Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yes, normally we would has said CatNapping, but today we realleh means CatMapping!  Check this out, we is reposting from Freya's bloggie, she make'd a mappie list where you can adds yourself's and see all teh catbloggers around teh world!!!  How super cool is that?  So we just added ourselfs (teh bright pink marker on Long Island!) and you should all adds yourselfs too, this is so much funs.  Here is teh post from Freya:

Meet all the cat bloggers around the world!

Hi, Science Freya here!
Back in 2009, I created a map where everyone can mark where they’re from, and we can all see other cat bloggers who are near to us!
It’s not just for special friends or anything, if you have a cat blog, you really should enter your details!

So far, we’ve had 91 entries, and that’s really exciting, but I’m sure that there are a lot more new bloggers since then!
So here’s the quick list of instructons of how to add your blog!
  1. go to and look if you’re already listed. (the controls to move around are at the top left, and the same as Google maps)
  2. if you’re not listed, click on additions, and then click add detailed marker

    (Click to biggify)
  3. Enter your Blog name and location.
  4. Click on the Details tab, and enter your blog website address, and any other details you’d like.

    (click to biggify)

  5. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your blog.

Here is teh link to Freya's Bloggie, if you has any questions you can asks her, she is verreh nice, or just go over to says Oh Hai and thanks her for this super cool CatMap!


  1. We are on our way to kitty Kat mapping. Cool idea
    Benny & Lily

  2. This looks like the fun! You are so smart.
    We cross post to you today!
    Love TK and Squashies

  3. Whoa! We are near each other! Thanx for sharing this kewl idea.

  4. I was added at Freya's and thinki its great.. I am a bright sunflower.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. That sounds awesome! And you are (sort of) our neighbor. :) We're going to add ourselves, too. :)

    Thanks, Attie.

  6. Yep we were there!
    I think Momma signed us up back in 2009.


  7. this is such a cool idea! I have to go and check it out! Thanks for telling us!

  8. Hi Attie Cattie & Baby Audrey! We added ourselves! This is a fun idea :-)

  9. We B on the map already...we will have to come back and see who's near us...we could Cat Nap together!

  10. I couldn't work out how to put me on the map. there wasn't any sign saying additions where i looked.


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