. Move further.

Yes, that is about right. You can stay down there and I will take this spot up here.
Are you sewious?

But Attie.....

That was MY spot...
*contented sigh*