Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A while ago I win'd a auction for this wunnerful Oh Boy Cat Toy glass of wine!  My mommeh enjoys her glass in the evenings, so now I can enjoy one wif her.  And woah, does I ever enjoy it.  We just opened it up a couple of days ago, and it is totally nip-tastic.  Even Audrey wants to share it wif me, and she is usually not so much into the nip.
 Here is what it looks like in the package.

Yes, we wants it, yes we do.

Attie attack!

...The nip, it makes me do strange fings.  I definitely wrecked Catmas Corner a little bit.

Audrey attack!

 Audrey has ran'd away wif my wine!  The chase is on.
The post-nip chill.

(Pee-Ess - Everybuddy remember it is mine Lolo's birfday tomorrow!  The big one-two!  So please make sure you stops in over at his place where Tiny will be frowing him the pawty of the year!  And, if I has hear'd right, unbeknownst to Tiny, Ellwood is planning a surprise for her too since she did not has a pawty for her birfday this year.  It will be pawtastic pawty mania!!!)


  1. What a fun toy!!! All the pictures and video are great!

  2. that is some powerful nip (er wine) I have never seen a catnip toy glass of wine! Too cute!
    Loved the videos!

  3. Oh, boy, we want one of those! Pawsome videos; what a great toy!

  4. We can tell that's one nip-tastic toy, Attie! Thanks for sharing the videos of you and Audrey playing - so cute!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  5. Now Mommy is wondering if anybody has ever made catnip wine...

  6. That is one cool kitty toy you won. Don't you just love playing chase. The kitty tower is a good hiding place
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh wow that is some toy. We can see how much you love playing with it.


  8. Ha ha! I gave the girls some fresh nip the other day on the carpet in front of the Christmas tree. They are still licking that spot!

  9. A catnip wine glass! Now is that ever a cute idea. Looks like you two really like, er make that LOVE it!

  10. That musta been a very good year for nip!!

  11. You spoil us with all those great videos! That looks like a great toy!

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!! That is one super duper toy :o
    Yoy two are too silly!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie


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