Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Audrey has questions.

Attie, why has we not been blogging much lately?
Because, BA, mommeh is working lots and lots lately, so she does not has too much time to halp us at the computer.
Oh.  Well that is stinkies.  So when will we has time to post your shmarshmallow kits then?
Soon.  I had planned to do it tomorrow, for Culinary Thursday, but the camera got borked so we has no way to get pik-shers.
What happened to the camera?
I is not sure.  Mommeh says she did NOT drop it in the toilet by accident.  I finks her adamant denial might mean somefing but I is trying not to speculate.


  1. Sweet, sweet BA!
    Lovely to hear from both of you again!
    We missed ya!
    Can't wait to read all about shmarshmallow kits! We are waiting!
    Till then, e-hugs to all!

  2. Sounds like your mom is having an "interesting" week. MOL!

    We're glad for an update, though, and to know you're okay!

  3. Eww!

    Well, maybe not as bad as my grandpa dropping his multi thousand dollar hearing aid in the toilet WHILE it was flushing!

  4. Sounds like a pretty crazy week! Sorry to hear about the camera (whatever happened to it)...

  5. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!! Sounds like y'all are having a crazy week. We hope things settle down for you. xxxxxxx

  6. Yep, sometimes busy happens, but I'm sure glad to see you!

  7. Audrey, I bet your human thinks you are asking Attie TOO many questions, especially about the camera! What was she doing, taking pictures in the bathroom anyway?

  8. Sounds like Mom has been very very busy. Once my mom's cell phone fell into the tiolet bowl.
    Have a Good Day.
    Your Friends

  9. Eeeekkkk!!! Cameras in the toilet is not good! We hope it was a clean toilet (if you get our drift) and that after drying out the camera will be fine.

  10. Audrey you are so polite raising your paw. We just yell out out of turn
    Benny & Lily

  11. We've missed you! I've figured out how to steal treats from the ferret cage! ~DM

  12. We sincerely hope that your Mom didn't put the camera in the toilet ON PURPOSE!!

    Mommy is still dribbling thinking about your shmarshmallows.

  13. Hiya!! Good to see you. We are waiting for the delicious shmarshmallows. Yum!

    Sorry to hear about the camera. Nothing/nobody likes being dropped into the toilet bowl. I guess you wouldn't feel like working after that either.

  14. Audrey, you are a funny girl indeed! I love that picture of you.

    Sorry your mommy is so busy, and that she dropped the camera in the toilet. Obviously her inSTINKts aren't as good as yours.

    Anyway, you and Attie are on the LOLSpot today. I brought your drinking problem to light.

  15. Hi girls!! Well, at least it was your mom that dropped the camera in the toilet and not one of you!

  16. Yow...and D'oh! Sorry your mom is so busy - hang in there! We are lookin forward to the shmarshymellow kits :)...we need to get our mom a mixer pronto!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  17. My mom has been too busy lately, too!

  18. Cameras do not swim well, BA. So that can not be it. Can it?

  19. Oopsie BA!
    We understand -- our Momma gets busy sometimes and we don't get to comment like we want and well...we meow loudly but she doesn't listen.


  20. BA, nice job of raising your paw! In the toilet??? Oh dear! We hope it survived!

  21. Hi... sounds like your mom needs a vacation!

  22. phones in the toilet we have heard about...cameras? That's a first fur us! One of us threw up on our Teri's camera dock once but furtunately fur us, she found a real cheep replacement on eBay...

  23. Um we has to ask, why was da flash box in da bafroom near a toilet anyways? Was dere sumfin interestin in dere? A reprieve from flash boxys are always gud!


  24. Hi Sweet B.A. You ask excellent kweschuns! My Human has been neglectful of my visiting needs this week too. Maybe it's a virus?

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