Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Visit Wif a Holistic V-E-T

Well I will starts by saying it was ALMOST as bad as a visit wif a regular V-E-T.  I hates this stuff.  I mean I really hates it.  I put teh bitey on my last V-E-T.  Hard.  But he deserved it anyway on account of he make'd mine ear bleed.  But more on mine ears later.

So we decided to starts up wif holistic care just for a healthful change and to gets a opinion on what we is planning wif our foods situation.  I had not been to teh dokter for a while, and Audrey had not been since she was a baby, so it was definitely time.  But my mommeh says she does not agree wif all teh vaccinayshuns and deworming medicayshuns and stuff required by most V-E-T's.  For example, teh last place she tried to makes a 'pointment at demanded Audrey be dewormed even though she did not needs it, and also demanded we gets 4 shots each that we also did not need, and that made my mommeh verreh unhappeh.  She finks it is putting unnecessary poisons in our little bodies!  So she did some research and finally settled on who to takes us to, and oh cod, off we wented.


I loathes teh carrier.  LOATHES.  I always pees and poops in it, cause I gets so scared and angry about it, but my mommeh has noticed that since we gots Audrey, if she is in there wif me it it seems to calm me down just enough so I does not do that.  So we wented in togever and "sang" teh entire way.  Well realleh I is teh screamer.  Audrey just copies her big sis-ter.

 Ever teh fearless and intrepid explorer, Miss Cake took teh place over as soon as teh carrier door opened.

 Meee... not so much.  I is afraid of everyfing, and I spented as much time under a desk as I could.

 My little sis-ter even came'd down to protekt me.  She knows when I is upset and comes to mine aid.

 This is mine terrified peek.  After this one look I just could not takes it anymore.

Teh best fing to do is to hide in my mommeh's arms.

 Getting smaller and smaller...

 Until I's up to mine ears, like this.  And that is ezackly how I stayed til teh assistant peoples take'd me away to clean mine ears.  When that was done, I was akshully relieved to get back in teh carrier cause I know'd we was going home.

My mommeh was verreh satisfied wif our visit.  We did not get forced or pushed to unnecessary injekshuns or medikayshuns, and teh holisitc V-E-T approves entirely of teh raw diet we is beginning this week.  We hadded our weights taken, our teefs examined, our eyes looked at, our tummehs palpitated, our tempachers taken (ouchies, and ewwww).  Then Miss Cake hadded her pre-op testing, for which they steel'd her bloods and peepees.  She did not likes that, and she is embarrassed now by teh shaved patch on her back leg where they hadded to steels her bloods.  She even hadded a sonogram to check that all her internals was in teh right spot so there would be no surprises on surgery day.  Then my mommeh asked for my ears to be cleaned, which I always scream about, because it is No Fun.  But she can not gets it clean enough wif a q-tip at home so they did it thoroughly there wif a herbal disinfectant solution, and I has to say, mine ears feel great.  I has a tendency to build up gunkies in my left one, and then it becomes a infekshun, so we tries to keep on top of teh prollem.  And this time, nobuddy make'd mine ear bleed.  This place is obviously miles better than our last place.  Everyfing is done as naturally as possible there, wif herbs, natural remedies, reiki, and diet being teh first lines of treatment.  My mommeh is happeh that we will not immediately jump to potentially harmful medikayshuns unless needed.

Still, nokitteh likes going to any kind of V-E-T, and we showed our feelings appropriately.  I was quite cranky wif my mommeh, and would not talks to her for a few hours afterward, until she gotted out teh heatie blankie and I reluctantly crawled underneath wif her and forgive'd her.  Miss Cake also had a cranky for a while, cause of her leg, but she cheered right up after she was treated to a little ride.


  1. Oh, Miss Attie, you really WERE trying to make yourself as teeny tiny as possible!

    You new VET sounds like somebody your Mom can be happy with, so that is very good.

  2. It sounds like you got a great vet! Attie, I like to make myself as tiny as possible when I go to the vet, too.

    Our vet is against routine vaccinations, and Harley is Not Allowed to have any vaccines on account of his EGC.

  3. Oh Miss Attie, seeing you so teeny tiny in your mommy's arms just made my mommy smile and smile because I do the same thing. I also sing Klingon Opera allll the way to the v-e-t and all the way back. But when I am there, I am a baby girl again. I hate going so bad. Mommy hates me to get those shots too I never go out and she said there is no need. They make me verruh sicks too. I am miserable with them. I went 6 years without one and finally, she had to cave and have me get one. She said to my new v-e-t that I have had for 3 years, that she'd rather not make me have one and they have not tried to insist.

    Miss Cake is just such a loving and good sisfur. And mommy and I send kisses to you both. xoxox

  4. We totally agree with your Mom about the shots etc. Our Mom doesn't really think we need all those silly shots. We have some cats around here that never every have had a shot or anything and they seem to be just fine. I think the first ones are important but after that the kitties don't need any more.

  5. we have been going to a holistic vet for 12 years and we are so much better for it. Our vet does not believe in all the shots either and also does acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy! Chica is 19 and has had CRF for 4 years and is doing fine on natural treatment - bet she would not be doing so well on western meds.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  6. Poor babies! They look absolutely terrified! But at least nothing bad happened to them at the vet (well, not too bad, anyway).

    It's so cute the way Attie tries to disappear into your arms. Audrey seems more curious than anything.

    I agree, too, that there are way too many injections. Since my cats go outside, they need shots, but I refuse to get them on an annual basis. The vets always try to sell you on that, but it's not necessary. Some of these vaccines last up to three years.

  7. We're so glad you new v-e-t visit went so well! We wish there was a holistic vet that lived closer to us because we would go there for sure. Instead, our mom doesn't let us get vaccinated on a yearly basis...only rabies because that's what the law says we hafta do.

  8. Attie you looked so cute all snuggled up tiny in your mommy's arms. We are glad the new vet was nice to you and did not hurt you when they cleaned your ears. We wish you all the very best with the new doctor. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. I'm glad your visit went well, girls! Your vet sounds very wholesome and healthy.

  10. Granted, I hate vets at least as much and probably more than most kitties, but your new one sounds pawsome!

  11. Oh you poor baby having to endure the torture chamber. That v-e-t is lucky you ONLY bit the finger
    Benny & Lily

  12. Your new Vet and holistic regimen are very interesting! We do not get shots either; since we are a closed colony and newbies are quarantined.
    Johnny gets his entire 20 pounds under our Mommy's shirt to hide!

  13. Your new vet sounds very nice, or at least as nice as a vet can be. We smiled at how small you made yourself.

  14. How sweet you look all balled up in mommy's arms up to your ears! I'm glad you were happy there, or happier.

  15. Attie, our mom is like yours about the injections, especially since we are only inside kitties! And smidgen gets very skeered too - actually we each do but we don't comfort each other - you and Audrey are good sisfurs. We have to drive an hour to our holistic v-e-t and we sing "99 bottles of niptinis on the wall" :) We bet the new diet will help your ear gunkies. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, and HOllie

  16. Very thorough repurrting! And very good photos to show us all exactly what happened while you were at the new vets, too. Yep, you new diet might help your ears if it's due to allergies, too. That would be great! And we loved the wild ride video!

  17. I don't allow either baby to receive shots now. My last baby, Molly, developed feline carcinoma at the injection site. They say that the new vaccines reduce the risk, but my babies are indoor only and are never allowed outside so why risk it?


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