Monday, May 9, 2011

Charms on my new GGC!

Well, my mommeh finally founded where I hided my old Good Girl Collar.  And looking at it now, I says "old" is teh right word.
Teh one on teh top is my new GGC.  Teh bottom one is teh old one.  See how long it is?  All that excess used to gets in mine way.  And teh diamonds only go partly around, which was No Good.  My new GGC is way betters!  It has teh KittyKlip buckle, so it's shorter, and that also makes it possible for teh diamonds to go allllllllllll teh way.  Just how I wants it. 

My new GGC has only three rows of sparkle, instead of four like teh old one, but that is okay accause teh diamonds is BIGGER!  And look how teh old one is falling apart, awww, poor old fing.

 Now we can takes teh charms off teh old collar, and puts them onto teh new one!  Here is mine cuppycake.

And my "I <3 my human" fishie!  (Cause I does luff mine mommeh.)

Oh dears, mine old diamond kitty has realleh hadded it, huh?  This one is not making teh transfer, it is teh garbage can for you old kitty!

Ah and here is mine Princess address tag.

Well here it is, teh fully new and improved GGC!

 Does I look as smexay as I finks I does?


  1. Yeah!! You do look very sexy with your bling bling ...
    Your mommy sure loves you lots!!!

  2. Attie, that sure is superblingy! I love the look of all your charms and think it is great you don't mind wearing the jangle.

  3. Fabulpus, Attie. You look just FABULOUS!

    The Chans

  4. Attie, you are such a stylish kitty, with your charm collar! Lotsa bling for sure!

  5. Ohh la la!!
    Attie, Lolo is gonna flip his lid when he sees you. And we agree, bigger diamonds is way mo bettah!

  6. Oh Attie
    You are all blinged out and furry Smexy!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  7. Your new GGC is definitely betterer! You might need to hire a bodyguard with all those jewels!

  8. Attie, you sure wear a lotta bling!!

  9. You look verry purrty, Attie! I am jealous of your collar. :)

  10. Yow! You have a lot of bling, Attie! Your new GGC is very beautiful and you look so glam! Maybe you can keep your old charms in a memory box (our mom does things like that with our stuff)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  11. Definitely! You look fashionable and feminine.

  12. Wow! Your new GGC has a lot of bling!!

  13. Hi Attie! We love your new GGC! It is Beautiful! And it is good it is because it has to be worthy of being worn by a beautiful girl like you! You make it look wonderful!

  14. Wow, your new GGC is WAY betterer, Attie! You have some serious bling going on. :)

  15. Whoo Hooo we love your sparkly blings and the bigger diamonds are definitely a step up!

  16. Teri says you must sound like wind chimes when you race thru the house, hahameow. Your 'diamond' collar is stunning!


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