Thursday, February 24, 2011

Product Review: The SunnySeat!

Over teh weekend, we hadded teh chance to review teh SunnySeat, a great new product!  Here is a video of me and Miss Cake, bof trying it out.  We did likes it!  It was nice and warm in teh window, and we could be up higher than usual to see what was happening in teh outsideys.  (sorreh teh video is dark, do not knows what happened there.)

So first we readed the 'strukshuns.

Then we spented a little sunpuddle time wif teh box it came in, just for good measure.  (We hadded to take advantage of this sunpuddle, it was teh only one we has hadded all winter around here!)

Then we gotted down to busyness.  Teh SunnySeat came'd in a few pieces.  You can sees two sukshun cups here, that we attached laters.

And here you can sees teh seat and its wires/springs.  Notice teh bottle of window cleaner - make sure you cleans your window AND all 4 sukshun cups of teh SunnySeat before you tries to attach to teh window!  You do not want to has a weak seal and go falling!

These is what came'd already attached.

And at teh base of teh seat there is a hole on either side, like this, that you pushes those separate sukshun cups into...

...Like so.

Then it is readeh to attach.  You puts teh seat on teh window first, then the wires.

Make sure you lets your adventurous little sis-ter tries it first of course.

When it seems she is not about to fall down (or explode, or anyfing crazy), you can go ups to join her and checks it out too.

Kitteh silhouette.

Seems nice and sturdy, Mommeh!

Yes it does.  And look at everyfing I can sees!

Neber been this high up in a window before...  In teh spring this will be great for BirdTV.

 *Attie's Happy Smile Face*

All in all we gives teh SunnySeat 4 paws up!  It is easy to assemble, stronger than it looks, and definitely excellent for nayberhood observayshuns.  We can not waits to has this up all teh time come summer, for sleeping in warm window sunpuddles and watching teh world go by.


  1. Wow! We wish we had one, but with all of Daisy Mae's fat, I'm not so sure it would hold us! Yikes! ~Lily Belle

  2. I am glad the suction cup part worked ok for you. I read another review where the suction cups came detached too easily, so I guess the cleaning thing is the secret.

  3. Someone blogged about theirs last week, that the suction cups didn't hold for more than a couple of hours, max, even with repeated cleaning.

    Is there a weight restriction?

  4. It must be nice to have a higher view from your sunny seat. I would like to sit in it, but I think it would crash if Eric sat in it.

  5. I am so glad Attie and Miss Cake have a very exsullunt sun seat! ♥♥♥

  6. O hai! That looks awesome. Wish they made one for goggies! :)

  7. I am so glad that this worked for you! Your review was SUPERB!!!

    I am the one who had it fall off multiple times (even after cleaning the suction cups and windows multiple times) I used window cleaner one time, vinegar and water another time, even soap and water!

    What was your secret? (I'm not being smart, I am seriously hoping you can give me a tip so I can try mine again)

  8. Excellent photos and explaination on efurrything! You look like you enjoy it!

  9. Wow, looks like you two really enjoyed that new seat. We are thinking about getting one. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Most of the kitties I've seen try this out seem to like it lots!

  11. Great review Audrey and Attie.
    THAT looks like a lot of fun!!


  12. You did an excellent review, girls. But I think I would be a little bit scared to try something like that.

    Your friend

  13. What a great seat! We would love to have one too...but I think Wally is too fat and it would fall down if he got on it.



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