Friday, June 4, 2010

Foxy Friday: Yuu-Chan.

Well it has been a whole week - it is time for another mancat! Today I have decided to feature the fabulous Yuu-Chan, from The Poupounette. He is only one year old, too young for me of course, I would never rob the cradle, but I think he is handsome and delightful nonetheless, and deserves a bit of recognition. Yuu-Chan is a sweet redhead, with soft furs, soulful eyes and a well-carried demeanor. He is always polite to ladycats, even his sisters, and even gets along wif goggies. He enjoys good food, good fun, and a good run in the run, heehee!
Catching rays in the skyhammock. Lovely ears and tail curl, don't you think?

Just look at those long, athletic legs! Obviously all lean muscle. And oh what MIGHTY paws!

Prince Yuu, ensconced on throne. Rightfully so.

Whiffing outsidey smells in the run - doesn't the sunlight glint off his furs nicely?

What a sweet little snuggler. I am sure his #1 loves to pet him verreh much!

Maxin' and relaxin'. Effortlessly casual.

He helps to make dinner - how thoughtful!

Thinking up some sort of plan for getting some salmon out of his #1? I bet he could, he seems verreh smart.

And this is his wonderfully interested look. I am sure this is the look he would put on if a ladycat were to come to him and tell him all her troubles. He is obviously verreh caring and concerned, and seems like he would give 100% attention to your worries. (AND, just look at those frootbats - how fantastic!)

Hope everyone enjoyed this week's Foxy Friday with Yuu-Chan. Another amazing mancat next week!


  1. OMC!!! You are so brilliant my dears!! We LOVE it!!! (and Yuu-Chan is foxy, so says our mummy ;))

  2. I don't know what to say, girls! I am all blushy, if that is possible for a red kitty!!!!! #1 is thrilled to bits because she says I am just such a sweet and handsome boy.

    By the way, it's my first birthday on June 9th. Would you two be my dates for the party?


  3. Ah, yes, all the Poupounettes are favorites of mine, so a very good choice for Foxy Friday.

  4. Ooh, he's a very handsome, young mancat! Too bad Annie is a senior kitty now. MOL!

  5. Such a handsome mancat! :)

    "He is always polite to ladycats, even his sisters, and even gets along wif goggies."

    And gentlemeow too!

  6. Well, Attie, Yuu-Chan may be a bit young for you, but once little Audrey gets a bit older...he might be the purrfect age for her?

    Yuu makes us purrrrr....

  7. Yu-Chan is one of our favourite boy cats and we agree he is very handsome. He is an excellent choice for your Friday post.

  8. Yuu Chan is pawsome! We enjoy reading about him and his brothers and sisters.

  9. Wow, he is not only a handsome dude, but he looks mighty tall as well!

  10. Yuu-Chan is handsome and sounds like a very nice kitty!!!

  11. What a handsome boy he is! Have a cattitude weekend!

  12. Attie,
    What a great choice for Foxy Friday! Yuu-Chan is everything you said about him, and more! We think you and Audrey should accept his offer to be his dates for his Birthday party...yup, please say yes to him!

  13. We love your mancat Fridays=what a gorgeous boy Yuu-Chan is!!...His beautiful, sweet face is awesome=you made our day, Attie and Audrey!...Age is just a number girls!!MOL...Happy Friday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Yuu-Chan is definitely one hot mancat!


  15. We have to admit Yuu-Chan is easy to look at. Being that robbing the cradle or hammock is out of the question, he would make a nice pillow.
    Benny & Lily

  16. yu Chan am gorgeous!

    Weze noticed you left a message about da meezers needing rescuing. we found an emergency toll free number that efurry cat can call to help dem.

    Siamese Emergency Toll Free Number:
    (877) Say Meow (in Texas 940-367-7367)

    Katie Kat

  17. Lovely photos of a great mancat.

  18. beautiful colour and shiny fur! he's such a handsome mancat! I like Yuu-Chan a lot!


  19. Thank you for introducing us to Yuu-Chan. He in indeed a red marvel -- and you know how much I love red kitties. I love them in all different shapes and sizes.

    Yuu-Chan is very handsome, as you say -- and his ears are phenomenal!

  20. Wow Attie, that is so cool that you picked Yuu-Chan - we were just at their blog right before this (you were in that order in our reader - how funny!) We agree tht Yuu-Chan is quite a cutie!!

  21. Very cool kitty - he is one handsome young mancat!

  22. Yuu-Chan is the man!! The mancat!! I also am very enamored by Yuu-Chan, but he is young enough to be my grand-cat so I will just look at him and admire his beauty. What a clever and handsome boy he is and such a fabulous color. I love his entire family!! Purrs, Tiny (Lautrec is feeling a bit jealous that he has been de-throned from the coveted Friday Mancat position on your blog so I am writing to you today instead since I love seeing mancats. hehe!!)

  23. Yuu Chan is awesome and quite wonderfully young and handsome, says my Human. Me, I'd like him better if he were a LadyCat.


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