Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: Mr. Chewy!

We recently hadded a nice talk wif Brent, from Mr. Chewy.  He gaved us teh oppurrrrrtunity to receive some products from teh site and review.  Woo-hoo, we luff reviews!  So we wented to Mr. Chewy's site and ordered 2 bags of our foods (Nature's Variety, Instinct) and one bag of our litters (World's Best Cat Litter).  Not only was teh ordering process easy, teh prices are good.  We does not knows what you all might pay for your foods, but at teh specialty store where we has to gets ours, teh prices are through teh roof.  Aside from teh decent pricing, Mr. Chewy offers free shipping on all orders over $49, which is pawsome.  We just wanted to try out teh site one time, but after discovering such a gem we is planning to go back to it for all our foods and litters now.  Every couple months we will just orders $49 worth of our faborite fings and takes advantage of teh free shipping, and we will end up paying a lot less than what we has to pay buying from our local pet specialty store.  Plus, no making mommeh go out in teh cold darks after her long work day - hooray for more snuggle time by teh fireplace instead!  So we placed our order that day, and guess when teh box arrived on our doorstep...?  Teh very next day!  Yeah!  They shipped it out so fast we did not eben has time to get hungry first, MOL.  Teh foods arrived and we inspekted it of course, and found that it was not old and gross like some major online warehouse retailers sell you, it was nice and fresh and yummylicious.  We is currently working our way through a bag of turkey and duck, and let me tell you, we does loves it.  They also offer healthy treats, which we will look through, and try some next time we order.  Mmmm, mommeh, is it time to order those treats yet???

Pee-Ess - we did not gets paid to write this review, we just realleh liked Mr. Chewy's website and wants to shop there again!  aside from receiving some products in exchange for checking out and reviewing teh side, we received no compensayshun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catmas Piksher Outtakes.

 Um...  Mommeh?

Mommeh, mine Catmas sweater isn't on right.

Er....... Mommeh?  Is you down there?  Can you please fix mine Catmas sweater....please?
I is readeh for mine closeup Mister Deville...  Hello?  Mister Deville?  I IS READEH FOR MINE CLOSEUP!!!  MYOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Uhh Mommeh, now mine Mistletoe collar is falling into mine Catmas sweater....  Mommeh?

(impromptu Catmas tree inspekshun.)

Are there treats over here?

Audrey, you is in mine glamour shot.  Scoot!

Fine then, stinky sis-ter, I gets mine own shot.  Here, it is entitled Lazy Black Catmas Cat.  So there.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Life: Kitten With Roses

Fanks for all your well wishes on our new house, guys!  We is still fixing it up but hopefully it will be piksher-worthy soon!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Post-Fanksgibbing Update

Well kittehs, we is in teh new house.  More or less.  Like we is in, but teh stuffs is EVERYwhere.  Will be a while to gets us totally organized we finks but so far we loves it here!  There is no loud noises from awful neighbors to scare me, and since this is a two-bedroom house we has our own room which is completely pawsome.  We also has a big yard for summertime where we will go out on leash and harness and swing wif my mommeh in teh big huge ham-mick she plans to get when it gets warmies again.  We loved hearing what all you guys thoughted about what we should calls our room - espeshully liked Cattie Cake Palace and Teh Princess Parlor.  But to be honest, so far it is just getting called Teh Cat Room.  That has no flair, mommeh.  Borrrrringggg.

Here is teh verreh last pikshers we take'd in teh old apartment, teh day after Fanksgibbing when my mommeh came'd home from relatives and broughted us our turkey!  Purrsonally, Audrey and I could has done wifout teh styrofoam plate, but my mommeh had packed up teh kitchen and said "no more dishes to wash, ladies!"

Note Attie's hilarious starving turkey junkie face in piksher #2...
Hey.  Audrey.  Whose bloggie is this anyway?  You shush your little muzzle, Miss Cake.
::giggle::  ::snicker::

Oh it's so funneh?  Watch how funneh you finks it is in a minnit.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

200th Post and Announcement!

Oh hai everybuddy!  I knows I has not been on teh bloggie in way too long, but I has a good reason.  Come joins me in teh heatie bed and I tells you.
In honor of our 200th post today, we has a announcement to make concerning why we has not been blogging: we has all been verreh busy here because...... we is moving!  (Yes, AGAIN.)  We thoughted we would be in our current apartment for a while, but it turns out we has hadded quite a stroke of good luck and we is moving onward and upward!  We only has a few more days to throw everyfing into boxes and gets teh furniture and ourselfs readeh to go - teh big move is this coming Saturday the 26th, right after Turkey Day.  We is stressed, but super excited, accause..............wait for our new place we will has.................wait for it some more................OUR OWN ROOM!  Yes, me and Miss Cake will has our verreh own cat bedroom.  We is finking about calling our room Teh Princess Parlor.  What does you guys fink?  Any other ideas on what our kitteh room should be called?!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happeh Hallyween Everybuddy!

Wif luff, 
AttieCattie, AudreyCake, and Mommeh.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thai Kittehs!!!

My mommeh is back!!!  And she broughted pikshers of all teh places she wented.  She tried to shows us all teh temples and stuff but we said "we is only innerested in kitteh stuffs!"  And so she showed us these pikshers of our Thai cousins.  She says generally they was passed out at shrines and temples, and there was a bunch wandering in and out of bars at night, cause Thai bars tend to have fully opened walls.  Mmmmm, teh life of a napping outdoor kitteh...  Takes a look:
Ahhhhhhm this is teh life.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kitteh Hotel

Well we was hoping to has more bloggie time before teh big separayshun, but we takes what we can gets around here.  *sigh*  My mommeh is all packed, readeh to leaves us, UGH, and we is all set up at our kitteh quarters.  We broughted our fountain, foods bowls. cat tree, tunnel, toys, and litterbox. So I geusses it is not SOOOOO bad...  But we will miss her.  We hopes she comes back in one piece.  Who would gives us teh noms?!

Byebye, mommeh.  Has fun in Thailand and we wants lottttttttts of prezzies when you gets back.  We is pretteh crabilated wif you for leaving, especially after we take'd such good care of you as nursekittehs, but we is trying to unnerstand and deal wif it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We is alive!!!

Oi vey and oh my cod.  Do not panick peoples, we is alive!  It has been sooooooooo long since we has been able to get to teh bloggie.  Things has been just crazypants over here.  Srsly.  Not a joke.  Crazypants I tells you.  After teh Hurry Cane, my mommeh gotted all sickies and needed surgery on her ladygarden.  That take'd a while to get her better from, but we was excellent nursekittehs.  And then last week when she finally felted betters, she hadded anover emergency, this time wif her throat, that will require ANOVER surgery just after teh new year.  So needless to says, we was once again efficient and watchful nursekittehs.

Howeber, we has had rather enuff of this nonsense for a while.  We did NOT gets to open our Catmas in July prezzies from Luna, Zulu, and Mercy.  We did NOT gets to open a surprise package we gotted from Auntie Lupie, Lucky, and Spidermeow.  We has NOT been getting our raw meats.  We has NOT been able to visit our bloggie furrends.  And most importantly, I had NOT been able to spend any romantikal time at all wif mine mancat love, Lolo.  Furrustrating.  Verreh furrustrating.  I can not truly blames my mommeh for this, I knows she has been sick...  But I blames her anyways.

And now for teh worstest piece of news.  Not only does we already has all that to catch up wif, we is getting LEFTED soon.  Mommeh is off to Thailand for 10 days on Sept 30.  (Hopefully we will get in a lot more bloggie time before then.)  True we will has excellent care during her absence, but come on, after all this...  realleh?!

Yup.  Peep these crabilated faces.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurry Cane

We knows we has been off teh bloggie for a while, but we has hadded some hardships here recently.  We is all okay now though, as we gear up for Hurry Cane Irene.  My mommeh is packing us up and we is headed to Mama's to spend teh weekend and be safe in teh basement there if need be.  (We does not has a basement.)  We is staying calm about it so far, but we hear this Hurry Cane will realleh smack Long Island verreh hard.  They is opening up Hurry Cane shelters and asking people to prepare for possible evacuations.  So we is getting readeh for teh worst, eben though we hopes teh worst will not be teh case.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Somebuddy sented this to my mommeh and she MOL'd for like ten minnits.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Audrey's New Shirt

This is mine first shirt of mine verreh own!  It is purple, mine favorite color, and it says "I love my human" on it.  And yes, I does.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Stop and Smell teh Roses."

Miss Cake takes some time in teh evening to 'preciate teh pleasant little fings in life.
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