Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going Raw, Day 4

We does not usually post on weekends, we is weekday bloggers for teh most part, but we is trying to keep this transishun going smoothly, so here we goes on a Saturday wif day 4 of teh great experiment.  (On day 7 we will does a week's end opinion and recap!)

Well my mommeh did bring Miss Cake into teh bafroom for her own private foods time, but she freaked out!  She has never been stuck'd inside a room like that, and when teh door shut she abandoned any thoughts of foods at all and just started to cry and cry.  We hadded to leave her like that for a while to see if she would stop and go eat, but she just cried louder every minute and eventually we hadded to go lets her out.  Not a bit of her foods had been touched, and she ran straight to me for comfort, MOL.  Little wuss.

EDIT:  Later, my mommeh heard a noise at teh food bowl and wented to have a look.   No time to grab teh flashy box, but there was Audrey eating a piece of chick-hen medallion!  She only hadded about a third of it and then wented right back to teh kibbles, but it still made my mommeh hop all around doing teh happeh dance.  Maybe she will comes around after all.


  1. I bet Audrey DOES come around!! Those chicken medallions look yum.

  2. Audrey is just like a small child. She really likes it but doesn't want Mommy to know!

  3. I've been reading your posts with interest. I tried the medallions a couple years ago but they just wouldn't recognize them as food and Scooby is sooo addicted to dry! I think I tried to transition too fast.
    Now I'm seriously considering trying again after reading this. -SSS's mom

  4. I am greatly interested in the raw food diet because cats are carnivores, I have read extensively about transitioning but due to financial constraints haven't been able to start yet, from what I have read, the experts (DVM's specializing in raw food and holistic) say take up all dry food, mix small amount of raw with stinky goodness to start, gradually add in more raw, feed three times a day. I'm not the expert and not trying to sound like a know-it-all but our cats are so addicted to dry I think they will always choose it over raw at the beginning so if its removed and the raw mixed with can they don't have the choice of the dry.

  5. Well we hope that Miss Cakes will develop a taste for the medallion. Attie is already loving it!


  6. I KNOW that if Audrey had the chance, she would catch and eat a birdie. So she just needs to figure out that this is kind of the same thing, sorta. Without the hunting part.

  7. you are making us hungry again
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hooray for Audrey trying the medallion!


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