Thursday, September 16, 2010

Culinary Thursday: White Wine Lime Hollandaise Chicken wif Broccolis and Tri-Color Pastas!

Remember last week's brunch recipe? Today I am going to shows you what me and my mommeh did wif the leftover hollandaise sauce. We looooooooooves hollandaise sauce. Fo shizzle.

This meal is going to be so easy even BA could make it. It is time to get out your crockpot, yay!
For this particular meal, we is using thin-sliced chick-hen breast, that we had frozen quite some time ago. We taked the container out of the freezer in the morning so by now it is all thawed out and ready to use.
So gets out all your ingredients for the crockpot: the chick-hen, white wine, minced garlic, black peppers, and lime juice.
First, pour in the wine. Use more than enough to cover the bottom... maybe about a centimeter high.
Then, a few good healthy squeezes of the lime juice!
Half a forkful of that minced garlic...
Then grind in black peppers to your taste and stir it all up.
At the last minute, I told my mommeh I wanted a little bit of a kick to my chick-hen tonight, so we added some chili powders too.
Place the chick-hens in! They can be layered up like this, it does not matter.
Set your crockpot to low, cover, and just walk aways for a couple of hours! (You may want to remind your mommeh that this is an opportune time for playing and petting.)
When you notice the chick-hens is starting to get a little bit white, turn all the pieces over and rearrange them in the pot, giving the liquids a good stir too. (Careful, the nommylicious smell might just knocks you over when you takes that lid off!)
Right after we turned the chickens, we gotted out some simple frozen broccolis and just steamed them up in a strainy basket over boiling waters, wif a lid on top of the pot. All you do is put a couple inches of water in the pot below, set the burner on high, cover, and let the steam do the works for you! Stir every once in a while, easy as pie.
We boiled up some tri-color pasta, threw the broccolis on top, took a piece of chickens from the crockpot when it was done cooking, and heated up our leftover hollandaise to pour over the top of it all. As you can see, the hollandaise will separate if you microwaves it too much, woopsie. You can whisk it back together, but we did not bother - tastes the same anyways.
Come here, yummy dinners! Get in my tummeh!


  1. Attie, that looks very yummy for the tummy!

  2. That looks quite delicious, Attie. Maybe you could cook some up for Lautrec sometime...

  3. Yummers! Maybe you could be a guest chef on Iron Chef!!!

  4. That looks delish Attie - we'll be right over

  5. Attie, I'm not much on human food but you sure do make it look good!

  6. Oh that looks so yummy! WE love hollandaise sauce too - but when our mom and dad get to it we dont' usually have any leftovers! We will show her this and then maybe she can make a double batch so she has some left over and can try making it!!

  7. Attie, Momma is drooling over that dish! Yummy, and so pretty, too!

  8. Attie, you are quite the chef! My Mom says she thinks she would really love this meal, and things that work in the slow cooker are great. Myself, I don't think I would eat the brocolli and pasta, but I would be interested in trying the rest.

  9. Ooh, I like Tama Chan and Co's comment. Remember, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

  10. Oh Attie Honey, once again you have worked your way to my heart through my tummy...I's is coming over right away to share that with you and to share some purrs with you, too!! Your mancat, Lautrec

  11. Our mouths are watering, Attie! We wanna lick that sauce so bad!!!

    We think this is something our mom could actually make!!

  12. Your blog is the CUTEST thing ever and so interesting!
    I love how you incorporate recipes with your adorable cat! (I love to cook and I love cats and it is the PURRFECT match!!)
    Kudos to you! Simply GENIUS!
    Oh and this looks DELICIOUS TOO! I want to come over for lunch or dinner!

  13. Attie, we want your Mom to come over and cook for us...give our poor Daddy a break! Your cooking lesson is fantastic. Mommy needs a bib she's dribbling all over...YUM!

  14. My human is hungry now! I'll just take the chicken by itself, thank you.

  15. Well done, Attie and Mom! It looks absolutely delicious! The presentation is so attractive, too with all the different colours in there -- green, pink and cream.

    It looks very healthy, too, aside from the sauce, but what's life without a little pizzazz!

    By the way, did you ever see Attie on the LOLSpot lately?

  16. Yummy! Is this a date night meal for you and the sexy mancat?!

  17. Attie
    YOU are a fabulous cook!


  18. That is so easy and sounds wonderful=our Mommy thanks you for the recipe, Attie!...You are such a beautiful culinary sweetheart!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Oh, Attie! Thanks for sharing! That does sound and look nommolicious!! And we love hollandaise here too... regular or broken (it's just looks, as you said). Simple and quick... we like that!

  20. Mmmmmm, that looks tasty (well, the chikky part does anyway!) The Human got rid of her crockpot cause she never really got it together to use it. She's, um, lazy!

  21. we would like to roll nekkie in that sauce an' suck it in through our pores as well as our open moufs!!


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