Thursday, February 3, 2011

Culinary Thursday: Lazy Tikka Masala

My mommeh is soooooooooooo sickies this week.  She is absolutely disgusting, snorking up a storm and habbing teh flu, so we decided to takes it easy and makes somefing hot and satisfying, wifout a lot of work.
Tikka masala is easy wif this sauce.  It is made by Patak's and you can finds it in teh ethnic aisle of your local grocery store most times.

Teh good fing about this ready-made cooking sauce is that most of teh hard stuffs is already did for you.  Teh spices are in there, the cream, etc.

So all you does is start wif half a large red onion in some oil and lets it go for a bit.

Adds in about two pounds of raw chick-hen breast you has diced up.

Cooks until teh chick-hen is almost all white.

 Then you adds in your sauce (we used 2 jars for 2lbs chick-hen, you only needs one jar per pound) and a bunch of cutted up baby tomatoes.

Cover and cook over low for 15/20 minnuts, stirring occasionally, and there you has it.  Normally this goes over basmati, but we hadded some egg noodles lying around so we just spooned it over those and it was delishus.

Pee-Ess, this snorking and heeking of my mommeh's of course means ANUVER week where we does not get to do our Nom Shop orders.  *sigh*  It is getting to be truly unbelievable but we can not cooks for uver peoples wif germies.  Also, we is finking of switching teh Nom Shop over to Etsy, our site hosting is getting to cost lots of green papers, so does anybuddy knows anyfing about selling on Etsy?  We has been buying for a long time, but neber hadded a seller account.


  1. Mmmmm, that looks yummy. I hope your mom feels better soon!

  2. How wonderful looking. I may have to try to make that for my family. Still praying for you to get well quick! The flu went through all 4 kids, but not through me or the hubby. I don't know how we didn't catch it from them.

  3. We hope that your Mommy feels better very soon!

  4. Tell mommie to feel betters soon. ♥♥♥

  5. That stuff sure looks good. Hope momma feels better
    Benny & Lily

  6. Mmmmmmmm! That sounds and looks yummy. Hope your mommy is all well very soon. We are sending up prayers for her. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. That looks so good!
    And you girls sure are great helpers.
    We are sorry but we've never been sellers on Etsy.


  8. I hope your human gave some chicken before she poured the yummy-for-humans-but-not-so-much-to-kitties sauce all over it! I also hope she feels better soon!

    We don't know anything about Esty either, although my human is kind of curious about it since she wants to sell some of her photography as fine art prints.

  9. that looks delicious!

    We hope your Mommy feels better soon!


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