Thursday, September 30, 2010

Booshi Thursday

Well furrends, I has gotted several requests to see more of Booshi Bunneh. However, I must tells you some news. Booshi does not live wif us anymores. Last weekend a sweet little girl fall'd so in love wif him, that my mommeh letted her takes him home. I did not has the time to tells you about it earlier, cause I hadded those posts pre-scheduled. BA has a sad, because she loves him (for wahtever inexplicable reason) but I am just fine because I always thoughted he was weird anyways. And a little annoying. Okay realleh annoying. My mommeh gotted some leaky eyes but she was so happeh to be able to delight the little girl so verreh much, and he wented to such a great home full of other buns to play wif. So we expects to hear on occasion from his new fambly but for now these is the last videos that was taked of him at our house.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gone to the Rainbow Bridge - Sweet Yuu

We was completely heartbroken here to find out about our furrend, Yuu-Chan, who went to The Bridge this past weekend. It was not too long ago that BA and I went in to his first birfday party on his arms. He was such a sweet and gentle little soul, and our eyes are weepy today as we says goodbye to him forevers. We know he is running free at The Bridge wif all those who Came Before, but it still hurts to lose him. We thought it would be nice to re-post our Foxy Friday feature on him from a few months ago, as tribute:

Well it has been a whole week - it is time for another mancat! Today I has decided to feature the fabulous Yuu-Chan, from The Poupounette. He is only one year old, too young for me of course, I would never rob the cradle, but I think he is handsome and delightful nonetheless, and deserves a bit of recognition. Yuu-Chan is a sweet redhead, with soft furs, soulful eyes and a well-carried demeanor. He is always polite to ladycats, even his sisters, and even gets along wif goggies. He enjoys good food, good fun, and a good run in the run, heehee!
Catching rays in the skyhammock. Lovely ears and tail curl, don't you think?

Just look at those long, athletic legs! Obviously all lean muscle. And oh what MIGHTY paws!

Prince Yuu, ensconced on throne. Rightfully so.

Whiffing outsidey smells in the run - doesn't the sunlight glint off his furs nicely?

What a sweet little snuggler. I am sure his #1 loves to pet him verreh much!

Maxin' and relaxin'. Effortlessly casual.

He helps to make dinner - how thoughtful!

Thinking up some sort of plan for getting some salmon out of his #1? I bet he could, he seems verreh smart.

And this is his wonderfully interested look. I am sure this is the look he would put on if a ladycat were to come to him and tell him all her troubles. He is obviously verreh caring and concerned, and seems like he would give 100% attention to your worries. (AND, just look at those frootbats - how fantastic!)

Our hearts are purring for his #1 and his special goggie furrend, Tommy, as well as the rest of his family and furrends who he has touched during his short life. We know he has touched us here and we will all be lost deep in thought today. The past couple of months have been verreh sad and hard times in the CB, losing so many of our furrends to The Bridge, but there must be some reason they are all being called up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Audrey's Monday Morning Hangover

She is not just hanged-over on Monday mornings you know. She is actually hanged-over most of the time. I has no idea how in the world she can sleep like this, but it is the only way she is comfeh.
Little weirdo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas in July in September on Friday, MOL!!!

Well last night we was FINALLY able to open our Christmas In July package from Yaffa, Sebastian, and Dante! I knows, I knows, it is September. The thing is, we was packing up and moving and blah blah blah when we gotted the package in July, and it gotted packed too by accident! My mommeh had no idea what box it got putted in, so we had to wait all this time, and we finally camed across it while opening the last of the boxes this week. So essiting! I loves opening prezzies, and it was BA's verreh first time getting a gift!
Mommeh, this pretteh pink package better be for us.

Oh, it IS for us! Come on, BA, let's take out the card.

Wow, so nice, our furrends wroted us a letter! Hmm, it says Sebastian broke into part of our prezzie before it was sented, MOL.

Oh my cod, lookit all the toys and treats!!! Wowee, our furrends wented all out. Let's play, BA!

Of course, we hadded to break out the video camera. It is not every day we gets such a cool box full of pawsome things to do! In this first video you see I gets a little carried away... I completely unnerstands why Sebastian could not keep his paws off this nip, it is GOOD nip!

This next video shows me rolling around on some nip my mommeh putted on the carpet for me. I think my boyfriend Lolo might find this video to be a little bit smexay. You can also see BA falling in love wif a little mousie, it is her favorite toy that came in the prezzie. She carries him all over the house now.

In this one we is checking out the wand toy. This thing is great.

And for the finale, Miss Audrey Cake, the Acro-Cat!

As you can sees, she is completely obsessed wif the wand toy. She got so overexcited in fact, that she gave my mommeh the bleedies!
So thanks again to our furrends, we are so happeh to has all these new toys to play wif, and delishus new treats too! Sorreh it taked us so long to open the package, but man oh man was it worth the wait!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Culinary Thursday wif Attie: Leftover Quesadillas.

Well, we had a funneh mishmash of ingredients lefted over from our cookings lately, so I came up wif a brilliant idea. I telled my mommeh we should use everyfing up by making quesadillas! It is a good way to make use of leftovers, and it becomes its own yummeh meal, which makes this great for kittehs on a budget. It is not hard to do at all, and everybuddy will likes it.
We are making our quesadillas wif that white wine lime chicken you seed on last week's CT post, and the broccolis too, as well as tomato, shallot, and shredded colby jack cheese. Your leftovers will probably not be exactly the same, MOL, so just get together whatever you has and whatever cheese you want - can't makes a quesadilla wifout cheese! Oh, and we always keeps tortillas on hand in our freezer, for just such spur-of-the-moment noms, so we just taked them out. You can use them frozen for this, so it's no biggie. Also, since it is just us here, we use the fajita size tortillas, which are a smallish. But obviously you can use any size you want.
Get your pan ready first.
You wants to pour in enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom. Turn the heat on high, and let it gets going while you...
Cuts up the leftovers!
Before putting anything into the pan, make sure to taste-test for quality.
By now your oil should be hot, so turn the heat down to medium-low, and put in your first tortilla. If yours is frozen like this one, do not worreh that it does not lie flat. That will work itself out as it heats up and cooks.
Put the leftovers on one side of the tortilla...
Then fold!
This gives you room on the other side of the pan for a second one.
Puts more of your leftovers into that one, and folds it over too.
Let it cook until the bottoms is golden, then flip. Most people seems to like them a little browner, so feel free to let them sizzle in the pan for longer if you like, but we likes them done lightly so ours look like this.
When both sides look good to you, take them out and soak off the oil wif paper towels.
Then just throw them on a plate...
And nom the delishusness! It tastes great, and you did not waste any lefted over foods that you might have throw'd away not knowing what to cook wif them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treats on Tuesday: Lobster!

My mommeh gived us some pieces of lobster last night, mmmm! But BA is a verreh bad kitten indeed, and she tried to steal my piece. For some reason, she is just not satisfied wif anyfing of her own. It is like this wif everyfing. Treats, dinnertime, toys... Sigh. I is so put-upon. I was on my best behavior for the video, but after my mommeh shut the camera, I had to give Audrey the what-for, and I gave her a mighty ladycat growl and wapped her repeatedly in the head. Little snot.

Also, I did WANTED to do my beg trick, but I could not, because SOMEONE kepted getting in my way and PUSHING me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Culinary Thursday: White Wine Lime Hollandaise Chicken wif Broccolis and Tri-Color Pastas!

Remember last week's brunch recipe? Today I am going to shows you what me and my mommeh did wif the leftover hollandaise sauce. We looooooooooves hollandaise sauce. Fo shizzle.

This meal is going to be so easy even BA could make it. It is time to get out your crockpot, yay!
For this particular meal, we is using thin-sliced chick-hen breast, that we had frozen quite some time ago. We taked the container out of the freezer in the morning so by now it is all thawed out and ready to use.
So gets out all your ingredients for the crockpot: the chick-hen, white wine, minced garlic, black peppers, and lime juice.
First, pour in the wine. Use more than enough to cover the bottom... maybe about a centimeter high.
Then, a few good healthy squeezes of the lime juice!
Half a forkful of that minced garlic...
Then grind in black peppers to your taste and stir it all up.
At the last minute, I told my mommeh I wanted a little bit of a kick to my chick-hen tonight, so we added some chili powders too.
Place the chick-hens in! They can be layered up like this, it does not matter.
Set your crockpot to low, cover, and just walk aways for a couple of hours! (You may want to remind your mommeh that this is an opportune time for playing and petting.)
When you notice the chick-hens is starting to get a little bit white, turn all the pieces over and rearrange them in the pot, giving the liquids a good stir too. (Careful, the nommylicious smell might just knocks you over when you takes that lid off!)
Right after we turned the chickens, we gotted out some simple frozen broccolis and just steamed them up in a strainy basket over boiling waters, wif a lid on top of the pot. All you do is put a couple inches of water in the pot below, set the burner on high, cover, and let the steam do the works for you! Stir every once in a while, easy as pie.
We boiled up some tri-color pasta, threw the broccolis on top, took a piece of chickens from the crockpot when it was done cooking, and heated up our leftover hollandaise to pour over the top of it all. As you can see, the hollandaise will separate if you microwaves it too much, woopsie. You can whisk it back together, but we did not bother - tastes the same anyways.
Come here, yummy dinners! Get in my tummeh!