Monday, December 13, 2010

Catmas Card: Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx, and Grace!

Oh Attie, wook!  Anuvver Catmas card!  This one is from our fwends over at Manx Mnews!

Oh my, let me smells!  Er... I mean sees!  *Sniffa-Sniffa*

Hai, beautyful fwend.  We wuvs you.  <3

(Pee-Ess, our Catmas cards has been sented out, and I apologizes in advance to those of you who will opens them.  They is a true testimonial as to why you should nebber takes your photos to Walmart.  However, we hadded no time to get them redone as some of our furrends live verreh far away so we just mail'd them as they was.  Sigh.  MOL.)



  1. How your cards look is really not important! It is the thought that counts!

  2. We agree with Sparkle, it is the thought that counts.That is a pretty card from Abby and the gang.

  3. Audrey and Attie it sure is the meaning that is what counts...and we are sure your cards are beautiful.
    We are glad you got ours!


  4. I know what you mean about Walmart. Peeps cards look great. Mine look terrible. They changed the color of the type and now you can't read them. Sigh. You girls are very pretty so the cards should be very pretty.

  5. How exciting to get mail! Our Mommy is a Grinch and said "No" to cards this year she promises to do us an ecard. We bet your card will be just fine to the kitties who receive them!

  6. This is really cool! It seems every day there is something for the kitties in the mail. They certainly are keenly interested in all of their cards, too.

    It must be because they were kissed and licked by the kitties who sent them.

  7. You two are getting a lot of fun mail!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. We're sending our cards out tomorrow!! We can't wait to get yours...we know we will love it!!

  9. Man. should I say: Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom....she is soooo slow about Christmas that our cards are still not even ready yet!! Geez, what is a guy to do? I can't be mad at her, I love her, but for meowing out loud, what is she doing??? You guys are so lucky to get all those cards!! That is really cool!! We are trying to get our Secret Paws present ready, but if Mom can't even get the Christmas cards ready can you imagine where she is with Secret Paws? Geez. Mom. We send you lots of purrs and extra ones and special cuddles to you my pretty Attie..your Mancat, Lautrec


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