Thursday, September 9, 2010

Culinary Thursday wif AttieCattie: Fancy Breakfast Noms!

Hooray, it is time for Culinary Thursday, wif me, AttieCattie! Today is the first Culinary Thursday from the new kitchen, which my mommeh has been cleaning like crazy, so I will try not to make too much of a mess. This recipe is super yummeh, and a little bit fancy. You can use it to pamper yourself a bit on a sleep-late day, or look like a Martha Stewart hostess for a brunch!
Get out all your ingredients first. Vinegar, hollandaise sauce, lemon juice, pepper, eggie, whole wheat english muffin, tomato, and half an avocado.
Give everything a good once-over, and make sure to sniff for freshness.
Now, get out your kitteh-sized pot and put a few inches of waters in it.
Add a verreh generous splash of vinegar, then turn on the burner and give it time to boil.
Spoon out your avocado, grind a little pepper over the top, and add a small splash of the lemon juice.
Smush wif a fork until you gets it how you likes it. We keeps ours lumpy.
Slice the tomato. You only needs one piece, but as you can see me and my mommeh likes to cut a little bit more so we can nom while we cooks.
When you sees your water is at a rolling boil, crack your eggie into a small bowl or rammekin.
Verreh slowly, ease the eggie into the pot. (Get your mommeh to halp you wif this part, and any part of cooking that involves the stove - furs is flammable you know!)
Leave it in there for three minutes.
Toast up your whole wheat english muffin!
Use a slotted spoon to take the eggie out of the pot and place it on a paper towel.
Fold the paper towel over, and use the spoon to keep it down over the eggie. You want to soaks up all the extra waters. Do not worreh, it will not stick.
The english muffin should be done toasting by now, so take it out and smear a nice thick layer of your avocado mixture onto it.
Add your piece of tomato.
Put the eggie on top of that...
And then pour on some hollandaise! (Sorreh I did not shows you how to make the hollandaise. We maked it before we unpacked the camera, so I just asked my mommeh to heat it up for me in the microwave. It is made of egg yolk, butter, heavy cream, and a bit of water and lemon. Email for the recipe if you would like it.)
Dig in! It is so delishus, especially wif a little champagne or a mimosa, mmmmmmm.....!
Just watch out for that tricky hollandaise...
Once you gets it on your face it is a little bit hard to get off.
And then your mommeh will has to wash your face wif a cloth, which I promise you will not enjoys.


  1. Attie, ma belle!! Tu peut venir cuisiner pour moi QUAND TU VEUT!! J'adore la sauce hollandais!! MMMM.... Ooops! Sorry, Attie, my beautiful! You can come cook for me WHENEVER YOU WANT!! I love hollandais sauce...yummmm! Your recipe looks pretty simple...maybe I could get our Mom to make it for me..or you could...please??? OR, maybe I could come over and have it WITH YOU!! Oui, oui, oui!!! Purrs, Lautrec

  2. My Mommeh says she would love to eat that for breakfast!

  3. Mr B an Ramses wud luvs those noms, I better not let them see abowt this or they be impawssibul in teh meowning!

  4. Attie, good job with the recipe. It sounds and looks delicious!!! Did you and BA enjoy it???

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks wonderful...I'm gonna call room service right now!

  6. Ooooh, it looks yummy! Our mom is great with the mimosas (lol), not so great with anything else culinary. We wish we could teleport for real, to have breakfast with you!

  7. That looks very yummy indeed, Attie! And your new kitchen looks wonderful too!

  8. That looks really delish. I afraid though that anything that requires TW to get up off her duff is a NG. Your new apartment looks really nice and comfy.

  9. Wow, Attie, you are quite the chef, sweetie; we are very impressed with your culinary skills...Happy day, beautiful girls...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Attie
    You are quite the chef!
    Wow we are furry impressed and we would love to sit down at your table anytime!


  11. O, Attie, you should haf yours own cooking show.
    That was excellent. I fink I could cook iffen you were teeching me.
    Love & Purrs,

  12. That looks like a very nommy breakfast, Attie. Fanks for the cooking lesson! :)

  13. Attie, you are a great cook! That looks really yummy, and Mom says she likes the idea of combining the egg with the avo and tomato.

  14. mmmmm... Do you do take-out and delivery?

  15. Wow Attie that is so fancy! Our mom makes the eggs benedict thingies with the hollandaise - and boy you are right about getting it on your face!

  16. The mom says she has to do dat, it has all of her favorite noms! We fink it shud be sprinkled wif sum fresh catnip too. NOM


  17. Mommy wants some of that breakfast RIGHT NOW! She says she'll even put up with having her face wiped with a cloth.

  18. That's a veritable gourmet dish from a fine, upscale restaurant! You have quite the culinary talent. I'm always amazed at humans' lack of knowledge when it comes to feline cooking talent. Just because we love the taste of kibble doesn't mean we can't whip up a tasty souffle.


    Neyland D. Catt

  19. My mommeh says "YUM!" Avocado and tomato sammiches are my mommeh's favorite, but your recipe sounds even yummier. Thanks for sharing your excellent recipe with us.

  20. The Human drooled when she read this, altho she is prolly waaaay to lazy to do all this (specially the sauce part which she knows from past eggsperience is tricky!). So even though it is an eggscellent nom, she would prolly go to restaurant instead, MOL!

    I will help her cook it if she decides to give it a try though!

  21. what a wonderful chef you are and you take pictures too? That looks delicious!
    So glad to meet you and to find your blog!
    I just signed up as one of your newest followers today!
    Cat Chat

  22. Wow! That breakfast looks really, really good. Does it have a name? It's something like Eggs Benedict, but with a few different ingredients. I think vegetarians would love it!

    Now I know Attie and BA aren't veggietarians, but I'm sure they like the butter in the sauce!

    It's wonderful that you have a bigger kitchen to cook in now. Attie seems to have taken right over!

    By the way, you guys are on the LOLSpot today for Caturday Night LOL-Fever. BA is the star!

  23. We loves your new kitchen Attie! And we loves your eggs too.
    We misseded you lots so we are very glad you are back.

  24. Fancy noms at your house for your bean. Mum actually made french toast this weekend.

  25. Attie you are making my hungry.


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