Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday

We gotted some more Catmas cards from our furrends, but we has not had time to open them up yet, so for today I will just be sharing wif you two pikshers, one from last night, and one from dawn this morning!  These are both fuzzy cell phone pikshers but oh wells, can not wins 'em all.

  Pew-pew!  Catmas Lazerz!!!  MOL, I was akshully trying to be a Catmas light.  Last night my mommeh was hanging them up, and they kepted falling down as you can see there, so I was being halpful by making myself a light.  Then maybe I could just sits around and glow and she would not has to work so hard standing on chairs trying to prop up the falling lighties.  Do you fink it was working?  Would I makes a cool Catmas decoration?

And this is what we waked up to at dawn today!  The first whitey of the season here on Long Island.  What a surprise, we hadded no idea, and when my mommeh gotted up to get readeh for the Work Place, she opened the shades and we all wented *GASP!*  It is verreh pretteh, and my mommeh says this is just a nice little bit the of whitey that she does not has to shovel.
Oh and just a couple other things - My wunnerful mancat Lolo will be turning 12 years old on the 22nd, just before Catmas, and his sister Tiny and I are planning the most funnest pawty EVAR, so keep your orbs open for more details to come and makes sure you sets that day aside!  Oh and do NOT tell mine Lolo, the pawty is a big surprise!!!  Also, I ordered his combo Birfday/Catmas gift today and I am so essited for him to gets it, it should arrive right around pawty time.  Weeeee!


  1. You'd make a wonderful Catmas decoration, Attie.

    We saw that Lautrec's 12th b-day is coming up; it should be a wonderful surprise!

  2. You should use your Christmas lasers to melt the snow!

  3. Oh Attie what a gorgeous Christmas display you make. Aren't you glad you don't have to go out into that white stuff. It's pretty to look at from inside. We can't wait to hear more about the party.


  4. Oh Attie! What Christmas tree eyes you have! We have snow too down here in Georgia. We even walked in it on our back deck. Lily Belle liked it but I, Daisy Mae, did not.

  5. Attie, I think they should put you at the top of the tree -- you'd make a great treetopPURR light!

  6. Attie, you should WELD those lights to the walls with your mighty lazers! That'll keep 'em up.

    We marked our calendar! Did you know we're having a pawty for Maui on the 20th? It's gonna be a great week!

  7. You would make a very good Catmas decoration. We are supposed to get snow on Thursday, but it usually misses us.

  8. With those eyes you could sit on the tree
    Benny & Lily

  9. We think you'd make a great decoration, Attie! We could hang you on the tree!! Haha!

    You musta got the snow that we got over the weekend. Enjoy it!!

    We got your card today!! We love it!! We sent ours out today.

  10. Attie, you make a wunnerful Catmas decoration! You are so sweet to help your mommeh - bonus points for Santa! :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  11. Love you eyes! you would make a the best and the most beautiful kittymas Decoration!


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