Thursday, June 17, 2010

Culinary Thursday: Pretzel-Pups!

Hooray, it is time for another Culinary Thursday with Attie! Today we are making pretzel-pups. Are you ready?
Making pretzel pups is not verreh hard at all. You only need two bowls - a little bowl and a big bowl, so get them out!

In the little bowl, put one-and-a-half cups of verreh warm water. Get a packet of yeast and open it up.

Pour the whole packet into the water, like this! Then give it a little stir, and let it sit for about five minutes.

When it looks like this, you are ready to pour it into the big bowl!

Then you scoop up a lot of flour and put it into the bowl too. I do not realleh know just how much flour. Me and my mommeh always just kinda "eyeball" it. It's several cups, enough to make a soft and sorta sticky dough. Once your flour is in and you are happeh wif the consistency, add in about a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar.

Get your big wooden spoon, and start to stir. Mmm, this is going to be tasty!

When the dough starts to look like this and you start having a hard time wif the spoon, it is time to knead the dough! I always have my mommeh halp me wif this part as opposed to using my own paws - I do not realleh get it, but I have noticed some adverse reactions in the past to kitteh furs in foods.

When you has a nice dough ball.....

Cover it up wif a slightly damp dishtowel for about an hour and a half. Use this time to get skritches and play fetch wif your mommeh.

Then get your mommeh to halp you wif the dough again. Notice it is a lot bigger now, and it will feel kinda poofy when you touch it.

Cover your pan wif tinfoils for easy cleanup, and spritz wif cooking spray.

Tear a piece of dough off the ball, roll into a long cylinder, then wrap around a hot dog!

Get out the butter and some good sea salt. Cut the butter into pieces and place into a rammekin, grind what seems like too much of the salt into the rammekin as well. Microwave to melt, then stir.

Brush the dough with the salty butters.

Put your tray in the oven at 400 degrees.

In about 20 minutes, it is done! After your mommeh helps you take the hot pan out, brush the dough wif more salty butters.

Drizzle generously wif ketchup or mustard, however you likes it.

Nom, and enjoy!!!

Do not forget to ask your mommeh to wipe your mouf when you are finished. All that butters and ketchups can really get into your furs!

Oh and also... do not drop your 400 degree metal pan onto the carpet and melt the fibers and lose your mommeh's security deposit. Woopsie.


  1. Mmmm! That looks scrumptious. Sorry about teh carpet though!

  2. Oh no! The carpet! Yikes! Our human sympathizes with your mom, Attie!

    Your pretzel pups look terrific and very tasty. Too bad our human doesn't like to cook or do any food prep. Maybe we'll invite ourselves over to your place for lunch. ;-)

  3. are a very helpful chef! Those must be great! OH NO......NOT THE CARPET! Hmmm....oh well....that happens sometimes! :)

  4. I like to knead dough with my paws, but I usually do it on mom's tummy...not in real dough. I think you should have put your paws in it...humans just have to get used to cat fur in food. Silly humans!

  5. You're very wise not to get the dough on your paws Attie - we think it would take you a long time to get it off them and also your mom might complain about the sticky paw prints.

  6. That looks good! So sorry about the carpet!

  7. You sure are quite the chef! Those smell good too I'll bet!

  8. This a very gud ressapee. We tries it fur lunches on Saturday. Thanks fur sharing your ressapee with us Attie! (We is sorry bout the carpet too, but looks at the bright side, if Baby Audrey has a accident, she not can be blamed for the security deposit!)

  9. Oh yum yum! Those is looking good to me and mommy...though for some reason daddys objects to any kind of meat stuffed into "sleeves". *rolls eyes*

  10. Cool. Those pups are so cute. You made our tummys growl
    Benny & Lily

  11. Those look delicious Attie! Thanks for sharing!

    OOPS about the carpet!

  12. Thanks for the recipe and cooking lesson, Attie, you are a great chef kitty!!..Does Audrey like it too?...Sorry about your carpets though!...kisses sweet girls...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Oh those sound so tasty! We will have to make our mom make us some! And oh the carpet - we never would have thought of that but it is a good thing to point out (we don't have carpets in our kitchen but we don't have any downstairs so that is why). Thanks for teaching us how to make them Attie!

  14. Yum-O! Can I come over for dinner? My kids would love those. Our easy version is to use crescent rolls and wrap the hot dog with them. Sorry about your carpet :(

  15. I've never heard of pretzel pups before, but they sure do look yummy! Lots of work, though. Of course, anything that's worthwhile takes time. You are a wonderful snooperviser Attie, and you deserve a big bite for your reward.

  16. MOL at the end! Something that wasn't a kitty's fault!

    That recipe DOES look good, though!

  17. You are a very good helper, those look yummy. Oops sorry about the carpet.. Hugs GJ x

  18. Mmmm, two of our favorite things hot dogs and pretzels all rolled together! We think dat carpet melt was not a kitties fawlt! If it's not to melted mom sez to cut off da melty ends.

  19. That looks very yummy. Uh oh about the carpet, but accidents happen.

  20. Looks yummmeeeeeeee! You are a good cook, Attie. Now just send some over, my SS is not going to help with the cooking ;(

  21. Mmmmmm!! That looks yummy!! You're such a good helper for your mom, Attie!!!

    Sorry about that carpet!!

  22. Whoops!

    Mom says that looks delish!

  23. Mum calls those things pigs in a blanket.

  24. ooops on the carpet.

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  25. Those look Nomalicious! Attie, you should compete on Top Chef! You would win, for sure.

    Bummer about the carpet...but now you have a "best place" in case you gotta barf...

  26. nom nom nom...we loves bread and butter and vienna sausages...mewmie, makes us some!


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