Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas in July in September on Friday, MOL!!!

Well last night we was FINALLY able to open our Christmas In July package from Yaffa, Sebastian, and Dante! I knows, I knows, it is September. The thing is, we was packing up and moving and blah blah blah when we gotted the package in July, and it gotted packed too by accident! My mommeh had no idea what box it got putted in, so we had to wait all this time, and we finally camed across it while opening the last of the boxes this week. So essiting! I loves opening prezzies, and it was BA's verreh first time getting a gift!
Mommeh, this pretteh pink package better be for us.

Oh, it IS for us! Come on, BA, let's take out the card.

Wow, so nice, our furrends wroted us a letter! Hmm, it says Sebastian broke into part of our prezzie before it was sented, MOL.

Oh my cod, lookit all the toys and treats!!! Wowee, our furrends wented all out. Let's play, BA!

Of course, we hadded to break out the video camera. It is not every day we gets such a cool box full of pawsome things to do! In this first video you see I gets a little carried away... I completely unnerstands why Sebastian could not keep his paws off this nip, it is GOOD nip!

This next video shows me rolling around on some nip my mommeh putted on the carpet for me. I think my boyfriend Lolo might find this video to be a little bit smexay. You can also see BA falling in love wif a little mousie, it is her favorite toy that came in the prezzie. She carries him all over the house now.

In this one we is checking out the wand toy. This thing is great.

And for the finale, Miss Audrey Cake, the Acro-Cat!

As you can sees, she is completely obsessed wif the wand toy. She got so overexcited in fact, that she gave my mommeh the bleedies!
So thanks again to our furrends, we are so happeh to has all these new toys to play wif, and delishus new treats too! Sorreh it taked us so long to open the package, but man oh man was it worth the wait!!!


  1. Er... where's the video?

    Well, pressies are always super-fun especially when it comes from fun furr-frens!
    We are very happeh to see happeh pictures like these, except the bleedies one...

    Go give your mommeh big purrs for her bleedies!

  2. Attie, my love, where is that smexay video of you???? I looked all over and could not find it! How could you tease me like that? You are sooo lucky that you get pressies...pressies are nice. Mom says we will get a pressie next week...a very, very special pressie but she won't really tell us what it is, but she did say it has a name. Huh??? Do you think I should be worried? I smell trouble. I might need your help Attie, honey, can I call on you if this pressie is what I think it is? Purrs ma belle, je t'adore. Ton homme aux yeux bleus, Lautrec

  3. WOWIE! You two hit the jackpot of toys. You know you had a good time when you make bloods come out of somebuddy.

  4. Well that sure WAS worth waiting for! Awesome fun you both are having.

  5. We saw all the videos yesterday via Google Reader! :-)

    You girls certainly had a great time with your wonderful presents!

  6. What great videos! You look like you were both having so much fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Now those are what we call PAWSOME presents! It looks like you are really enjoying them. :)

  8. Hi Attie! Hi Audrey! Wow that is a very awesome Christmas in July package - what cool pressies! And boy, you know that you are having a lot of fun from those videos and boy, your mom is lucky she got away with just a little puncture wound!

  9. Your pressies and videos were PAWSOME! And, you maded BLUDS! Excellent!

  10. That's a great bunch of toys! We see that the bun is satying safely in the cage while you two go crazy with your pressies.

  11. Wow, what a great July/September Christmas you've get that tree up!!!

  12. You got some great presents! I can't believe your human took so long to get them unpacked - no wonder you two were so wound up!

  13. I really enjoyed seeing Attie and BA in action! They certainly do enjoy their nip, and their toys. That Audrey can really jump high -- wowsers!

    And yes, Attie you look so smexay rolling around like that. Lolo will go crazy watching you.

    At least mommy wasn't hurt too bad, but drawing blood is not a good thing to do.

    I was happeh to see Booshi for a moment, too. It would be nice to see if he likes any of the toys as well.

    Such nice friends you have to send you all this wunnerful stuff.

  14. Both of you girls are having a great time with all of your goodies. It was nice that you got a surprise when you opened your last unpacked box.


  15. Wow Audrey really likes the wand toy! Those were great presents you got.

  16. OUCH!!!! What bloody fun you girls were having with all those toys=^Y^=

  17. What a great Christmas in July in September package!! We loved watching you play with the toys and rolling the nip!! What fun!!

  18. Baby Audrey can jump really high - she'll have to enter a cat athletics competition.
    Attie - it was plain to see you were enjoying your nip fest.

  19. Oh Attie, you wuz a little bit smexay in that video!

    I think you are going to have to start calling Audrey soemthing because "BA" anymore because you know she doesn't look like much of a baby anymore. Or maybe you mean Big Audrey? Cause you know she's getting to be almost as big as you!

  20. What a great gift package! You two really had a lot of fun with your new toys. BA is quite an acro-cat

  21. What a great present you got! Looks like you are having a great time.
    But bloods!!!!! Eek. Having a little too much fun? hee hee

  22. We are so happy that Baby Audrey and Attie Cattie liked the toys and treats. That catnip is Sebastian's favorite. He thought I bought it for him and attacked it while I was packaging the present. Dante loves those mice too, he bites off all the fur!


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