Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Booshi Wednesday

That is right. The delicacy has been given a name, and a whole lot of welcome-to-the-family presents, and I has been FORCED to promise not to eat it. Now before I gets into this, I would like the record to state that I still do NOT like this bun, and the presents were from my mommeh, not from me. But Baby Audrey likes it, and my mommeh likes it, so I is just making the best of things. As long as it does not hop quickly toward me I is usually fine. When it comes careening across the room, though, I gets out of the way.

This video was taken a few days after we gotted it. As you can see, even though BA liked it, she still gotted out of the way too if it made a sudden hop at her. Apparently it is just a baby (about 13 weeks old now) and does not know yet about being nervous. Now though, she does not run from it at all anymore. In fact, when it hops at her, she hops back at it, and a game of chase ensues! I always sit out of those, I only wants to play chase wif BA. I guess it is kind of nice for her though, to have a playmate closer to her age, even if it is a little weirdo. And what a weirdo it is! Has you EVER seed ears like that?! I tell you, I realleh does not know what to make of it. And it is already starting to get spoiled. (I would tell my mommeh that spoiling her pets is her weakness, but then I am afraid she might stop spoiling ME, and we know that can not be allowed to happen.)

Just look at the nerve! Up on the kitteh tree... Hmph.

And just see all the presents it got! A 3.5-foot cage wif a grate for poopie-drops. Wif a ramp to an elegant food-eating deck! A waters bottle wif vitamins in the waters, a tunnel made of Timothy hay, a spinny wheel for MORE hay, a litterbox (yes it uses a litterbox wif special bunneh litter), ice cream shaped mineral chews, and a carroty chew for its teefs! I has been told that if it has nothing to chew like that, its teefs can grow all long and scaries. Ewwww.

Here's a better shot of the ice creams and the hay tunnel. Oh yeah, and it has a little raffia ball wif a bell in it to push around when it gets bored. Which is never. Cause it is ALWAYS out of the cage. I does not know why it does not want to stay in there. That thing is practically a condo on wheels. But my mommeh just always leaves the front door open, and in and out it goes, all the live long day. It drinks from our special pink kitteh water thingie! It plays wif BA so much that I barely gets the chance to wrestle wif her anymore! It monopolizes so much of my mommeh's time that I wants to yell. But I do not. Cause my mommeh gives me extra attentions and treats if I am nice to Booshi. It gets brushed every single day, sometimes twice a day if it has been playing rough, and the cage is cleaned every night. It gets fresh apple and other treats when it is good for its brushing. Mommeh, you is turning into a slave.

And catch this, you guys - this morning, when we woked up to get my mommeh ready for the work place, Booshi was IN THE BED wif us. ::shock face:: Never has I seen such gall. Maybe I can somehow gets a door or a window open and let it runs out...

Aside from that craziness, this is what we has been doing lately that has keeped us away from the bloggie so much:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommeh... Are you KIDDING me?!

I can not believe this. I realleh can not. I has not even had the chance to write Mama's House and The Hots Part 2 yet! You guys, I honestly think my mommeh is losing it. The stress of working, packing, and nursing must be getting to her. There is no other reason for this completely insane behavior. No excuse whatsoever. I am shocked to my verreh core, and you will be too when you see what I have to show you today. On Friday night, she came home wif a box... (You all remember what happened last time she came home wif a box!) Well look what was in it when she opened it up this time:
I bet kittehs in China could hear me gasp, "Mommeh, what the heck is that?!" as I jumped to hide behind her. She says it is a "bun." It does not look like a bun to me at all. Buns come out of the oven and I eats them on my mommeh's lap wif butter, but she says I would be in be troubles if I tried that wif this kind of bun. Apparently, it is an English Angora bun. I guess that is a delicacy.

Our first meeting wif the delicacy went as follows:

Basically, we did that for about an hour. After that, I lost interest in it because I knew I was safe. My mommeh must keeps it in that special box so it can not hurt me. (But I do not know why she insists on bringing this obviously dangerous creature into the house to begin wif!) Anyway, as I said, I pretteh much has no interest in the delicacy unless it is out of its box. When my mommeh lets it roam around then I become a little concerned for the welfare of BA and myself, and I hiss at it a bit to warn it... But I am not aggressive toward it, because I am more scared than anything, and I just give a quick hiss and run away, and then I hide and peek and watch it. Don't you guys go telling everybuddy I'm scared of this thing. It is embarrassing, because you know I am normally such a fierce and brave ladycat, but for whatever reason, this delicacy spooks me and I'm compelled to run the other way!

Baby Audrey, on the other hand... She is far from frightened. In fact, she tells me she LIKES the delicacy. I asked her if she intends to eat it, but she says she does not. She seems to enjoy its company. She walks around with it when it comes out, sits in the special box with it when it is in there, and has been lying next to its box at night for sleeps! ...I will tell you I am slightly offended by that.

Mercifully, mommeh took the delicacy wif her when she went to Mama's house to play nursie yesterday. I think BA kind of missed it, but I did not. In any case, Mama apparently gotted a kick out of it. She enjoys the company of the delicacy as well, and my mommeh says he could turn into a Therapy Bun. (Does that mean it is an even rarer delicacy than I thoughted?)

As you can see, Mama thought it was great funs, and even shared some of her sweetie 'tatoes wif it. I suppose if it makes Mama happeh it can not be all bad, but... *sigh* is just one more thing I will has to get used to. If you ask me, my mommeh has been putting an awful lot of pressure on me in that department!