Friday, April 29, 2011

Attie's 4th Birfday! (...and a piksher of her nakie!!!)

It is here, my 4th birfday, hooray!!!  As you knows, my mommeh gotted me a present that I has been itching to get mine paws on but has not been allowed to has before today.  I even tried losing my current Good Girl Collar to get teh present earlier, but my mommeh would not be swayed.  I just had to go nakie (yipe!) until today.
 Check me out, no collar, no clothes, in teh buff!

Woohoo, present time!  Here I is, checking out teh box.  PINK of course.  We has our collars handmade by a super nice lady named Sarah over in England, and she always puts them in pink boxes.

 Here's teh close-up!  My new Good Girl Collar has a diamond kitty and platinum bell, how lovely!  And of course, my favorite classic diamonds all around.

Now let teh modeling commence!
 Now tells me...  Is I beautyful or what?

Teh only prollem is now I can not remembers where I hided teh original GGC.  It has all my most wunnerful charms on it, and address tag too, so we has to finds it and put all my charms onto my new one. Anybuddy wants to halps me figure out where I putted it?

Before I go, here is a short video of me being all whiny and demanding, cause I'm allowed on my birfday.  Okay, I'm allowed every day.  But I realleh wanted my birfday lamb noms.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Praline, we miss you.

Our sweet furrend, at Teh Bridge.  Wait for us, SP, and welcome us in when it is our turn.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flower Fishy Tee-Vee!

We has a new channel at our house lately.  It is called Flower Fishy Tee-Vee!  It provides hours of visual entertainment and soft paw patting stimulayshun.  And possibly a delishus treat if my mommeh would walks away for long enuff.....

Fanks for all teh recent emails, guys, but you can stops worrying, we is okay!  We should has posted a update earlier, just has been so verreh busy over teh past few weeks.  But we gets to take a break soon for my birfday coming up!  I will be FOUR YEARS OLD this coming Friday, April 29th.  I can not wait for mine present - a brand new Good Girl Collar!  Cause as you can sees in recent pikshers and videos, my current GGC is kinda falling apart.  My mommeh has it already and it is driving me crazypants that I cannot gets mine paws on it before birfday time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Special Saturday Post: Audrey Eats Wif a Fork!

Ohhhh boy.  Gets ready.  This is mine crazy little sis-ter, verreh hungry, trying to gets teh foods wif teh cone of shame on her head.
So then my mommeh tried to feeds her by hand and you all hear'd about that already, so she decided that was enuff of that.  Teh next night, we ended up wif this scene:
*sigh*  Such is teh craziness in my house.  What is a ladycat to do?  And yes, I was growling at mine rabbity dinner.  Because obviously I is a wildcat, and I hunted that bunneh down and now he is FOODS!