Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Raw, Day 7 - And our thoughts on raw diet after one week.

Day 7 now, and we tried mixing some stinky goodness in wif teh meat medallions.  Well!  Miss Cake simply scarfed her dinner down.  Srsly.  Was gone before I could eben count to elebenty.

And of course, I gotted some mixed wif mine as well, cause you knows you can not smells teh goodness and not gets teh goodness!  So this seems to be teh best solution, fanks to all who suggested we try this!  My mommeh only putted a spoonful of teh canned stink in wif teh medallion and mushed it all togever, so we is thinking every day or two just add a teensy bit less of teh stink til it is all medallion.

And now that we has been trying this new diet for a whole week, what do we fnks of it?  Well aside from Madam Audrey's peculiar reluctance, we loves it.  Even though she has not realleh been eating teh medallions, she has still been getting teh Instinct kibbles.  Honestly, we finks this line of products is amazing, and no we did not gets any for free or get paid to say nice fings about it.  We just realleh feels it is good for us!  Audrey is a ball of energies, even more so than before.  (Who knew that was possible?)  Her furs is softer and shiner after just 7 days - she is sleek but has kinda wiry furs, or so we thoughted, cause now her furs are softer to teh touch and definitely feeling more plush.  As for me, I is positively kittenish again!  Now I knows I am no old lady by any means, but I just didn't realleh feel like playing much the last year or so.  I lost interest in all fevver wands and games of fetch, and mostly just sat around and let Audrey play wif my tail.  My mommeh thoughted it was just that I was finally all grow'd up.  (I will be 4 in April.)  But since I has been trying this new foods I is so much more alert and energetic, and I is back to begging to play all teh time, and ZOOMING around teh whole place, tearing it completely apart in my daring games and attempts to catch Miss Cake.  This has my mommeh truly astounded so far, seeing as it has just been one week, and we waits to see what other changes this new diet might bring.  Oh, and a note for teh beans - NO litterbox smell.  That's right.  Zero.  On our old foods, you could smell a #2 from teh other side of teh house, and even after it was scooped the scent would linger.  No more!  Since this is so much easier to digest and it is all usable nutrition (as opposed to grains/fillers/etc) we now makes much smaller poops that have pretty much no stink.  My mommeh is most thrilled about this part we fink, because it means no more doodie perfume in the middle of her trying to eat her dinner.


  1. Well that is all pretty amazing and good! Do you only get the one meal each day? Or do you have kibble on its own another time? I like to eat small meals several times a day and have kibble out all the time, thouuh I much prefer the moist foods.

  2. My Mommeh also loves the small non-stinky poops effect, too!

  3. Yay! What a pawsome report today! We are glad to hear the good news with Audrey. We were worried you mommeh might get discouraged. Isn't it amazing the difference diet makes for your furs and energies?

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  4. It took long enough for Audrey to start eating the raw food! But who am I to talk? The one time my human brought home raw for us, we - all of us - rejected it out of paw.

  5. That food sounds very good. We are glad Audrey eventually decided she would eat it.

  6. We are glad that you both are now enjoying your new diet, it sounds to us like it is much better for you and we think that is wonderful!


  7. Very glad everyone is settling in with the new diet. Baby steps worked!

  8. Well, you sure make eating raw sound great!!

  9. Well this is astounding!
    Miss Cake is going for it finally, and it has made a difference in your lives.
    Mom is still seriously considering this after your great job of reporting for the week.

    We'd like to know your feeding schedule too. Twice a day with kibble all day or kibble only on the day she is gone? What is recommended?


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