Thursday, December 23, 2010

Culinary Thursday: Red Velvet Truffles. (AND catmas cards, AND a love letter, AND a guest!!!)

So much to talks about today, but I fink we should begin wif these wunnerfully yummeh treats seeing as how it's Culinary Thursday.  For hollyday gifties, me and my mommeh make'd red velvet truffles, and we wants to show you how you can does it too!  If you is a fan of red velvet cake, hang on to your patootie.
First you has to makes a red velvet cake.  You can does yours from scratch or from a box.  For this recipe, it does not matter.  I will tells you, however, that from a box is going to make this wayyyyy easier.  Red velvet cake is kinda a pain in the tuck-us to makes yourself.

No matter which way you decides to makes your cake, do remember to gets a good lick of the batter.

Bakes it in a 13x9 pan, according to the directions on the box or your recipe.  You wants to undercook it juuuuust a little bit.  So that when you inserts a test object...

It comes out like this, wif some smush on it, instead of clean as you would usually wants for a cake.

When the cake is COMPLETELY cooled (we even letted ours sit overnight), crumble it up into a big bowl, and add one can of cream cheese frosting.  Do not bother trying to makes that yourself, it would just be tortures at that point, MOL.  So we forgotted to take a piksher of the crumbly cake and the frosting, but that's what you does, and then mix it up wif a big wooden spoon til you has a stiff paste, like you sees above.

Scoop some of the paste wif a spoon into the palm of your hand, and rolls into little balls, about 1 inch big.  Now let me warns you, this makes a looooooot of truffles.  We is showing you just some of ours, but we gotted about 125 truffles out of it.

Once you has your little ballies all rolled, you should melt your coatings.  We wanted to do white, like a real red velvet cake would look wif its cream cheese icing, so we used almond bark for the white.  If you does not know what almond bark is, that's it in the piksher above.  It resembles white chocolate but is much easier to work wif.  You can melts it in a bowl in the microwave in under one minute, bam, easy.

Drop a ballie into the almond bark.  Use a spoon to get it all coated.

Shake off as much excess coating as you can, and drop it onto a cookie sheet lined wif wax paper.  That's it!  You has a truffle!  Woohoo!  Didn't know it was so easy, didja?

We wanted to do half our truffles in dark chocolate, so we melted some in a bowl over boiling waters on the stove.  Tip: Add a touch of vegetable oil to your chocolate to make it easy to work wif.  Coat the ballie in the same way and then drop onto another wax paper lined tray.

See?  Chocolate truffles too!  And they looks cute already.  Now to decorate.  You can decorates any way you wants to, but we likes to keep it simple and pretteh.

Use a fork to dip into your coating, and swizzle opposite colors all over the truffles.

Just keep dipping the fork and moving it back and forth over the truffles til you has the look you likes.

You can leaves them out to set, or put the trays in the fridge which will be faster.  When they is done, place in candy cups (found at crafting stores like Michael's) and ta-daaaa!  Ultra cute, ultra sweet little treats.

You can package them up in little boxes, which has a verreh nice effect.

And wrap them up pretteh for furrends and fambly!


Now on to Catmas cards!  We gotten even MORE cards from our furrends after these pikshers was taken, so we will try to get shots of those too for anuvver post, but look at what came!  A card from Sweet Praline, one from the House of Cats, and anuvver from the Island Cats!!!  We hadded such a good time sniffing and reading our cards, fanks guys!!!

Here comes the romantical part.  I could not believes my surprise yesterday, when my mommeh broughted home the mails!  I gotted TWO things from mine Lolo!!!  On his birfday, MOL, how fitting.  First was a post card his mommeh had gotted in London.  It was of this verreh famous big kitteh statue:
 Does anybuddy know him?  Mine Lolo is so funneh, he said he think'd I would like to see a mancat who was older than him!!!  MOL!!!  Poor Lolo, you is not old, you is mature.  Like fine cheese, better wif age.  .....Mmm, cheese.
 And then looks what else I gotted from him!  A wunnerful card, specially make'd just for ME!!!  Oh just look at all the pikshers of mine mancat.  *Sigh.*  Isn't he just so verreh dreamy?  And can you sees what it says on there?  "Attie, all I do is think of YOU.  Love, Lautrec."  He even putted it in a PINK envelope, because he knows my verreh favorite color is pink.  He is too romantical, I can not stands it!

 *kissing pikshers of mine Lolo*

 Look, he even has such a cute signature.  Can you see how the two o's and the lower-case L makes a kitteh face???  So creative, he sends me into a swoon.
 Mommeh, can you halps me read what he writed on the back?  Teehee, oh my, it is nothing I will be sharing wif the rest of you all, sorreh!  Private thoughts of a mancat to his ladycat you know.  Boy did that ever makes my day.  My week.  My month.  My year even!  MWAH, I LOVES YOU LOLO!!!

And now for my guest:
This is Topper.  Floofy boy!  He does not has a bloggie, but his mommeh has a website.  She makes all kinds of yummeh edible treats.  She is a professional cake decorator and can work wif fondant and all that good stuff.  She is located on Long Island, but can ship some of her goodies to wherever you lives.  Here is Topper wif some green chocolate covered Catmas trees!  Mmm.  Festive sweater and festive food, he has the Catmas spirit for sure.

Well I will post again if I has the time, but just in case I does not gets to, me and BA wants to wish all our furrends the happiest Catmas ever!!!  Loves you all.


  1. The pics look so yummy. Your momma is gonna sell lots of noms. OUr mom likes the pics of marshmallow covered in chocolate, she keeps eying them. Have a great day.

  2. The truffles look fantastic, Attie! You and your mommeh do nice work. The mail and cards you have gotten are so cool. You really have a wunnerful boyfriend in Lautrec. Purrs and Merry Catmas to you and BA and your mom!

    Pip, SMidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  3. Wowza! your mom's candies looks so much nicer than teh ones mai purrson made MOL! Your Lolo iz so romantikals, you iz a lucky kitteh. Happy Catmus wishez - Pandy xxoxox

  4. OH MY COD! what a busy time you are having! Your cannies look very good and mommy's mouth was watering.
    We wanted you to noes that we mention your shmarshmellows in our post today.
    smooooches- TK and Squashies

  5. HI Attie! Wow what a fabulous culinary Thursday you did today - those are such a great idea and of course you made it seem so easy! We think we might have mom help us make them - and the cool thing for us is that we are right by the Wilton store so they have all kinds of melty coating things - we think white with red strips would be fun!

    And yay we are glad you got our card! And boy, that Lautrec really is so romantic - two cards, your favorite color, and romantic writings - so sweet!

  6. OMC, the mom, with her sugar addiction, is beside herself. It's a very good thing you don't ship to Canada, Attie, otherwise the mom might be putting in her order. MOL!

    Those were wonderful cards from Lautrec! So sweet. :-)

    We probably won't be visiting much now until after the holidays, so we'll wish you a merry Christmas now. We hope Santa brings what you most want!

    A joyous holiday to you all!

  7. We are suddenly craving truffles!!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those truffles look yummy.Your mancat Lolo is very romantic.

  9. Attie
    WE Love your recipe and we thinks even Momma could make that as a special treat for fact she is going to do that in the future.FANKS for sharing we love your culinary Thursdays!

    Just in case we don't get to before Chriss mouse we want to wish you and Audrey and your Mom a furry merry chrissmouse!


  10. Wow, You got an Amazing mom ! My mom said look totally Yummy !!!

    Merry Christmas and holiday blessings to you all.

  11. I know what house to go to for treats!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you, those look sooo tasty!

  12. You can also make the balls a little bigger and put them on lolipop sticks and make cakes balls ;)

  13. Attie, those truffles look really yummy!!! You are such a good baker!!

    And how sweet of Lolo to send you that postcard and make a card special for you! He's such a cool mancat!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  14. Oh, those truffles look heavenly! If we were there, we would go nom nom nom nom nom! :)

    Merry Christmas, Attie, Audrey and Mom!

  15. Nom, nom, nom! Those truffles look Delcioso. Our relative gave us some of those and we were wondering how they were made.

    Lolo is certainly romantic isn't he? Very sweet. :)

  16. Mom wants to reach through the screen for those yummy looking treats!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. My human is drooling all over your red velvet truffle recipe! Gah, I can't look at her when she is like that. Now, if that were red velvet TUNA, I would understand.

  18. My Human wants to come hang out with you Attie Cattie, and your Mom and Baby Audrey because there always seems to be good foodz where you are!

    Merry Christmas! Hope you are happy and warm and cozy during the holidays!

  19. Oh, those truffles sound yummy! Your mom is so smart and evidently a good baker.

  20. Attie-Baby-Love-My Beauty, you really are the girl for know how to make such pretty and tasty do you stay so svelte and gorgeous when you know how to make things that I would not be able to keep myself from eating?? Those truffles look super-duper nommy!!! MMMMMMM!! I'm glad you got my cards...I/we got your prezzies, but are waiting until Christmas to open is sooo hard because I CAN'T WAIT!!! As I wrote to you, I will be sending yours late..nope, it hasn't been sent yet because Mom ordered something and IT HASN'T COME YET!!! We have so much snow all around Europe that post isn't arriving like it should...I'm sooo sorry!! But it will just make your Christmas last even longer!!! Oh!! Thank you soooo much also for the birthday party!!! I loved it!! I am still trying to recover from old man like me running around the carpet room like a kid is insanity and now I am paying for it...ow, ow, ow!!! But I don't regret a moment of it especially bouncing around the bouncy room with you and having that massage next to you while we whispered sweet nothins' to each other....I'm blushing all over again when I think of what you whispered in my ear!! My beautiful LadyCat, have a wonderful Christmas...Tiny and I and Ellwood (the sneak!) and our Momma wish you, Audrey and your Mommeh lots of love, happiness, health and good fortune in 2011. Purrs, Your Mancat, Lautrec

  21. Attie, and Audrey, you have the tastiest Mom EVAR! (did that sound right?...whatever)
    We are gonna order from your nom shop for our Mommy's birfday, which is coming soon!

    We think that Lautrec is the most courtly beau a LadyCat could dream of, and that you two are certainly romantical to the max!

    Enjoy your holidays...Merry Christmas!

    Love, The Lounge 13

  22. Those red velvet truffles look extra nommable!

  23. THOSE LOOKS YUMMY!!!! Attie & Audrey & Mommy have a very Merry Christmas Eve!!!

  24. OMC, all those things look so good (says mom!). Merry Catmas to you all!

  25. The truffles look very yummy, but we just LOVED all the romantic stuff!


    The Chans

  26. Yum! Those truffles look very nommy. We love Culinary make the yummiest foods.

    We wish you a very Merry Catmas!

  27. Those truffles look delicious. Merry Christmas to both of you charming girls. Are you surprised you received your own card.

    xoxoxoxo Penelope and Magellan.

  28. Nom nom nom!!!!
    Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  29. Hhhmmm, those look soooo delish! Thank you for the recipe...maybe i'll get mommy to make some like that...Happy Mew Year!


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