Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Raw, Day 3

Day 3 of our transishun to raw foods.  *sigh*  Before you plays this video, please unnerstand that my mommeh was a little tipsy.  I always pours her a glass of wine when she comes home from teh Work Place, but she hadded a realleh bad day so I may have give'd her MORE than one glass...  Sorreh.  But it is all teh record we has of day 3 so we has to shows it, MOL!!!  Oh cod, here we goes...


  1. Hmmm... not sure I like the sound of this diet..

  2. Wowie, Attie, you love your medallion! One thing that worked for me is if you take a medallion and then push the kibble into the medallion then Audrey will end up tasting some of the raw. Once she actually tastes some, I think she will like it!

  3. Attie is quite the huntress!

    Maybe you should let Audrey have just the new kibble for a couple of days and then when you know it doesn't upset her tummy, try giving her only the medallion (or half) without any kibble. Might she would like it better cut into pieces too?

    The video is such fun!

  4. You certainly have the taste for the medallions now Attie. We hope Audrey soon likes them too.

  5. this whole transition is quite it super expensive?

  6. Wow Attie, you really like that raw food! I guess Audrey has yet to be convinced.

  7. Attie
    I think you were looking for another medallion!
    Audrey you just weren't interested ... at least right now. It may take just a bit longer for you to become interested.

  8. Looks like the raw food is a big hit with you, Attie! Audrey, not so much (yet).

  9. Attie, we liked you going primal! :D We are glad your mommeh is not going to give up on Audrey. We really suggest trying to mix some stinky goodness (NV even) with Audrey's kibbles. Pip and Smidgen were hard sells and even recently Hollie. Our mom is still mixing stinky goodness with her raw - about 40/60.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie


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