Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gone to the Rainbow Bridge - Sweet Yuu

We was completely heartbroken here to find out about our furrend, Yuu-Chan, who went to The Bridge this past weekend. It was not too long ago that BA and I went in to his first birfday party on his arms. He was such a sweet and gentle little soul, and our eyes are weepy today as we says goodbye to him forevers. We know he is running free at The Bridge wif all those who Came Before, but it still hurts to lose him. We thought it would be nice to re-post our Foxy Friday feature on him from a few months ago, as tribute:

Well it has been a whole week - it is time for another mancat! Today I has decided to feature the fabulous Yuu-Chan, from The Poupounette. He is only one year old, too young for me of course, I would never rob the cradle, but I think he is handsome and delightful nonetheless, and deserves a bit of recognition. Yuu-Chan is a sweet redhead, with soft furs, soulful eyes and a well-carried demeanor. He is always polite to ladycats, even his sisters, and even gets along wif goggies. He enjoys good food, good fun, and a good run in the run, heehee!
Catching rays in the skyhammock. Lovely ears and tail curl, don't you think?

Just look at those long, athletic legs! Obviously all lean muscle. And oh what MIGHTY paws!

Prince Yuu, ensconced on throne. Rightfully so.

Whiffing outsidey smells in the run - doesn't the sunlight glint off his furs nicely?

What a sweet little snuggler. I am sure his #1 loves to pet him verreh much!

Maxin' and relaxin'. Effortlessly casual.

He helps to make dinner - how thoughtful!

Thinking up some sort of plan for getting some salmon out of his #1? I bet he could, he seems verreh smart.

And this is his wonderfully interested look. I am sure this is the look he would put on if a ladycat were to come to him and tell him all her troubles. He is obviously verreh caring and concerned, and seems like he would give 100% attention to your worries. (AND, just look at those frootbats - how fantastic!)

Our hearts are purring for his #1 and his special goggie furrend, Tommy, as well as the rest of his family and furrends who he has touched during his short life. We know he has touched us here and we will all be lost deep in thought today. The past couple of months have been verreh sad and hard times in the CB, losing so many of our furrends to The Bridge, but there must be some reason they are all being called up.


  1. Have you ever read "Cat Heaven"? It's a childrens book about what happens when cats go to heaven. I LOVE it! It has cat sitting on God's counter tops in His kitchen and how He gives them treats any time they want. They get to play with the stars and walk from cloud to cloud. They get sleep on any cloud they want. It's a precious story and I even purchased it before having children. I have to read it every time I've lost one of my kitty babies. May Yuu-Chan be at peace and may his special human have wonderful memories to fill his heart.

  2. Thank you, dear friends. We are very touched by your lovely post.

  3. That was a lovely post in memory of Yuu-Chan.

  4. We remember when you featured Yuu-Chan on your blog and we are glad you re-ran that post. He was a sweet boy and we are sad he has gone to the bridge.

  5. I am so sad to read about Yuu-Chan. I'll have to stop over their blog, thanks for letting us know.

  6. That was such a nice tribute, we were so sad to hear that news too.

  7. A lovely tribute to a most wonderful cat. We will miss him dearly and still cannot believe he has left for The Bridge.

  8. A lovely post done showing Yuu-Chan in all sorts of poses and activities. Somehow I missed seeing it when you posted it before, so I am extra happy to have a chance to see it now. My Mom was very teary about Yuu-Chan going, because he was so young. As you say, there must be a reason, even if we don't know it.

  9. We have been so sad about Yuu-Chan having to go to the bridge - this is a wonderful tribut to him, to repost his Foxy Friday. It reminds us of all the happy times and wonderful things about him. He will be missed very much!

  10. Aw Attie...that is really nice. We are so sad about Yuu-Chan...we just can't believe it. Poor #1. We are thinking about her and the rest of the Chans and Tommie and purring a lot for them. Kisses to you my pretty, Your Mancat, Lautrec

  11. That is a lovely tribute to Yuu-Chan.

  12. What a beautiful moving tribute to Yuu-Chan.


  13. We will miss Yuu-Chan very much. He was a special mancat.

  14. So thoughtful of you, Attie, to do this post in honor of Yuu Chan. He was such a sweet, handsome young mancat.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie


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