Friday, December 17, 2010

Toy Review: Play-N-Squeak At Night Twinkle Mouse!!!

Oh.  My.  Cod.  Okay so this verreh nice lady named Abby sented us a Twinkle Mouse to try out, and I can not even tells you how much we loves him!!!  Play-N-Squeak has came'd up wif a new line of kitteh toys for night-time, because you all know how much we enjoys keeping our mommehs awake at night.  Well we fink it is just genius.  This mousie is the bestest mousie we has ever had.  Audrey loves almost all toys to begin wif, but I can says that I am not realleh much of a toy kitteh.  Yes I has my favorite grey fuzzy mousie for fetch, but other than that I is pretty picky about what I plays wif.  More often than not it is just Audrey's ear.  And a lot of the time if a toy squeaks it is a turnoff for me.  But I did not want to put this little dude down!  Somefing about that mesmerizing blue twinkle, just like mine Lolo's eyes...

As you can sees, we was excited about our Twinkle Mousie even before he gotted out of the package.
Oooooh, mommeh, what IS that?!

Takes it out, mommeh, I has to carry him around right away!

 Oh yes, pwease takes him out of here mommeh!  I wants to pway wif him too!
As you can sees, I gotted verreh protective of him right away.  I carried him all around and cried about it.  I adore his intriguing blue twinkles and his essiting squeaky noises!  (I also cried when he stopped twinkling and squeaking, MOL, I could not halps myself, sometimes I just gets a little bit overcome.)

I realleh did not want Audrey to takes him away from me, and I cried about that too.
To sums it up, we L-O-V-E our Twinkle Mousie!  We will be asking mommeh to get some more Play-N-Squeak At Night toys and puts them in our stockings for Catmas for sure.  Cause you can see here that one is just not enuff.


  1. That is a FANTASTIC Twinkle Mousie!!
    I will have to talk to my Mom about getting ME one too!!!
    Love, Cody

    Cat Chat

  2. Oh to hysterical. Mom had a doggy that carried stuff and cried. You guys got lots if cool stuff
    Benny & Lily

  3. That was terrific to watch! What a great toy! All of us came running to mom when we heard you cry, Attie, we didn't know where the cat was. LOL.

    We got a Play 'n' Squeak mouse last year for Christmas (no twinkles, though), but we lost interest after a short time. Go figure.

  4. Attie, we have a play-n-squeek mousie that we are NUTS about! Mommy has to hide it from Johnny...or nobuddy gets any sleeps. We are gonna ask Sandy Claws for a play and twinkle mouse, he looks TOO COOL!

  5. Oh we has to ask Santa Claws to gets us sum of dem! Dey squeak, they has fev vers and we heards sum rattles (or was dat yer collars?).


  6. Oh yeah, I gotta gets me one of those...

  7. Oh what a fabulous toy looks so much fun.. Muuuum can I have one.. HUgs GJ xx

  8. Your mousie looks very fun. I'll put one on my Christmas List!

  9. Oh, Attie and Audrey, we will HAVE to get one of those! The two of you did a fantastic job of reviewing the night twinkle mousie! :)

  10. We loved the video and Attie we loved how talkative you are. YOu are so expressive! The toy was really neat, and we hope that you have one of those in your stocking for Crissmouse


  11. Vereh cool, Attie, thanks for sharing the movies! This is definitely going on our Christmouse list. We're gonna need two cause we can just see our doggy bro stealing it...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. You guys definitely need two of those! Make sure your human gets on that immediately. It looks like a totally pawsome toy!

  13. That is COOL! Harley is wild about toys that make noise and he plays until everybuddy gets annoyed with all the racket!


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