Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss Cake is NAUGHTY.

This is what Audrey does when my mommeh is not home to play wif and she gets too bored.  After all, teh older sis-ter can only be relied upon to a certain degree to entertain teh baby.
 Shower liner massacre.



Thursday, January 27, 2011

My mommeh says...

"This is NOT funny."
And this, furrends, is why my mommeh can not gets to teh post office for teh Nom Shop stuffs.  Our metal machine is buried all teh way around, 3ft thick on every side.  SHEESH.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yes, normally we would has said CatNapping, but today we realleh means CatMapping!  Check this out, we is reposting from Freya's bloggie, she make'd a mappie list where you can adds yourself's and see all teh catbloggers around teh world!!!  How super cool is that?  So we just added ourselfs (teh bright pink marker on Long Island!) and you should all adds yourselfs too, this is so much funs.  Here is teh post from Freya:

Meet all the cat bloggers around the world!

Hi, Science Freya here!
Back in 2009, I created a map where everyone can mark where they’re from, and we can all see other cat bloggers who are near to us!
It’s not just for special friends or anything, if you have a cat blog, you really should enter your details!

So far, we’ve had 91 entries, and that’s really exciting, but I’m sure that there are a lot more new bloggers since then!
So here’s the quick list of instructons of how to add your blog!
  1. go to and look if you’re already listed. (the controls to move around are at the top left, and the same as Google maps)
  2. if you’re not listed, click on additions, and then click add detailed marker

    (Click to biggify)
  3. Enter your Blog name and location.
  4. Click on the Details tab, and enter your blog website address, and any other details you’d like.

    (click to biggify)

  5. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your blog.

Here is teh link to Freya's Bloggie, if you has any questions you can asks her, she is verreh nice, or just go over to says Oh Hai and thanks her for this super cool CatMap!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quiet Winter Morning Playtime

On these wintery mornings it is still dark and verreh cold when my mommeh leaves for teh Work Place.  But every day while she is still in pj's we gets some quiet morning playtime first.  This is nothing like night playtime, which usually consists of a game of THoEoC.  (Thundering Herd of Elephants on Crack.)

Monday, January 24, 2011


How many times can teh sky possibly shower down teh whitey on us?!  Attie is embarrassed to post, so she leave'd it to me today.  She says she feels bad, she keeps promising to get started on teh Nom Shop orders that has been pending for so long, and she say'd last week there was not any more whitey in teh forecast for this coming week, but she was wrongggggggg!  We is now expecting anuver huge storm this week which will puts teh orders off again.  Pwease lets us know if you would likes to cancel/refund your order, accause we unnerstands this is taking WAY long!  But it's like Attie say'd, we wants teh orders to be realleh fresh when they gets to you, so if we makes them this week and then can not gets to teh post office right away they may be stale by the time they finally arrives at their destinations, on account of we uses no preservatees and some areas takes more than a week to mails to.
Sigh.  Here I is, little Miss Cake, observing the evening winter whiteys that is verreh pretteh but frowing our plans all out of whack.

Friday, January 21, 2011


More.  Snow.

I has to say a public sorreh to those of you who has pending Nom Shop orders.  We is behind on a few, because of teh weather.  Every time we goes to start teh orders, anuver storm comes and makes it impossible for my mommeh to get to teh store for 'gredients or teh post office, etc.  We does not wants to makes your orders and then not be able to mails them out straight away, cause we wants them to be fresh-fresh-fresh when they gets to where they is going.  So please bear wif us on this a little longer.  I does not sees any snow in teh forecast for next week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Renovation Kittehs

Was you wunnering what happened to us?  Heehee, we has been super busy!  After we gotted dig'd out of all the whitey (which only came'd to a foot, fank goodness, not the anticipated 20 inches!) my mommeh decided it was time to start whipping this apartment into shape.  We has been here since September and it still looks and feels like a dorm room, and being stuck inside because of the snows she hadded a lot of time to stare at the blank walls in here and get dissatisfied.  So me and BA saddled up and has been playing the roles of home renovation kittehs!  We snoopervised the hanging of plates, photographs, and mirrors.  We halped my mommeh paint the kitchen, hallways, moldings, doors, and the litterbox room.  I do not know what she would have done wifout us running underneaf teh dropcloth and moving it all around so she could spills paint freely on teh hallway carpet!  I wish'd we had thoughted to take before/after pikshers, but ah well.  The bafroom was aqua wif peeling grey ceiling and grey radiator - it is now a warm tan, including teh radiator, wif a smooth cream colored ceiling.  The kitchen and hall were a very scratched up white, wif all old darrrrrrrrk brown doors and moldings and more grey radiator.  Now everyfing is a beautyful french vanilla color, wif white doors and moldings!  There is just a few fings we has to touch up this week, then all the painting will be done.  Yay!  Then we gets a china cabinet for the kitchen, a runner to cover the painty spots on the hallway carpet, and ta-da, upgrade complete!  Still some fings to do in the living room but those has to wait, cause my mommeh says this stuff costs green papers.  *grumble, grumble*  Always going on about teh green papers.  Anyways, we wanted to show pikshers of us wif painties on us, but my mommeh grabbed us and make'd us wash it off right away cause she was worried it might not be safe for kittehs to go around covered in painties.  I hadded a white ear and tail, and Audrey had french vanilla whiskies!!!  But my mommeh said since we was such a big halp, we gets a reward, and we can start perusing teh innernets and picking out what heated bed we wants!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Audrey's Crabilated Face

 Yis, dis is mine crabilated face!  You doesn't sees it often, but you can tells by mine furrowed eyebrows that somefing is amiss.  Uh-huh, the house panfer is on the prowl.  Oh, WHY, you asks?  Well I'll tells you.  Tonight into tomorrow afternoon we expekting up to 20" of the whitey here.  Now, while you knows I enjoyed mine verreh first glimpse of this soft fluffy fenom... fenomin... crazy natural occurrence, I knows it's hard on my mommeh.  We lives in a place that really doesn't get plowed and she just isn't any good wif a shovel.  So this means she is off to stay at Mama's til the snowies is over, because there is family nearby there wif a snowblowy who can halps her dig out to get to The Work Place.  In turn, this ALSO means me and Attie is on our own for the next couple of days.  *Sigh.*  I adores mine big sis-ter, but as a baby ladycat I just has too much energies and I drives Attie totally crazypants if our mommeh has not wear'd me out a little bit by night.  Oh wells.  Nuffing I can do but chew on Attie's ears and try to wait it out!  We has lots of food, our automatic water thinger, blankies, toys, and clean warm spots to sleep so it can't be TOO bad.
 Come on, little Audrey.  It is okay.  Gets unner the blankie wif me and snuggle up.  Mommeh will be home soon enuff and we can watch the whitey fall at the windows togever tonight.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Schmarshmallow Stove

Oh.  My.  Cod.  Would you just look at this mess?!
This is what happens when your mommeh is halping you make shmarshmallows and she starts washing dishes instead of watching the pots of boiling sugars.

 Yes.  Two pots, two burners, two boiled-over disasters.

 About a quarter inch thick.

And look what happened to this poor burner, it is so clogged up wif burnted sugars that it won't even turn on.

 So let the cleaning begin.  First we scraped off as much as we could wif a spoon.  The sugar around that top burner was burnted brown and rock-hard.


Then we spented two hours boiling up waters, carefully pouring it over the yuck, allowing it to melt what it could, then mopping it up, and repeating that process.  Finally we gotted it as clean as possible.

 Then my mommeh wented to Walmart and gotted these thingies, for only $1.97 each.  They obviously will not fix the problem if it ever happens again, but I finks it will halp a little.  At least it is removable and can be dropped in teh sink to soak.

Audrey, come see!

 Yes, mommeh, this definitely looks better.  Unfortunately that blackened front burner may be lost.  We tried our bestest to get it all scraped out, but it must be verreh clogged inside.  And now it looks so icky, but it just will not come any cleaner, so I am trying to talk my mommeh into buying burner covers... wif kittehs on them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just a quickie.

We buy'd a new memory card but has not even take'd any pikshers yet!  My mommeh gotted home just fine after all the whitey, and we hadded warm snugglies all togever.  AND.  This morning Audrey broughted the Twinkle Mouse into my mommeh's shower.  Yup.  My mommeh hadded her orbs closed, rinsing under teh waters, and she opened them up and screamed to see a black thing suddenly in the tub wif her, but it was just BA, wif teh Twinkle Mouse.  Think she wants some attention???  Kittens.  Desperate.