Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surgery Complete!

Wow, fank you all for your caring words and purrs, Miss Cake was truly touched to hear she has so many wunnerful furriends.  Her ladygardenectomy went fine, but she is apparently not good wif anasthesia.  She was still asleep for teh first two hours we was home, and when she wake'd up she was in a verreh bad mood indeed.  She started running around like a crazypants, just careening headfirst into everyfing.  She loudly demanded waters and foods, which we was told not to gives her til morning, but she would not stop screaming so my mommeh gave'd in and she got just a lot of waters and just a little dry Instinct crunchies.  Wait til you sees her trying to get teh foods wif teh cone on her head - sad, but HILARIOUS.  Since she was having such a hard time, my mommeh make'd teh mistake of trying to halps her by feeding her teh kibbles one by one, and talk about biting teh hand that feeds you, woo, Audrey put teh bitey on my mommeh like I has never see'd before.  One top toof and one bottom toof all teh way through a finger.  We thoughted we was gonna needs eben more stitches in this house last night, sheesh, but it finally stopped bleeding and now my mommeh says it is just realleh hurty.  My sis-ter says she is sorreh about it now.  She says she did not know what she was doing.  Coming out of teh sleepies she just felt realleh wild and insane and could not controls herself, and since she had been deprived of foods and waters for 24 hours she thoughted she was starving to death and just violently tried to get any piece of foods she could.  Now she is definitely more collected.  She spent teh night trying to sleep sitting up in teh corner of teh heatie bed.  (It is too hard for her to lie down wif that thing on her head.)  She was verreh quiet and subdued this morning, extremely unusual for her, and she letted my mommeh take teh bandage off her leg from teh IV.  And then she did somefing miraculous.  She purred, and made biscuits!!!  Now, making biscuits is a normal happeh fing I does all teh time, and most of you too, but Miss Cake has neber once make'd biscuits.  Eber.  Not a single time.  So my mommeh almost cried at what must have been Audrey's heartfelt "fank you, mommeh" for removing teh uncomfortable bandage.  My mommeh lefted her all set and snuggled in teh heatie bed today before she left for teh Work Place.  It is my job to watch over her til she comes home.  I do not minds keeping an eye on teh baby, howeber, I will admit I is completely afraid of that thingie on her head.  When she gets near me wif it I growls and backs away.  I fink it is hurting her feelings, but I can not halps it, I does not means to.  So I will keeps a eyes on her from a distance today.  We has pikshers and video but no chance to load onto teh computer yet so those will be coming soon, just wanted to post this update for all our furrends who left such wunnerful wishes for her!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh shrimps, we is so behind!

Sorreh furrends, we has realleh been bloggie slackers lately. It is just we has been so verreh busy and so has my mommeh. First she was all heeking and snorking again, and then she hadded a snake in her hairs. (Do not ask, has just been insanity in our corner of teh world lately.) Anyways, we is sooooooooo behinds wif visits and comments and answering kwestions that we does not knows whete to begin. I remembers one kwestion has been sented in a lot recently, regarding our new foods. To expands on what was asked, we.does not get crunchies. We knows lots of you gets you meals, and a bowl full of crunchies out all teh time for wheneber you wants some. Howeber, we has been advized against that, being told "grazing" can lead to diabetes and other complikayshuns. So we eats just once a day, when my mommeh gets home from teh Work Place, and no snacks in between except treats when we is good girls. Audrey eats one raw medallion and she is full, but she is teeny at only five pounds, so she does not need too much and she does not has an appetite to speak of. (She acts like a starving stray at dinnertime, and eats voraciously for like one minnit, then wanders off and my mommeh has to walk after her sometimes to reminds her to finish her foods.) I eats one and a half to two medallions, depending on how I is feeling that day. I weighs eight pounds. We has thirty minnits for our dinner, and then our bowls is take'd away and that is that. This is all on teh advice of our holistic v-e-t, and is all going swimmingly. We knows our routine and we showd my mommeh all teh time how great we feels.

Now as for Miss Cake's ladygardenectomy, that happens tomorrow. She is not excited. Originally we had planned a laparoscopic surgery wif our holistic guy, but then we founded out he wanted almost two thousand green papers for it. Ummmm, YIKES. And unfortunately he only does laparoscopics so she is being packed off to a conventional v-e-t for a regular old classic ladygardenectomy. And they required her to has two vaccinayshins last week before they would book tomorrow's appointment, which you all knows my mommeh disagrees wif, but when faced wif this choice we did what we hadda. Cause we does NOT has two thousand green papers just hanging around teh litterbox or anyfing. And her surgery is necessary - any health reasons aside, she is all yowly and trilly and twirly and peed on my mommeh's knitting bag and faborit bafmat. So. You knows. Yeah.

So you will definitely all gets to see Miss Cake's embarassing pikshers afterward, and hears teh story of my ladygardenectomy that almost killed me, teh reason we wanted Audrey's to be laparoscpic, but that is all to come in teh next few days. Right now I is posting from a touch screen mobile phone, and you has no idea how long it just took trying to types this all out wif paws.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

New ID Charms

Yes, it is definitely a time for new fings around here.  Must has to do wif some warmer weather rolling around - we was even able to get in some window whiffing time recently!  But anyways, my mommeh decided we need new ID's, just in case one of us falls out a window or somefing.  Audrey has never hadded a ID tag at all, and mine was ugly and still said our old address.  So we gotted these as a present, for just being good girls!
They is our favorite colors of course.  Mine is pink, wif "Princess" and a crown on teh front, and my name, address, and phone number on teh back.  Audrey's is obviously teh purple one wif her name on it, and the rest of her info on teh other side.  We looks verreh glamorous wif our new tags.  Audrey's goes perfectly wif her new topaz collar, and mine will looks even better on teh collar my mommeh has ordered for my 4th birfday in April.  My Good Girl Collar is finally wearing out, so we has a replacement coming, but we putted teh new tag on my current collar anyways, just in case.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our New Foods Station!

Okay so realleh it is just a verreh old two-tiered end table, but we likes to repurpose cool stuff around here if we can.  You may remember it was what we was using to holds our teevee up, and we hadded our heatie bed unner it.  Howevers, teh teevee is now holded on this:
Fancy now, no?  Just FYI, my mommeh putted all that togever ALL BY HERSELF, which i fink is pretteh cool.  And now we has a cool fake heatie fireplace for cold nights.  Just looking at teh flames move is nice, but when that heater goes on, woo!  Anyways, teh arrival of teh fireplace means our heatie bed gotted moved, and we is currently setted up wif that on teh end corner of teh couch:
Look at Miss Cake, all limbs, takin up all teh room.  *shakes head*  Teh fings I puts up wif.  So now that teh two-tiered table has no use, we will repurrrrrpose it!  My mommeh has putted it in teh kitchen and setted up our Brand New water fountain on top, and our bowls on teh bottom, and voila!  New foods station!  (Um, looooving our new fountain by the way, we just gotted it a couple days ago and we finally unnerstands why all our furrends raves about theirs.)
Plenty of room for little kittehs to climb up and enjoy teh premium fare.
My mommeh will paints it blue soon for us so it will match our Alice In Wunnerland themed kitchen, but for now this is what it looks like.  Not bad huh?  My mommeh likes that our foods is up off teh floor, especially  now that we is eating raw.  She's afraid we will gets ants in our bowls!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Raw, Day 7 - And our thoughts on raw diet after one week.

Day 7 now, and we tried mixing some stinky goodness in wif teh meat medallions.  Well!  Miss Cake simply scarfed her dinner down.  Srsly.  Was gone before I could eben count to elebenty.

And of course, I gotted some mixed wif mine as well, cause you knows you can not smells teh goodness and not gets teh goodness!  So this seems to be teh best solution, fanks to all who suggested we try this!  My mommeh only putted a spoonful of teh canned stink in wif teh medallion and mushed it all togever, so we is thinking every day or two just add a teensy bit less of teh stink til it is all medallion.

And now that we has been trying this new diet for a whole week, what do we fnks of it?  Well aside from Madam Audrey's peculiar reluctance, we loves it.  Even though she has not realleh been eating teh medallions, she has still been getting teh Instinct kibbles.  Honestly, we finks this line of products is amazing, and no we did not gets any for free or get paid to say nice fings about it.  We just realleh feels it is good for us!  Audrey is a ball of energies, even more so than before.  (Who knew that was possible?)  Her furs is softer and shiner after just 7 days - she is sleek but has kinda wiry furs, or so we thoughted, cause now her furs are softer to teh touch and definitely feeling more plush.  As for me, I is positively kittenish again!  Now I knows I am no old lady by any means, but I just didn't realleh feel like playing much the last year or so.  I lost interest in all fevver wands and games of fetch, and mostly just sat around and let Audrey play wif my tail.  My mommeh thoughted it was just that I was finally all grow'd up.  (I will be 4 in April.)  But since I has been trying this new foods I is so much more alert and energetic, and I is back to begging to play all teh time, and ZOOMING around teh whole place, tearing it completely apart in my daring games and attempts to catch Miss Cake.  This has my mommeh truly astounded so far, seeing as it has just been one week, and we waits to see what other changes this new diet might bring.  Oh, and a note for teh beans - NO litterbox smell.  That's right.  Zero.  On our old foods, you could smell a #2 from teh other side of teh house, and even after it was scooped the scent would linger.  No more!  Since this is so much easier to digest and it is all usable nutrition (as opposed to grains/fillers/etc) we now makes much smaller poops that have pretty much no stink.  My mommeh is most thrilled about this part we fink, because it means no more doodie perfume in the middle of her trying to eat her dinner.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Going Raw, Day 6

I knows, I knows, you is all appalled about yesterday and my lack of meats!  I tells you, my mommeh is a flake.  But I suppose teh medallion denial was good for me, as it turns out I must resigns mineself to a meatless fate once a week. My mommeh stays wif Mama one night every week so we is on our own then, and seeing as how raw meat can not just be lefted out we will be getting teh Instinct kibbles in our bowls in teh morning before she leaves.  Audrey will be happeh, but me?  *sigh*
Well we is deciding to try some advice from you, our furrends, to see if we can get Miss Cake interested in teh meats. (Mmm, teh meats..)  So today we take'd teh suggestion given by a few of you, to press teh kibbles into teh medallion, so when she wented for teh kibble she would gets meats too.  Well...
Yeah so that was that.  We wrapped it up in teh fridge and tried again later, wif about teh same amount of success. Eventually she make'd it through almost a whole medallion that way, but apparently did not enjoys it.  Well, tomorrow we tries teh stinky goodness suggestion.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going Raw, Day 5 (Someone is slackin. Jus sayin.)

We only hadded teh Instinct kibble today, on account of SOMEone... of course we will not says who...  forgotted to defrost teh meats.  Audrey did not cares, but I was looking for my meats!  Now that I has had it, mine primal Bengalness demands teh meats!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going Raw, Day 4

We does not usually post on weekends, we is weekday bloggers for teh most part, but we is trying to keep this transishun going smoothly, so here we goes on a Saturday wif day 4 of teh great experiment.  (On day 7 we will does a week's end opinion and recap!)

Well my mommeh did bring Miss Cake into teh bafroom for her own private foods time, but she freaked out!  She has never been stuck'd inside a room like that, and when teh door shut she abandoned any thoughts of foods at all and just started to cry and cry.  We hadded to leave her like that for a while to see if she would stop and go eat, but she just cried louder every minute and eventually we hadded to go lets her out.  Not a bit of her foods had been touched, and she ran straight to me for comfort, MOL.  Little wuss.

EDIT:  Later, my mommeh heard a noise at teh food bowl and wented to have a look.   No time to grab teh flashy box, but there was Audrey eating a piece of chick-hen medallion!  She only hadded about a third of it and then wented right back to teh kibbles, but it still made my mommeh hop all around doing teh happeh dance.  Maybe she will comes around after all.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Raw, Day 3

Day 3 of our transishun to raw foods.  *sigh*  Before you plays this video, please unnerstand that my mommeh was a little tipsy.  I always pours her a glass of wine when she comes home from teh Work Place, but she hadded a realleh bad day so I may have give'd her MORE than one glass...  Sorreh.  But it is all teh record we has of day 3 so we has to shows it, MOL!!!  Oh cod, here we goes...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Raw, Day 2

All rights, so, for our second day trying to go raw, we did pretteh much teh same as day 1.  Old food mixed wif a bit more of teh new kibble this time, and today half a chick-hen medallion each.  (Yesterday was beef.)

Trying to show wif teh camera, Audrey ignored teh medallion again and wented straight for teh dry food.

But after quite a long bout of sniffing, I decided to give this chick-hen medallion a try.... And I liked it!  Okay, so day 2 is definitely a little bit betters.  I am coming around, but we is wondering if Audrey will give in soon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Raw, Day 1

Okay so here we go, we is beginning our raw/rotation diet!  After much research, we settled on teh same brand Daisy and Harley eat, and sented my mommeh out to teh store.  She got two small bags of raw frozen medallions, and a bag of the "matching" kibble.  We is starting out wif teh basic flavors of beef and chick-hen, since all this is new to us, and we does not wants to get turned off by some strange exotic flavor at first.

Miss Cake inspecting teh packaging.

For our verreh first try, we gotted our old food, a spoonful of teh new kibble, and half a beef medallion in each bowl.

I liked teh kibble mix, but decided teh lump of raw smushy stuff belonged on teh floor.


And notice that Audrey is nowhere to be see'd.  One sniff of teh medallion and she wanted nothing to do wif her bowl.  She did come back later to eats teh kibbles, but my mommeh ended up having to takes teh meat away.  Well, we is not used to this!  Maybe tomorrow we will change our minds.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Visit Wif a Holistic V-E-T

Well I will starts by saying it was ALMOST as bad as a visit wif a regular V-E-T.  I hates this stuff.  I mean I really hates it.  I put teh bitey on my last V-E-T.  Hard.  But he deserved it anyway on account of he make'd mine ear bleed.  But more on mine ears later.

So we decided to starts up wif holistic care just for a healthful change and to gets a opinion on what we is planning wif our foods situation.  I had not been to teh dokter for a while, and Audrey had not been since she was a baby, so it was definitely time.  But my mommeh says she does not agree wif all teh vaccinayshuns and deworming medicayshuns and stuff required by most V-E-T's.  For example, teh last place she tried to makes a 'pointment at demanded Audrey be dewormed even though she did not needs it, and also demanded we gets 4 shots each that we also did not need, and that made my mommeh verreh unhappeh.  She finks it is putting unnecessary poisons in our little bodies!  So she did some research and finally settled on who to takes us to, and oh cod, off we wented.


I loathes teh carrier.  LOATHES.  I always pees and poops in it, cause I gets so scared and angry about it, but my mommeh has noticed that since we gots Audrey, if she is in there wif me it it seems to calm me down just enough so I does not do that.  So we wented in togever and "sang" teh entire way.  Well realleh I is teh screamer.  Audrey just copies her big sis-ter.

 Ever teh fearless and intrepid explorer, Miss Cake took teh place over as soon as teh carrier door opened.

 Meee... not so much.  I is afraid of everyfing, and I spented as much time under a desk as I could.

 My little sis-ter even came'd down to protekt me.  She knows when I is upset and comes to mine aid.

 This is mine terrified peek.  After this one look I just could not takes it anymore.

Teh best fing to do is to hide in my mommeh's arms.

 Getting smaller and smaller...

 Until I's up to mine ears, like this.  And that is ezackly how I stayed til teh assistant peoples take'd me away to clean mine ears.  When that was done, I was akshully relieved to get back in teh carrier cause I know'd we was going home.

My mommeh was verreh satisfied wif our visit.  We did not get forced or pushed to unnecessary injekshuns or medikayshuns, and teh holisitc V-E-T approves entirely of teh raw diet we is beginning this week.  We hadded our weights taken, our teefs examined, our eyes looked at, our tummehs palpitated, our tempachers taken (ouchies, and ewwww).  Then Miss Cake hadded her pre-op testing, for which they steel'd her bloods and peepees.  She did not likes that, and she is embarrassed now by teh shaved patch on her back leg where they hadded to steels her bloods.  She even hadded a sonogram to check that all her internals was in teh right spot so there would be no surprises on surgery day.  Then my mommeh asked for my ears to be cleaned, which I always scream about, because it is No Fun.  But she can not gets it clean enough wif a q-tip at home so they did it thoroughly there wif a herbal disinfectant solution, and I has to say, mine ears feel great.  I has a tendency to build up gunkies in my left one, and then it becomes a infekshun, so we tries to keep on top of teh prollem.  And this time, nobuddy make'd mine ear bleed.  This place is obviously miles better than our last place.  Everyfing is done as naturally as possible there, wif herbs, natural remedies, reiki, and diet being teh first lines of treatment.  My mommeh is happeh that we will not immediately jump to potentially harmful medikayshuns unless needed.

Still, nokitteh likes going to any kind of V-E-T, and we showed our feelings appropriately.  I was quite cranky wif my mommeh, and would not talks to her for a few hours afterward, until she gotted out teh heatie blankie and I reluctantly crawled underneath wif her and forgive'd her.  Miss Cake also had a cranky for a while, cause of her leg, but she cheered right up after she was treated to a little ride.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going Au Naturale!

But not teh nakie kind.  We is going to has a life transishun!  We hadded our first visit wif a holistic V-E-T this weekend, to be sure we gotted off on teh right foot, and now we will be progressing toward holistic living.  Yes, yes, we sure is fancy these days.  So stay tuned to teh bloggie.  Beginning tomorrow we will be talking about seeing teh holistic V-E-T, documenting our progress concerning eating raw, Audrey's upcoming laparoscopic ladygardenectomy, and more.

(Pee-Ess, so sorreh for not visiting lately.  As you can see, we has been super busy planning and such, but we has lots of you we needs to get back to wif answers to your kwestions, etc.)