Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Vallentimes Surprise!

We wanted to post this earlier, but we is having some major prollems wif uploading pikshers onto teh computer.  It seems we has used ALL our free space...  Hm.  Is a lotta kitteh!  Must figure out some solution soon, but anyways, today we wants to show you teh pawsome surprise we gotted from auntees and her kittehs Molly and Gray for Vallentimes!!!  It came'd in teh mails and my mommeh broughted it home and it was just teh fing to gives us all a smile.
 Miss Cake, come see, we has a prezzie!  I sees fevvers...!

Oh boys, a card, how cute, who is it from?

 I will reads it, Attie.

 It is from auntees!!!  And her kittehs, Molly and Gray!  How foughtful.  Look, here is Molly watchin her sportie programs.  Hai, Molly!

 Move over, I wants to see too.

Oh and here is Gray, all snuggled up, hai Gray!

 Wow, Attie, just lookit all this stuffs!

 Our furrends sure is nice!
 Open these bags right up, mommeh, these is new Temtayshuns flayvors we has never seed afore!

 Mmmm, delishus!
 Nom!  Hits teh spot!

 This is mine new favorite toy.  I wanted him out of teh package RIGHTNOW, mol.  And he has definitely been mine toy of teh week, I carries him all over teh place.  And as you can sees, I decided right away that he would be mine.  Sorreh, big sis-ter.


  1. What a great pressie! Audrey, it is pretty clear you have claimed that toy for your verreh own.

  2. Maybe a small jump drive? I have a 3gb one I use off and on.

  3. Hi Attie! Hi Audrey! Wow what a cool Valentines surprise! Mom said if you are out of room in blogger you can buy more for like $5 a year but if it is your computer you would need a bigger drive - they sell tons of different kinds for that (mom has a bunch).

  4. Love all the pictures and video...we have given you an award, you can pick it up on our site. Hugs and kisses

  5. Oh you precious babies! Mommy still loves you so much. I do too.

  6. What lovely furiends you have! At least they sent a toy for each of you, and a package of treats each, too!

    Audrey, you are a funny one, running away with your present, so you could have it all to yourself! I guess it was like an early birthday present, too!

    What lucky kitty girls you are!

  7. Oh good Amy told you if you have got the 1MG of free space on your blog then you will have to purchase more -- Mom had to do that last year. It's only $5. If you delete any pictures off your computer those will disappear off of your blog too.
    Just sayin....if it's your computer a back up drive is always a good idea to store stuff on. Mom learned ... she backs up using two different external hard drives.


  8. I love how Audrey ran away with the loot!!! Too funny!

    You got some wonderful "Vallentimes" presents! Probably because you are such sweethearts!

  9. You two have furry good friends! what great pressents! Audrey, you are very silleh. Have fun with the toys!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Wowza! What a great cache! You two look like you were having fun with it all too!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. That's a great Valentine's present you got!!!

  12. Look at all that cool stuff. We love fishies
    Benny & Lily


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