Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'Wards on Wednesday and Yuu-Chan's 1st Birthday!!!!!

I have been given some awards lately that I have not been able to post yet, so I decided just to put them up at once! (What's that, Audrey? We? We got awards? Oh. Oh yeah, right. We.)

From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, we received the Catnapping Seal of Approval! They say we are beautiful, and our bloggie rocks. We thought that was pretteh cool, thanks so much you guys, we are honored!

We also got the Versatile Blogger Award, which we received from both Eric and Flynn, and The Kitty Krew! We feel so complimented, to have received this great award twice. Thank you to Eric, Flynn, Bugsy, Sassy, Roxy, Pixie, Gypsy, Ziggy, and of course Callie at the Bridge!
There are some rules for this award. #1 is thank the person who gave it to you, so see above! #2 is to say 9 things about yourself. #3 is to pass it along to 9 more bloggers! So okay, here are our 9 things:
1- Attie loves CatSip. Like more than life.
2 - Audrey loves fuzzy mice. ALLLLLLL of them.
3 - Attie waits every evening in the same spot at the same time for mommeh to come home from the work place.
4 - Audrey likes the bathtub, even if there is water in the bottom.
5 - Both of us like to jump in on mommeh while she is in the shower!
6 - Audrey pulls down curtains.
7 - Attie loves to be brushed.
8- Audrey copies everyghing Attie does. Seriously, everything. Annoying.
9 - We love our mommeh to bits and pieces, because she makes us the most spoiled rotten kittehs ever to walk the earth.

We would like to pass this award to:
Lolo and Tiny@WeezDaBadCats
Spats, Sassy, Seaborne, SamSun, and Summer @The Taylor Catsssss
TK and Squashies @TK's Furever Home
the whole crew over @The Cat Street Boyz
Sweet Praline
Sammy, Miles, and Nicky @Meezer Tails
The ZK, DaisyMae and LilyBelle @Musings Of A Zookeeper
Cory, Ellie, and the fam @Cory Cat Blog
Dante @All About Lacocoon Dante
We tried to give it to people we think have not received it before, but it is a little bit hard to keep track, so we apologize if you have already gotten this award... Just take it as a compliment!

We were also given the Happy Cat Award, by our friend Lucky. Thank you, Lucky!
Now we must list 5 things that make us happeh. Hmmmm.
1- Playing long games of fetch with my mommeh. (Attie)
2- The mice! Ohhhhh the mice....! (Audrey)
3- Top-of-the-head skritches. (Attie)
4 - Base-of-the-tail skritches. (Audrey)
5 - And both of us love the catblogging world and all our furrends here!!!
And we would like to give this award to ALL our furrends, because you all are happeh, lovely, wonderful, dear, darling kittehs.

And now off we go! Today is Yuu-Chan's verreh first birfday, and we promised to be his dates for the party!!! (What a gentlemancat to have asked us ladies to go in on his arms!) You may remember this handsome little fella from our recent Foxy Friday post, and he certainly deserved the praise. So as you can see, Baby Audrey and I are dressed in our verreh best, each wearing our favoritest colors, and armed with presents for Sweet Sir Yuu. We are about to hop on our boogie mat to swoop over to The Poupounette for the celebration, so see you all there!
Pee-Ess, do you like my smexay smoldering look?


  1. Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes, and I just adore the photos of the tw of you all dressed up. Can't wait for you to get here!


  2. Wow ... those are many many nicey awards!

    Lucky loves all things that make Attie and Audrey happeh! :)

    Love, Lucky

  3. Conrats on those awards!! You ladies look very pretty in your hats!

    ~Nico & JayJay :)

  4. Congratulations on your awards and have fun at Yuu-Chan's party! :-))

  5. Congrats on all y our awards, you are all very deserving.

  6. Wow...congrats on your awards and thank you for passing one on to uSSSSS! Adorable pictures!!!!

  7. must visit here:

  8. Congrats on the very nice awards and I love your pictures!!!

  9. Congratulations on your awards; we enjoyed reading your lists...Happy Birthday to Yuu-Chan; you girls look just gorgeous in your lovely outfits=you will be the prettiest girls at his party!!...kisses sweeties...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Concatulations on your awards!!!

    Have a good time with Yuu-Chan! You both look very lovely!!!!!

  11. Congrats on the awards! You totally deserve them because you both are awesome! And we love all your answers too!

    And you both look beautiful in your party outfits - we were over at Yuu's and wow, we can't believe he is already a year old! He is a very handsome mancat now!

  12. Happy Birthday to Yuu-Chan! You girls look amazingly beautiful in your birthday party outfits. All ready to dance, I can see.

    Thanks for thinking of Dante when you were handing out awards. Yes, I think we have this one, but we really appreciate the thought.

  13. Wow!! Yuu-Chan is ONE LUCKY FELLA!! Dang, I wish it was MY birthday!! (Oh! But it is Mom's birthday, does THAT count? Mom says NOT!) You two look so pretty...those hats are cool! I don't wear hats, but as you know, I do wear sweaters...I don't think I look good in hats! Thanks for the award!! We are sooo lucky! Purrs to you pretty kitties, especially to you Attie-girl, my love...., Lautrec

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yuu-Chan!

    Concatulashuns on all your rewards! You really does deserve them. (Thanks fur menshuning us too.)

    We loves the picshurs of the kitties.

  15. Happy birthday to Yuu-Chan. You both look lovely in your party outfits. Thanks for telling us what catsip is.

  16. Concats on the all of those awards. We always enjoy learning about our furfriends!
    And yes you both look ravishing for Yuu-Chan party!


  17. Congrats on all those cool awards!! And we know Yuu-Chan is gonna love your party outfits!!

  18. Attie, Ty thinks you look very pretty, Audrey you look so cute in purple! Thank you so much for the award!!! =^Y^=

  19. ConCats on your awards, girls! We thinks we have a lot in common with you guys, especially the skritchies and pets!

    Your pawty duds are PAWESOME! Attie, you are tres belle, and Audrey, you are un belle fille. xoxo

  20. Those are some great awards. Concatulations! :)

    You look absolutely ravishing in your party clothes. Yuu-Chan is gonna be speechless!

  21. Concats on all those pawsome awards!!!!!!
    We agree that you two are beautiful :) It is so cute to see you getting along so well too!!
    Love your hats ;)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. Wowie!! You girls sure have been raking in the awards, and well deserved they are, too.

  23. Congrats on all the awards Attie and Audrey! You two are catariffic! Meow! And, thanks for our award too. You're such thoughtful kitties!


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