Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Catmas Cards!!!

Oh my goodieness, we has gotted more Catmas cards from our furrends!  It is so much fun to get mails, and we wanted to feature each furrend's card in individual posts, but we is getting so many lately we is afraid that would take us past Catmas, MOL!  So these are the ones we opened up today:
 Audrey, come looks at this!  This one is from Smokey, Devon, and Tanner.  Oh boy what bright happeh colors.  Their card came'd out much better than ours, MOL.

 Next is a card from Hannah and Lucy, across the pond!  What a lovely tree.

 Attie, lemme sees!
Hey, I was looking at that...

 Teehee, loves the piksher of the kitteh patootie inside, girls!  So funneh!!!

 Oooooh, next is Sparkle's card!  (And Binga and Boodie too, although they did not get their portraits on the front, I am sure Sparkle would never allows it!  MOL!)

 Wowee, Sparkle, you looks great!  I gotta sees you up close!
 *Sigh*  Audrey, would you STOP doing that?  Move, do not  make me wap you.

 Okay, okay...  Aw Attie look at this one from our furrends at Wildcat Woods.  What a great hat!

 And one more today, from Goldie, Shade, and Banshee up in Canada.  Brrr, looks coldies up there!  But you looks so lovely sitting by the snowy window.

In fact I fink I will just sits here for a while and be reflective wif you.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas cards. Nice!

  2. Wow such great cards! We have gotten a bunch but haven't posted about them yet because mom is so behind she hasn't done anything to hang them up yet! We bet you will be getting ours in the next day or so!! We think it is so fun to get Christmas cards from all our friends!

  3. You guys are so cute with your cards and spatting over them. merry Christmas from me with no card: my Mom is worthless.

  4. How fun to show off all the cards! My boys are getting more mail these days that I am! LOL

  5. We are getting lots of cards too - we did get yours and will show them on Thursday's post! Thanks!

  6. How fun to see everyone's Christmas cards! (Including mine!!)

  7. Those are furry pretty cards. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    ~ Malachi

  8. Look at all those beautiful cards! You are one special kitty
    Benny & Lily

  9. Glad you liked the cat's patootie - thought it might make you laugh.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Those are some very beautiful cards Audrey and Attie. We thought your card was just so lovely.


  11. Those are lovely cards. It is nice to see them.

  12. How pretty! It's always fun to get mail, isn't it. Even when your little sister stands on your mail. :)

  13. Those cards are great!! We've gotten more cards than our mom and dad!!

  14. What lovely cards-what a great idea. Do we get to see yours.


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