Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I lied by accident.  I did not has time before Turkey Day to gets the new item for the Nom Shop done, but I will be able to this week.  Sorreh.  But you knowwwwws how distracting turkey is.  And relatives.  Those is distracting too, but not in the good way like turkey.

On a happeh note, my mommeh has promised me that by the end of this week my Catmas collar and my Catmas sweater will be coming out of the drawer!!!  I loves my Catmas stuff, I can not waits!  Here is pikshers of me in my sweater and collar from last year:
 I does not likes to toot my own horn, but come on, how cute am I in that hood???  (Okay, okay, maybe I does likes to toot my own horn... a little.)  Hopefully this year's pikshers will be better.  I could not sit still last year what wif all the gingerbread house making.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attie's Nom Shop - Now Open!!!

Woohoo!  My Nom Shop is readeh to go!  You will see that we is offering just shmarshmallows at the moment, in different combinations, but we will definitely be adding more products verreh soon!  (Stay tuned for a Fanksgiving Culinary Thursday post on that.)  Anyway these shmarshmallows is nothing to sneeze at, I guarantees you.  There is such a difference, having these freshly home-made creamy ones, as opposed to those preservative-chemicalized ones in the bags from the grocery store.  Feel free to order, but because of all the Fanksgiving craziness we will not begin making your orders until Monday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, I realleh maked that noise when I see'd this piksher just now on teh cheezburger site.  Check it out guys - a total stranger lol'd me!  At least I finks it was a total stranger.  I does not recognize the username of the person who posted it.  See?  Is from one of my Culinary Thursday posts!
...Does this means I is famous now?  Cause there is lotsa comments on it, here is the linkie to go see it on the site:
In ovver news, the Nom Shop is readeh to go except for pikshers of teh foods.  It only letted us upload 5 pikshers, and now we is stuck.  I feels it is not right to gives you the linkie to the shop yet, cause you will not realleh be able to sees what you is buying...  So yet again, anuvver delay.  PLEH!  We has complained and complained and they says they has their top technicians working on the prollem, but iffen they can't gets it fixed in the next few days we will has to try making the site someplace else.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Lazerz of Doom!!!

(Pee-Es:  My nom shop will be ready soon, sorreh for the build-up and then the delay.  These beans always has "unforseen circumstances," whatever that means.  But iffen you asks me, nothing should interferes wif kitteh stuff.  *pout*)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Sweaters

Presenting Miss Autumn Marie and Miss Audrey Cake, modeling this fall's prettiest and warmiest fashions!  Well okay, Audrey is wearing my sweatshirt from last year...  But we could not find anything purples for her!  Purples is her favorite color you know.  (Mine is pink.)  She has never wear'd a sweater before, this will be her verreh first winter, and she wants her own wardrobe to be juuuuuust right.  So we figured til we finded something cute in purples, she could wears my hand-me-downs.

 Check me out!  I has a hood!
 Yes, you does has a hood.  Just remember that it is MY hood, and you has to gives it back when you gets your own new sweater.  (See my bottlebrush tail?  We was having a little sisterly tiff...  Like most girls, I does not appreciate it when my sis-ter borrows my clothes.)

 This is my cat-walk.  MOL!

I can gives you a better view of this sweatshirt!  See?  SEE?!  And my heart charmie even matches.  So there.  It was meant for me to borrows it.  *Gives Attie the raspberry*

 Well all right.  I will try not to gets too crankies about anymore.  It does look nice on you.

And these are my glamor shots, taken wif my special mancat, Lolo, in mind.  I luxuriates in wearing my sweaters and sitting on my mommeh's lap for a movie at night, when it is coldies outside like it is these days.  I stays nice and warm and snuggly, thinking about you my lovie-love! 
  AttieCattie keeses

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Chair

Mommeh, you knows this is the REAL me...  right???

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Audrey has questions.

Attie, why has we not been blogging much lately?
Because, BA, mommeh is working lots and lots lately, so she does not has too much time to halp us at the computer.
Oh.  Well that is stinkies.  So when will we has time to post your shmarshmallow kits then?
Soon.  I had planned to do it tomorrow, for Culinary Thursday, but the camera got borked so we has no way to get pik-shers.
What happened to the camera?
I is not sure.  Mommeh says she did NOT drop it in the toilet by accident.  I finks her adamant denial might mean somefing but I is trying not to speculate.