Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh shrimps, we is so behind!

Sorreh furrends, we has realleh been bloggie slackers lately. It is just we has been so verreh busy and so has my mommeh. First she was all heeking and snorking again, and then she hadded a snake in her hairs. (Do not ask, has just been insanity in our corner of teh world lately.) Anyways, we is sooooooooo behinds wif visits and comments and answering kwestions that we does not knows whete to begin. I remembers one kwestion has been sented in a lot recently, regarding our new foods. To expands on what was asked, we.does not get crunchies. We knows lots of you gets you meals, and a bowl full of crunchies out all teh time for wheneber you wants some. Howeber, we has been advized against that, being told "grazing" can lead to diabetes and other complikayshuns. So we eats just once a day, when my mommeh gets home from teh Work Place, and no snacks in between except treats when we is good girls. Audrey eats one raw medallion and she is full, but she is teeny at only five pounds, so she does not need too much and she does not has an appetite to speak of. (She acts like a starving stray at dinnertime, and eats voraciously for like one minnit, then wanders off and my mommeh has to walk after her sometimes to reminds her to finish her foods.) I eats one and a half to two medallions, depending on how I is feeling that day. I weighs eight pounds. We has thirty minnits for our dinner, and then our bowls is take'd away and that is that. This is all on teh advice of our holistic v-e-t, and is all going swimmingly. We knows our routine and we showd my mommeh all teh time how great we feels.

Now as for Miss Cake's ladygardenectomy, that happens tomorrow. She is not excited. Originally we had planned a laparoscopic surgery wif our holistic guy, but then we founded out he wanted almost two thousand green papers for it. Ummmm, YIKES. And unfortunately he only does laparoscopics so she is being packed off to a conventional v-e-t for a regular old classic ladygardenectomy. And they required her to has two vaccinayshins last week before they would book tomorrow's appointment, which you all knows my mommeh disagrees wif, but when faced wif this choice we did what we hadda. Cause we does NOT has two thousand green papers just hanging around teh litterbox or anyfing. And her surgery is necessary - any health reasons aside, she is all yowly and trilly and twirly and peed on my mommeh's knitting bag and faborit bafmat. So. You knows. Yeah.

So you will definitely all gets to see Miss Cake's embarassing pikshers afterward, and hears teh story of my ladygardenectomy that almost killed me, teh reason we wanted Audrey's to be laparoscpic, but that is all to come in teh next few days. Right now I is posting from a touch screen mobile phone, and you has no idea how long it just took trying to types this all out wif paws.
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  1. We nearly fainted, reading you get fed only once a day. :-P

    Lots of purrs for Audrey's ladygardectomy. We hope it goes smoothly...odds are it will, even though it didn't for you, Attie. Give us an update tomorrow if you can, please!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Uh-oh...peeing in a knitting bag is not good.

  3. Lots of purrs and good thoughts for Audrey's surgery. Attie, you crack me up, typing on a mobile phone, such a long post. You are very clever.

    One meal per day would make be a big pain in the butttttt to my parents, but I understand the healthy implications of eating that way.

  4. Best of luck on Audrey's surgery. TW used to only leave her cats bowls out for 15 minutes and take them away but I'm such a slow and picky eater, she has to leave it out.

  5. Miss be careful now and come back quickly from your Ladygardenectomy.

    2000 green papers is ridiculous for a ladygardenex]ctomy. Here where I live it's a couple hundred.

    You ladies take care of one another and mommy.

  6. Mom is trying to get us used to grain free canned twice a day feeding with no kibble in between. No more grazing, we are getting fat she says.
    Heeking & snorkin with a snake in her hairs! Oh my cat what's you gonna do with her?
    Hope all goes smooth with the surgery. We know she'll come through like the little cake she is!

  7. Snakes in her hair?
    OH MY COD!

    We will have to hear about that story!!
    OH MY COD 2!!

    Miss Cakes we are purring for you and your Momma had to do what she had to do for your health and her mental stability! (he he he ... we understands because we have a sprayer in the house...PING!) IT drives Mom nuts!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

  8. Aggie we know from helping our bean read that cats in the wild are lucky if they find a meal every 24 hours and cats in the wild don't graze. They don't get diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or IBD among many other things. We applaud your mom! Wishing Audrey Cakes a pleasant ladygarden-ectomy and that she heals fast. Whew $2000 green papers for a laparascopic one, none of us would be spayed at that rate!

  9. Good luck, Miss Audrey Cake! We would probably go for the standard surgery, too.

    I enjoy reading about how your raw diet is going. Our holistic vet also said that grazing is bad for us, and said leaving food out all day to stimulate our nose is not good. We eat twice a day, and I eat 1 medallion and Harley has 2 (but he is 12 pounds). It's usually gone in less than 2 minutes!

  10. Miss Audrey Cake, You can my purrs and prayer straight away. I hope everything is going to be smooth and safe for you.

    Hug if you get nervous
    Kiss for you to be a brave girl

  11. You only eat once a day?? We don't think we could survive on one meal a day. Our mom does not let us graze though...we get our meals in the morning and then when she comes home from her day hunting job and then before we go to bed we get some crunchies to hold us over until morning. We don't eat raw, but we don't eat grains.

  12. Mol! You are a furry good typist, Attie!

    We have set meals too but twice a day and we all suck down our food :D Except for Hollie; she's starting to be picky again.

    Purrs for Audrey!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  13. Purring everything goes well with Miss Cake's lady gardenectomy tomorrow!

  14. Paws crossed that Audrey's surgery goes well! I am sure she will be fine, and in fact feel even better once it is done!

  15. We are sending lots of purrs and good wishes for Audrey's surgery tomorrow. Our vet is actually not at all impressed with laparoscopic surgery, we both had the conventional kind and did just fine. By the way, anyone who thinks that charging $2,000 to spay a cat is OK should be hitched to a large horse (Vidock is offering) and dragged through the mud at a gallop.

    The Chans

  16. We are purring and praying for Audrey. How did her surgery go today?

  17. My Human gives me fudz alla timez but I does nawt eet much at all. She wonders if she only feeded me once I might start gobbling my fudz better? Or maybe I'd be like Baby Audrey.

    We hopes her ladygardenectomy goes good! 2000 green paypurz? OMC! That is juss shocking!!


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