Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Mischief List

I gotted this list from Soxy. She had posted it up on her bloggie, and I thoughted it was realleh clever and good, so I decided to go over it myself with BA and see how far along we are.

10 things every cat should do before they turn 7!

1) Master the art of Curtain Climbing!
(Audrey has that down pat. Drives my mommeh totally crazypants.)

2) Train your Human.
(Well on our way there. Although sometimes she thinks she has trained ME. Yeah right.)

3) Go Crazy on Nip ! ! (at least once)
(Heehee, I loves the nip. BA is just getting used to it.)

4) Befriend another Kitty
(That's what annoying little sis-ters are for. And the CB. I loves the CB.)

5) Have a week long siesta!
(Okay I admit I could never sleep for a week. As a Bengal, it it just not possible. I can not even sleep for an hour at once. And BA could never do it either. She is even more hyper than I am some days.)

6) Get Fixed. (It seems stupid and painful at the time but its worth it)
(I did have my ladygardenectomy, and I feel soooooooooooo much better - I was verreh unhappeh before I gotted it. BA is still too little to has hers, but the day will come!)

7) Play with a Laser Pointer!
(I like the little red dot sometimes, but when I remember it is my mommeh making it move then I lose interest. BA could play wif it all day though, because she has not figured it out yet.)

8) Catch and Kill something. (Anything. A glove. A bird. A ZhuZhu…)
(Do my favorite fuzzeh mice count? Cause I kill them all the time. And BA kills kitchen sponges, for whatever kinda weird reason.)

9) Play in a Cardboard Box!
(Duhhhh! Alllllllllllll the time.)

10) Learn how to get what you want, when you want it!
(I consider that my special skill - am currently teaching the baby how it works.)

Hm, Soxy made a good list! What about you guys - how many things can you cross off this list?


  1. Wow, you two are very advanced for your ages..we are only advanced in our ages and we probably haven't done half the stuff on that list of yours!!! I suppose we better get crackin'!! Tiny is twice the age limit of that list and she has done a ton of stuff (not on the list), but I can say that neither of us has played with a laser pointer..what is a laswer pointer? And we don't climb interest there. So, you see, there is always something to do in life. Lists are good, though!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  2. We never learned how to climb curtains. It sounds very fun though!

  3. That list sounds like a lot of fun! Ya know, our Maya does not see the red dot!

  4. Great list! We haven't done it all yet.

  5. wow, we has done ALL of that - and Sammy is 6 and he's the oldest. now we needs to think of more things to do!

  6. That is a good list and I've covered 9 outta 10, we've got curtains!

  7. Lucy has used the curtains to swing on but not to climb up - does that count?

  8. We haven't really *climbed* curtains, though we've played in them and pulled them and okay, kinda ruined a few sets of sheers. Does that count? We haven't slept for a week either! But everything else is checked off. ;-)

  9. 6 things crossed off the list...though I am past 7.

  10. We have done quite a bit of the list, so are happy about that. The girls are not fixed but will be when their "official" careers are over, probably next year. The boys are (imagine the trouble otherwise!). We're not too keen on nip. We tend to prefer the Japanese "Matatabi" herb, for some reason!

    The Chans

  11. Great list, we will start on it today. Thnaks for sharing it. Lots of fun can;t wait to do all those things.

  12. You babies are certainly gifted kitties because I think you have it all mastered! Have a great day!

  13. Looks like you are keeping up with Soxy!

  14. We have done all except numbers 1 and 5.

  15. We are masters of the list :) =seems like we have lots in common, sweet friend!...Hope you beautiful girls have a happy week...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. Fab list! We haven't climbed curtains yet but we've dun most of the others (as long as catching and eating a spider counts as killing summat).

  17. Hmmm, now we know why we don't have any curtains on our windows!

  18. cute list! my cats are MASTERS of all 10!

  19. We likes your list Attie. We has a sad you can't takes long naps, we really likes ours!
    We done some things. We not climbs curtains- we would tears them down afore our feets were up!

    PeeEss-We makes your preztel-dog receipt on Saturday, and we likes it lots! Mommy even gives us a bitey of hotdog.

  20. Well, let's see....I just turned 7 last week and I think I've accomplished all of those things. Well, I haven't climb a curtain because our mom doesn't have any curtains in the house, but I have climbed the screen door so I think that counts.


  21. Wow I dont think my mum would like me climbing curtains.. Thats a great list you have.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. We have done everything except #4. We don't climb the curtains any more either.

  23. "crazypants"...MOL & LOL! We wanna see if we can get Mommy to do this...

    Any suggestions? We don't have curtains. Rats!

  24. wow Attie this is a great list!


  25. Pawesome list!!! We can confidently cross off most everything, too - 'cept maybe the curtain climbing (we're a little too heavy for that) Oh & Nico needs to re-learn how to befriend another kitty!!

    Great answers, Attie (& BA!)

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  26. We haven't learnt climbing curtains yet - we're saving that as surprise for mum when she goes out for too long!!


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