Friday, July 2, 2010

Foxy Friday: Nitro.

For today's Foxy Friday post, I has chosen to feature the verreh handsome mancat Nitro, from Meowers From Missouri.As you can see, Nitro is a killingly handsome mancat, who sure has got his smexay airplane ears down pat. And just look at that penetrating stare! Smoldering. Mmmmm.

Obviously an excellent stealth attack kitteh...

And a skeptic...

But not entirely antisocial - as you can see he is a great conversationalist.

A sweet daddeh's-boy, even during certain scoldings about missing cornbreads, ahem.

He is able to put the rabble in its place...

While not being too much of a tough guy for holiday spirit and daring outfits!

Umm, is that a halo we sees? Hm. Maybe not quite.

But at the end of the day we do sees a good boy.

Everybuddy pop on over to visit the ultra-handsome Nitro today, and his family. I could not halp making him this Friday's foxy mancat. He is just droolworthy!


  1. Excellent choice, what a handsome dude Nitro is fur sure!

  2. Nitro is one handsome dude, 'specially with that "halo"!

  3. Well, Mommy has a soft spot for Ornj boys...we are on our way! Nitro, here we come...

  4. Very good choice Attie. We likes their bloggy too! Hopes you and BA has a great weekend.

    (BTW our daddy makes your dog receipe again with apple sausages very yummy. I thinks my daddy likes it lots, we can sees him skemin about what else he can puts in the nommy dough. You might has created a monster.)

  5. Aw, that second-to-last picture is the BEST!

  6. Hubba hubba! Nitro is very droolworthy.

  7. What a handsome dude!! We can't compete with airplane ears....

  8. We just love his airplane ears! One handsome mancat, swoooooooon!

  9. *woo hoo*
    Nitro is a hottie!

    And he's an orinch boy.
    We knows all about orinch boys.


  10. A very worthy subject. A Ginger ManCat.

  11. We just adore that picture of Nitro and Iggy...such good kitties! Great choice Attie!

  12. Nitro is a very cool Mancat!

  13. oh, attie cattie, you are furry kind!! thank you so much fur honoring me this way--even xing was impressed (although she STILL doesn't think i'm a hottie)!!

    i appreshiates the kind comments efurryone has left--toona joose wishes an' caviar dreams to y'all!!

    yer furriend, nitro s pierce

  14. Nitro certainly is the foxy guy today!

  15. Ok - we're jealous of this handsome mancat & his manly versatility!! We will go visit him right now!

    Hope you had a happy 4th!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  16. Great to meet Nitro - he is an excellent foxy choice.

  17. We think Nitro is a great choice - his kitty family has a great blog too!

    We hope you had a great 4th of July!!

  18. OK, some of these pics really hit my mom's funny bone, so cute and soooo handsome!

  19. Nitro looks like a really cool dude. We['re going to visit him now! :)

  20. oh my, some of those photos were scary! but the 2nd last one is sweet :)


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